Monday, March 14, 2011

2011 The Physical says 'Wake Up' for me to see what is here

I went skiing and I had just gone down a relatively difficult slope that had moguls taking awareness to complete and so I would not fall. I got done the hill, satisfied with myself for just getting thru the slope with relative ease and in a sense lost myself within my mind where I was looking back at what I just accomplished, puffing myself up a bit thinking 'you rock, awesome you really are a 'great' skier', also I was allowing myself to be annoyed at my partner because he skied way ahead of me (jealousy/competition points to look at/SF). This until the next moment, where I was skiing on flat ground to the chair lift, my skis crossed, and I went backward and slammed my head on the ground. This point of wearing a helmet, I have been defying my mom about because she has been telling me to get one for a while now to be safe, but I don't see them as necessary because I am a 'good' skier. Also because I see them as uncomfortable, but today the physical had to show me the 'stupidity' of my conclusions with not wearing a helmet because of my personality play outs I was accepting of self interest desires and ideas of myself = not real (my mind thinking), my sore head = real (physical consequence to not being in reality/here using common sense).

So to learn from this, and live here as what matters as the physical, in this instance the protection of my head from obvious potential harm by wearing a helmet.  This physical 'wake up' slam has assisted me to see and stop the ideas. beliefs, desires in thought and feelings I am still participating in, to show what really matters, which that being the physical. All my ideas/desires/beliefs about myself can not stop me from falling and slamming my head, but a helmet (physical object) can. Time to stop the personality points I see are directing me, and walk within and as the physical, breath is here as support, this I continue to walk. I will buy a helmet and use common sense when living life here as was again shown to me by the self as the physical which is here to support within and as this process of realizing self one and equal to life. The question is when will I start living here for real as physicality? I push to expand this point as a continuous walk of self realization til I am here as life= the physical.

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