Sunday, March 6, 2011

2011 Procrastinator No More

Today I woke up early, but went back to sleep because I was feeling tired and not wanting to get up really early because it is the weekend and I justified by having nothing to do. This is not true because there is always something to do, but my point this morning was more on not having anything fun to do. This point of wanting to be entertained is a prominent one to transcend because I notice it a lot within walking my process where I will procrastinate and bumm thru work just to get to a point finally where I can enjoy myself and have a fun time thus then fully engage.

This morning I slept in for quite a while, I had failed my assignment 3 lesson this past month in the Into. to Desteni Course so I had to re-do it to thus get a passing grade.  I was putting this off for a few days because it is alot of writing and reading to go thru to do it sufficiently, and this point of me just wanting to relax and have fun was here to be pushed thru. I looked at this and realized this is just an escape and distraction to not have to face the work and effort that some tasks take to complete. I started the work and read for a while, then I would stop and do laundry, then I went back to it and wrote out a few components of the assignment, then I go down get some food, and I would continue til the assignment was done. This was supporting in taking a few breaks within the writing assignment as it broke up the time that it took to do the work, and it allowed me to get others things done that also needed to be done. Taking a break for a moment is cool, putting it off in a way to escape and procrastinate the inevitable is uncool, because it prolongs process, actually creates systems within and as me in a compounding fashion that need to be transcended, and thus creates and regenerates the entire mind consciousness system to exist here within and as my participation in procrastinating because I don't feel like doing it then, that is the mind I am accepting, and it is unacceptable to continue allowing this here as me.

Here is a video Sunette made on perspective of Procrastination:  DIY-Body System Drilling

So to see this thru, i will allow myself to push thru moments of desiring to give up or give in to stopping what needs to be done, so I can become an effective being in the process of creating life here equal and one within my own self will no matter what the task may be, I am here and I move.

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