Friday, March 18, 2011

2011 No Flow Today

Fascinating, some days I sit here and can not find any flow to my writing, like I have nothing to say lol, it is a form of hiding or escaping as there is loads of writing i have to do, but sometimes it just doesn't want to come out. I have to continue writing more in my notebook as this is crucial to get the necessary points looked at and do self forgiveness application. Time management is also something I need to look at, I have gotten in a flow of writing at the end of my day, reflecting back, and seeing what comes up, but tonight nothing is here. Prioritizing my time and doing things that matter are essential in being effective in this walk to freedom in realizing self as the physical one and equal to life, but also having time for self to just relax and enjoy being life. It is a balancing of life and not over compensating on one aspect as that shows self interest and desires for more, life is a balancing of self and self responsibility I am finding.

Today, I went to work, came home and made dinner, and went to my friends house where our dogs play and throw each other around the yard. Lol, they are very playful and it's cool because they are the same size and age, so they enjoy each other. We chatted about what we've been up to as we haven't spoke in quite some time.  Then I came home and decided to finish a movie I had stopped about a week ago, and I fell asleep during it tonight. Fascinating, every time I try to watch a movie lately, I fall asleep, I have to push thru these points of being tired and sleeping, but this time I didn't realize it til I woke up, like I just slipped into the sleeping state. I did have a choice tho as I could of just sat up and not laid down, so still sleep is directing me here. I am going to push writing in my hand written journal daily as well as this computer journal, to open up points where it is more efficient in hand written flow style then typing. Cheers.

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