Tuesday, March 22, 2011

2011 We Live to Die

I just read an article and saw photos of US soldiers in Afghanistan holding the heads of the civilans that had died within the gunfire they had participated in. The soldiers in the pitcure where kneeling down holding the head by the hair of the dead being and smiling, like posing for the picture in accomplishment. I am not going to link it here because it is not necessary as this type of demon possession of living as if killing and death is normal and cool is happening everywhere. We are a world that supports and assist with the death of life here, we do it to the animals, we do it to the plant life, we do it to the insects, we do it to the humans, we do it to children, we do it to the elderly, we do it to the products that our made, there is always an expiration, and there is always a point of self acceptance (until 'I' stop). Fascinating as life has literally become death, we live to die, we work to die, we battle to die, and we go on believing that this is going to create life here happy, stable, and better based on what our world thru the media is telling us. Nothing is real here because the starting point and end point is always money, when money rule over life then death is inevitable.

Equal money system will stop the 'rule' of money and stand equal and one to money as self. Where this system will be for life and living life in a way that supports all. Actually living out these principles because each one who is functioning in this new EM system will be living self honestly and will not tolerate any form of harm to life because we live by principles, we live as truth as ourselves as life. We are for life, we are for living life here as what is best for all beings, we are for the sustenance of life here on this earth, and we are for the creation of heaven on earth...investigate equal money system if you see the common sense, and actually care about life and living it for real.


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