Tuesday, May 31, 2011

2011 Forget about Memories, Let's end War

Today is memorial day in the US, where we remember and  honor the soldiers that have gone over seas and fought in wars and risked there lives for the sake of our own. This a day that most do not question the reason for war or why we are allowing war to continue, as it is a sensitive subject due to the risk that is being taken by the soldier who gives his/her life for this cause. This looked at as an untouchable discussion because the picture of what it represents as a pursuit of freedom and dignity for all is in the balance like there is no other way to go about attaining this for ourselves. But one who is self honest, meaning looking at the reality for what it is not what one believe or have an idea/opinion about, can see that something is seriously not working here. One for me is that I do not understand the pursuit of freedom and dignity for all, but only confined to the thousands of miles that encompass the USA, living within the principle that we are more worthy of freedom then the billions of others that reside on this planet. We all realize and see that when we go to another country, we are the same, yes, our cultural norms might be different, but as beings we are the same. The point of war that is really fucked up is that it claims to bring freedom to us here, but we don't realize that we are already free. We don't need to wage war against each other to bring about peace, that is actually the opposite of what it brings, it brings death and destruction, and hate to most that are effected by the war. 
 Within this, I realize that this is how we have been programmed thru most media, entertainment, advertisement, politicians, religion, and nation that we allow as definitions of who we are telling us that we are separate, we are separate in our houses, we are separate in our towns, we are separate in our cities, we are separate in our states, we are separate in our nations, we are separate in our continents, we are separate in our .....then it goes back to the truth, we are here in this world, on ONE planet, ONE earth, ONE nature, ONE being, ONE Life, and that is all of us. The way to true freedom and end to suffering is to unite and become equal with each other, this taking self will to actually change for real as truth. We are not these separate ideas that are drilled into us, have a look for a moment at a child at play and another from a whole different part of the world, and you see they are exactly the same, they play the same games, they laugh and have fun the same, the run and jump the same, they drink the same when there thirsty, and they have the same living needs. We all where children at one time, and it's time we start learning from them. To play together, enjoy our innocence, and be free to live how we want, but within the understanding of the responsibility for everyone that is here. We are responsible for who we are and how we treat each other. We must change ourselves to change this world and put an end to war for ever as it's an atrocity to life. 

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Monday, May 30, 2011

2011 Stopping the Storm and Standing

I am looking at a point recently of walking process practically. I was looking at blame and how I use this to go in to points of self doubt and unworthiness not taking responsibility for who I am here but fucking around in the mind. What are these points of blame, but to cause more seperation within my world because i can never truly prove this point of blame towards another as they will always come back wiith the same reactions so nothing ever gets solved.  Also, blaming another in my world is just showing that I am not taking responsibility for myself, and thus comes the guilt. Guilt also is mind equaling not real so just more points of distraction and non acceptance. These points been coming up throughout my process, and lately as I have fallen a bit behind in my commitments.

I realized that I have to stop this point of going into the mind within my world and separating myself from it thru these emotions that come up, this will always cause conflict within myself. I must allow myself to walk thru points, fall and get back up again, all that matters is that I continue to get back up again. As Life is within the stand of a being, doesn't matter the path to get to here, as long as one is here constant as life, this obviously require a point of self honesty because one must be self willing there application not waiting around or ''taking there time' as a point of self abdication. I have to continually push myself to keep standing no matter what comes because I have created such a mind field of temptation here. However as long as I am here, wherever that my be, and I stand up for what is real, life one and equal for whats best for all - life will be free. This is why I do this as I as Life am free so freedom I walk to because I exist as my mind at the moment, and this is unacceptable to me.

For more perspective on the mind visti: desteni.za.co

Saturday, May 28, 2011

2011 What's so alluring about being Sexy?

Why do we call ourselves sexy? what does that imply when one is a sexy person? Obviously it's right here in the name, sexy is someone that you desire to have sex with. This attraction comes on like a automatic laser beam consuming you with the desires to get near and get close to the picture you see as sexy. This is usually with someone that is quite striking in looks, one that has a certain picture, and is defined within the societies norms to have a conformed view of what is 'beautiful'. Life has come down to this, when the attraction is met by the other, the deal is sealed, and the next is to plant the seed. This is based on energies racing thru the body, and the obsessive pull that ensues to release this build up. The sexier the better as we are obsessed with pictures that get the juices flowing so to speak, I have been consumed with the pictures of others and living my life based on the way a person looks, quite pathetic, and an absolute waste of time and abuse to life. We as life are not pictures, we are not these energies pulling and blinding us to what we actually are here as directive beings.

Sex is a point of self exploration and expansion, I am pushing this point within my agreement, and letting it go for a while to see where we stand. I have been quite satisfied with my application, but there is points of desire and lust for another being that I have to persist to stop and do necessary self forgiveness to release the build up. I usually lust over others that are similar to my personality, so this is another indicator that I am a system as I act automatic to impulses coming thru my body, no actual self expression within life here as who I am in this moment, but within the mind in comparisons, desires, and ideas about what I want and how I will get it. Not being directive within the realization that I am not energy, if looked at in self honesty, I am abdicating self responsibility to get a rush for a moment in time in spite of the abuse of following energies/mind causes.

Thru stopping sex for a while now, I realize that I don't need sex, I don't really care about it in terms of once released the desire for it also is released, it has stopped being something I am determined to get when I want it. Here within walking to freedom from this quest for the sexy picture to have a 'good' time with, I can expand myself within this expression to thus be able to enjoy as a whole human being one and equal with my partner in being physical.  This is a walk of self understanding, self willing to stop, and exploring places you are not use to going. Quite a fascinating ride, I suggest test it out as well, can you live without sex for 6 months? 

Some SF on Post while Writing

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to fear my mom reading this because its about sex.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to be embarrassed that my mom is reading this because i write of my sex life.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to define myself by those who are within and throughout my world.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to separate myself from my mom as one and equal.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to see myself as separate form my mom and feel inferior.

I forgive myself for allowing and acceptig to be inferior to others, and thus be inferior to myself.

I stop polarities, I stop fears, I stop defining myself by my world, I stop emotions of embarrassment. I stop the separation of my mom and me as one and equal to life.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

2011 What Death is to me

A women that I worked with died tonight, she was quite old and her body gave out. Death is an interesting thing for me now because I have changed its living force in my world by becoming equal and one with the practicality of it. What I realized and what helped me stop the fears and anxieties of death was I looked at it in a common sense way. One is that death is not real, life does not die, but we do so we are subject to this at the moment, so are we really alive? Investigate Desteni for some insight on this. Another is that we are going to die so the fear that I build up and participate in throughout my life comes to nothing, because I will die anyway.

Death is a point I realized where I will meet myself and face who I have accepted myself to be, so no need to worry or fear this, but use my time here in an effective way to help myself and help all those that I can to be the best we can be. I realize that who I am as a life being is equal and one to all others as life in this physical world so I look, and learn from these physical points of reference until I am here as life and am stable in breath. Death is not to be judged, but I see it as a point of transition. Death is not necessary as we are life, and are able to be what life is here physical, in a breath, one and equal as self complete and eternal. We are life, life is eternal, we walk to life as eternality, this begins by creating equality in this system thru money. Support equal money where we will support ourselves to birth life from who we are here as the physical. It's a re-education of the human to benevolence and unity as self as life one and equal.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2011 Moving Houses and Working with Myself

I am moving this week and will be fully moved out this weekend from my parents house. I am getting a taste of the independent life, where I will be living fully without my family members to interact with on a daily basis. This is not fully true as I work at my father's business so I am around them there, but in a house setting I will be on my own. This carries responsibilities with it, that I have to consider like budgeting my money, this is one that I need to keep awareness of, because I have allot going out and need to be sure that I get all agreements covered. This takes discipline and diligence to be consistent with it, so I will practice and work with these points as these are important to master anyways. Another will be keeping a household, doing chores, getting food, cooking meals, and maintaining the consistency with my application in process.

I will be able to create more vlogs, which I am going to go for because I have not expanded much in this area satisfactory. Also, I have some art on paper, and wanted to work with an art program on computer that will work well. I haven't been able to research this much, so any suggestions on art program for Mac would be cool, I'd appreciate the help. I just figured out how to link up my blog page to get on all the sites I would like to promote, and the Destanions that are out there making waves to make it easier for navigation for those that may visit my blog.

It's cool because thru participating in Desteni and having it be web based, I have learned and accumulated a lot of skills I wouldn't have learned if I just went on with my pre-programmed life as I 'thought' computers where for 'geeky' type kids, I am glad I found Desteni. I have definitely learned some valuable practical skills on how to navigate thru the internet and computer, and overall just a more knowledgeable base that I can apply from now on in many aspects of my life. Also, I found it is definitely worthwhile to join a network based community, and gain and give support thru the people involved as I find there is always points I haven't considered that another has or vise verse, a very supportive and fun place to be. If you are looking for a network based community to join, go to Desteni as this is real life, and we are pushing for real solutions to the abuse in this world, and to make it a place where self expression is expanded upon to thus gain the best possible outcome for all.

Monday, May 23, 2011

2011 'Stink' Bugs - Wake Up the Sleeping Humans

The stink bug is threatening millions of dollars of crops across the United States brought over from suspected Asia to Pennsylvania. They have become a problem lately because they are growing in population and effecting now 33 states from Mississippi river all the way to California. This is damaging to those that make there livelihood off of farms that sell fruits and vegetables because the stink bugs, named for the stench they leave when squished, pierce thru the skin of the fruit or vegetable to feed leaving behind a dark blemish that makes the food devalued greatly. This is obviously creating stress for those that are not producing the numbers they need to sustain them thru there cost of production and living. This is a sign of the times, especially now with the economy on a downturn, there is no room for error based on the reserve of security being gone as money lending and credit is tight.

This especially hurts the small business and local growers who can't rely on any type of security savings or credit because its all dried up, as the more and more stressed one aspect of the economic chain of production gets, then that effects all the other links to the chain, such as the grocery stores, the people buying who have to pay more now cause the demand has gone way up, and the growers who are in a sand pit of a situation, because we humans, have little to no control over nature while their livelihood is not producing. Obviously the ones that get hurt the most are the ones who have less money, those society refers to as 'middle' to 'lower' class. They live pay check to pay check, and make there means by grinding it out to get food on the table and clothes on the backs of there children. This is a reality for many, and with this current bug explosion, this will be rising as many will be effected.

Now, many are blaming the bug, implicitly and sometimes directly, such as this quote reads:

"If I was a mad scientist doing gene splicing and putting together a bug that would really be nasty and I was turning it loose on my enemy, I probably couldn't do a better job," Bartlett said. "One might define this thing as the bug from hell." (Referring to the 'stink' bug)

But who is the one in reliance to the product one produce to live, who is the one in reliance to the paper that is transferred, who is the one enslaved to this current system of greed and self interest as our economics, who is the one dependent on nature without any consideration of balance and care, who is the one squandering the resources of this giving earth, and using it to make profit at all costs, who in self honesty is really doing this to us?..........us humans, come on, it's painfully obvious. The bug is simply eating to live, and nature has provided for them to eat, the explosion of the bug is due to our complacency with the balance of life. We are responsibility for this world and the way that it is being lived, we are responsible for the way life is being treated here, we have created the bug epidemic, so nature (as us one and equal) as an unconditional giver, can say 'hello, wake up, see, another example that you, humans, are not the powerful beings you make yourself out to be. You have created this world out of balance by your excessive consumption, and it's time you get a bit of a slap in the face to see, hey fuck! we are here, as nature, and for us to live co-habitually with you guys, we have to live co-equally as I see and realize we are the same, we are life, we all need support and to be respected.'

This is the time and place where we must create a system where we don't rely on the resources of this world to make our livelihood, we don't lose ourselves in the allure of the materialistic playgrounds, and we don't disregard and lose sight of who we are here, as one with all the other life here and equal in respect and beingness. Bottom line humans need to wake up, change ourselves to respect all, and create a world that does what's best for all.

A system is in place and moving to create a new world where all are supported thru equalizing money and resources, and changing the human to be a living cohabitant in this world so all can live like I would like to live. Investigate the solution Equal Money.Org.

Life process support here at Desteni-I-Process - Steps and Life coaching to change self and make an income at it too!

Sources for article: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110520/ap_on_bi_ge/us_food_and_farm_stink_bugs


Sunday, May 22, 2011

2011 Where is Heaven's Gate?

Well, heaven this word to me has always been a word of like a fantasy type place, somewhere there away from where I am here, and it so cool, but we cant see it yet because we have to die to get there. Thats when i go wtf? because why is death necessary to reach heaven. Death means done, gone, away, not here so you don't really have any reference of what the fuck this place called heaven is.

I use to read a lot of books about this, all sort of things about spirits, heaven, near death experiences, in between lives, and trying my damdest to put together the pieces of what is heaven? Will i get to heavens gate and be booted out, I never thought hell was real, because I always saw 'god' as benevolent and that he would help all to understand the nature of everything, why it so fucked up. Then I started to read books about me as god, and that I am one and equal to god, and I am god so I can create my own life, my own world, and that I can save the world, but the problem with these books was it was convoluted, and so hard to get a straight answer on how to get there, how to live god.

I never considered at this time to bring heaven to earth, because it was so programmed that heaven is when one die, and is out of this realm and world, although it made no sense to me, I did not question it. Then that lead me to stuff and eventually to Desteni, where I realized that common sense will prevail always. Obviously, heaven is here in life, on this planet, where all are breathing and living. We are god as we are all one and equal as creators, and have to stand within ourselves and create this here by ourselves, heaven on earth. It will not come unless life is created and willed in this way by us, starting with me. When we die, kuput, we are done, no life because we are dead. Life is here, in breath, in this physical reality as we see, hear, touch, and smell.

There is a lot of shit to walk thru and change, but the tools and assistance is here, take the steps, investigate everything about desteni, and apply yourself in what is shared, and see if it works. Support equality and oneness as that is who we are. So its supporting self as well as all else. I stand with you, lets walk thru the gates on earth as heaven manifested thru the equality of all as the oneness we live.

2011 I am a Killer

Last night, I killed a being, I was in my room, cleaning and getting things sorted, and there was a fly flying around. It kept going to the window and the lights, to me, looking for a way out. So me going into the savior construct, I had to save the fly and get him outside. As I was doing this, I realized later thru writing with the back chat thoughts of, ‘oh the fly will appreciate it so much that a human will help him, and not kill him.’ ‘I am such a good human because i help bugs, what a hero I am.’ This is based on my own self making myself feel good and acceptable because of what I am doing, so reactive in my being as I am living to reach an outcome and become acceptable for myself in separation not seeing nor living this as who I am. Reactive as trying to get to a point of acceptability by fulfilling it in my actions instead of here accepted as who I am in breath. I am here.

Unfortunately for the fly, he was killed in the process. I went over to him with a cup because he was up high on the ceiling, and I didn't want to squash him accidentally with my hands,  I figured a cup would do the trick and I got a book to cover it, so he could sit in it while I transported him out the window. I got him under the cup, and he would not go in the cup so I started to move the cup down to boost him into the cup. While doing this I caught his delicate head, and it got detached from his body, killing him in that moment. This caused a reaction of sadness within me because I realize the implication of what I just did, causing the death of bug = myself for no reason, but for me to be satisfied. I also am living out the polarity of happy/disappointment because I am relying on these polarity emotions to direct me throughout this event. Going from happiness of saving the bug to sadness because I killed him, when if I was being directive, I would have seen that the bug could have just flew out the window on his own time, as he would fly there every once and a while anyways or not, he would stay put and chill. Allow him to live, and direct himself, but helping without harm done. Nope, I had to push the desire and I killed him. He was a big one, bigger then usual, and had probably lived many experiences, enjoyed his expression as a bug, and lived his life. If I would have just left him alone, he would be alive still. When going to help another, of course, if necessary is very cool, but I realize that I have to stop and take in all the considerations/implications that I can see at that moment, working with what is here as me, and to expand myself in seeing all that consists of the outflows of my actions. Stopping these emotions for desire fulfillment to be a hero, that I was pushing, and let life be as is, until I am aware of a point with all implications seen, to help to do what is best for all in all ways where I cause no harm.  Yes, this was not intentional, but I still should have checked my starting point, and seen where I was at. The desire to save was strong, showing that I still am seeing my world separate, and not fully facing who I am within it. I have to investigate this more.

SO my basic point is that, really, for me to look deeper into the points of what is best for all, and push self honesty to not cause any unnecessary harm to life in anyway whatsoever. If I abuse life in one iota, I am abuser of life, I push myself to stop abusing life thru self honesty and self forgiveness so I can be trusted with life and worthy to be a life being actually here alive as who I am truly one and equal as self.

Just a note, and one will know this as I have as well, many will say or think, well, it just a bug it doesn't feel anything, its dirty, tiny, it has no brain, it eats garbage, ect. but all of those are irrelevant because when one see in self honesty, this is a being equal and one to me, and feels pain as he/she is a physical being as I would feel pain as I am a physical being. Life is physical, and is living within physical laws, obviously, one’s perception/threshold of pain is different, but we all know how pain feels as a physical experience. The bug feels as a human feels as a dog feels as we all feel. I will always care no matter who the being is because I realize I am that being, and I put myself in there shoes. Obviously, self honesty is needed to determine the starting point of why I do what I do, and this once aligned for whats best for all life will start to change and manifest this outflow because I am this within.

In an equal money system, all beings will be respected and seen as one with life, interconnected and supported as part of the one whole as us living. All species, all races, all things created, respected and cared for as best it can be. I push to live in a way that respects all life in all that I do, one and equal to me, equal money system is the best way to get this done as its founded on creating life best for all. Investigate it and see for yourself.

Perspective on a Fly experience you mite not expect: Check it out, blew me away.

Ex-Sports Fan Reincarnated as a Fly- The Way of the Fly- Part 1

Ex-Sports Fan Reincarnated as a Fly- The Way of the Fly- Part2

Thursday, May 19, 2011

2011 What is going on here?

A mother takes her son who is very young, maybe 5-7 years old, and brings him from Texas up to New Hampshire in the USA, that is from the bottom of the country to the right upper corner of the country, probably about 1500 miles in her truck, just up and left. She brings him to the woods in the country area and strangles him to death. She wanted to kill herself as well, no details as to why she wanted to do this or why she killed her son, she was arrested and facing life in prison.

Allot of the stories that have been coming out recently, have been overly 'crazy', and much more frequent, of strange killings, and quite sensational news stories. Another one was that a kindergarten boy was found with 18 bags of heroin in his school bag, and he gave some to three of his friends. He said he got it from his father's room, but the cops found nothing at the house. No one knows where the kid got the heroin, and why he had 18 bags of it.

Another strange story is that watermelons in Japan started to explode due too much chemicals used on them to make them grow faster, I have never heard of that before, that watermelons could actually explode, but due to the potency of the chemicals used, I could see why they would want to.

This world has gone mad, and the common denominator in all these stories is humans participation. Its due to humans not taking responsibility for ourselves, not living to help others and care for what is going on here, but allowing people to feel desperate, sucking the earth for as much profit as we can get no matter the harm done, and allowing kids to just run with no supervision getting into all sorts of things that could cause them harm or harm to others. No sense of control of self, and no responsibility for the whole of how life is being lived here.

Equal money system will be a self responsible system as all will be educated through the principles of the desteni process, taking self responsibility, learning and living self honesty, using self forgiveness for purification of self, and living the change by accumulating self as well as the world to a place that is best for all. The system needs to change, and I am one vote for an equal money system to create a world that's worth living in, and to honor life and ourselves instead of doing it harm.

2011 What and Who are considered Altruistic in this world? You?

Altruism, the act of being selfless, in an effort to help those in need, basic understanding by myself. This usually lends it's hand to people giving to charity or giving there life to a cause. This is based on the intentions of the being, I would assume, to help others and create easement for those that are suffering. 
 Within our world, is there true altruism tho, can we say that we are an altruistic people and those that give to charity are they being truly altruistic? This must be determined by self within self honesty as this is something to be lived and realized as the being participate in it. But being truly altruistic, one would be in support to create this world in a way where we elevate all suffering, and work towards ending this pain and desperation many see and many are giving there money too forevermore.
We all know and realize, poverty could end today, we all know hunger could end today, but one has to get thru the maze of systems to get anything accomplished, and within this current system it is virtually impossible to change anything significantly in small numbers. These horrible living conditions and experiences, many of the givers of altruism actions see and understand, are daily occurring to billions of people. The charities and help centers available will never correct and help every being that is currently suffering as this is too great a number, and too little support to cure. That is why I am not for charities or organizations that are claiming to help the ills of this world because as we seen for hundred and thousands of years nothing changes in terms of human/beings suffering, but has really only gotten worse. 
 To be a real altruistic person or to practice altruism is to support all beings that are here, not just to bandage up a problem with helping a tiny percentage of the scope of the massive problem with charity auctions or small contributions, this has to be addressed within a systematic scale. Such as the issue we face of childhood starvation, where 15000 kids a day perish due to not enough food, when in this world there is enough food for all. Ending the starvation of children, women, and men, animals, and all beings that don't have enough to eat should be every organization, government, and citizen of this worlds priority as this is unacceptable in all ways. As these human necessities of adequate food, water, shelter, health care, and support thru money is the most prominent issues in our world today, and this is what needs to addressed and solved, which fortunately can be solved quite simplistically with everyone's efforts. 
I am calling all those who are calling and/or living by there altruistic practices, and support a system that is founded on the principles of altruism, loving your neighbor as yourself, doing unto another what you would want for you, to support an Equal Money System. This is where we are able to create the end to suffering, hunger, poverty, abuse, because it simple will not be tolerated, and solved due to the acceptance of all here as one and equal to ourselves. Money is the resource that is available here to support all, and in place to systematically change the way we function here. Change how money is valued, and create a system where life is valued equal to money instead of money being valued more then life itself, this is what EMS is proposing valuing life one and equal to all else that is here. This is the only system that is here that is declaring a solution with clarity and mathematical evidence of how they will end the suffering of all, and it is done on the most simplest of principles. I am equal and one to all life, and all life deserves to live, 1+1=2. The equal money system is the true path to be a true altruistic being because you in fact are living for what’s best for all as what is best for me. All including, all supported, and all in dignity. ALL-true-is-me =Altruism.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2011 Self Forgiveness on some points with me

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to judge myself as less then others based on the way I speak.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to judge myself as less then based on the way I carry myself.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to judge myself as less then based on my body posture.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to judge myself as less then based on the way I look in videos.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to judge myself as less then based on the way I speak in videos.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to judge speech and pictures within polarities based on me not accepting myself and having expectations on how life should be here.

I frogive myself for allowing and accepting to judge myself as less then because I project onto others as seeing me as less then by the way I am and present myself.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to judge myself as less then based on who I am around.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting judgement of others around me as causing me to be in a certain state as a form of blame.

I frogive myself for allowing and accepting to define and thus hold life in a box that limits and degrades me.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to limit and degrade me by holding self in a box thru definitions.

I frogive myself for allowing and accepting to define life here, to define self here.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to exist within depression due to holding on to these definitions of what life should be and not living up to what I desried to be.

I forgive myself for allowing anda ccepting to desire to be beautiful.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to desire to be normal.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to desire to be strong in confidence.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to desire to be secure and safe.

I frogive myself for allowing and accepting to see being safe and secure by others helping me.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to desire others to help me.

I forgive myself for allowing fear  to direct me.

I forgive myself for allowing judgement of life to direct me.

I stop fear and judgment of life here. I am one with all, I am all life. I realize I am only judging and condeming myself. I am only fearing who I am.

I take responsibility for who I am and stop these emotions from directing me.

I stop desires to direct me, I realize that this is a point of escape and I must face who I am and stand up to live this as myself.

I stop existing in polarities I realize all that is here as who I am life, and I am not seperate from this. I embrace this as myself and walk in humbleness. I stop all limitation.



Monday, May 16, 2011

2011 The Force of Nature: Will we Stop or will we be stopped?


Our earth has been very active within these last few years, many people have been effected by the sudden movement and expression of mother nature that has caused much damage and hardship within the human balance of life. I am not sure you could be ever fully prepared for what is to come within what nature has to offer, but one can be prepared within themselves.

One place you can be prepared and actively participate within this preparation is within yourself, by the way you are living as a human being. If you are familiar with the desteni material you realize then that to be a human that cares for life and can be trusted with life, one has to completely create themselves new by self honesty and self forgiveness. Walking the path to correct oneself from separating who we are as life from all life that is here to one who is within balance with life here stable as the physical shows us. It is not as simple as helping someone, going out and doing a nice thing for someone, or cleaning up your neighbors backyard for a day, unfortunately.

Those activities are all cool and supportive things to do for others, but the process that is to be walked is a complete dedication to become a new human being. One who steps out of the old programmed, emotional, fearful, and judgmental self that has always existed here, and birth one self to become able to be here in the physical world aware of all that is here as you and direct oneself in all ways that creates the best outcome for all. To thus become life one and equal in fact with all here as existence. We are much more then what we 'think' we are, we must live this to realize ourselves as this, our physical reality, touch, smell, breathing, and self movement is a cool tool to help gain that sense of awareness that is required to in fact live here as a physical being equal and one to oneself.

Within nature we are seeing the amazing capacity and power that is here as her expression, and she should be respected in this regard. But also, we see the complexity and unconditionality that exist as nature supports all here with breath, with nutritious food, with intricacies and interconnectedness of life among life for all to have the ability to live here and be sustained. This even with the huge stress we cause within the balance of nature, thru pollution and abuse, that will only cause the detriment to ourselves, if we don't wake up and realize, we are the ones, Humans, that need to change. It has been said that nature is here and does not need us to live, however, we are here and most certainly do need nature to live. We have squandered and taken for granted the giving nature of life, and this tumultuous time we are seeing within the earth forces onto humans and the destruction we are seeing, should seriously be consider by all as to how we are actually living here.  Will we stop or will we be stopped? We will never be able to stop or limit natures' expression, but a balance within common sense is possible. I am weather, I am nature, I must live one and equal as life here to see life be one and equal with me as all. Lets start to walk this path to change for a world that we all can live within and prosper for the betterment of everyone.

Join equality! Support the Equal Money System

Change self with Desteni-I-Process to walk the path to self Realization as life one and equal.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

2011 Standing with Desteni


Allot of what has come up recently has been staying true to myself sometimes in the face of people and statements that have been tough in terms of me comprehending what is being said and having to converse with them in a way that states what I want to say and make sense. The process of self forgiveness and self honesty as well as studying allot of the readings and videos explaining perspective on how better to understand this for myself and be able to apply this in my life has been crucial for me to be able to apply this in my word and help others understand this as well. I am at the point now after walking this process some time where I am comfortable with where I stand, who I am here, and what i stand for. I am always going to stand with Desteni as a group as they are standing for what is best for all and creating equality as a system. I am also practical so I realize the undertaking of creating an equal money system here, which takes actually living the principles being shared and using the system to change it. Money is needed, a way to generate money is needed, and a platform is needed to organize and stabilize the actions being taken to create the equal money system. One can and it is always suggested to use common sense when approaching desteni or equal money system, and use your unbiased view, if possible, to consider what is being said, and to also take into account all that is being said and study as much as possible. I put in this work, and I am so glad I did because this is what is going to change the world. The system needs to be changed on the human level, by human beings, and we as human beings need to learn, understand, live, and continue on applying these tools of self honesty and self forgiveness to be able to walk here as life equal and one.  Life then will become balanced, fun, and a cool place to be for all. Its about time, it is up too each one individually to hear and apply self in this process and to see this thru, which is to see life peaceful and stable for all.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2011 Sex and How I have defined myself by this

This point of sex and how I have defined myself by it has been something I have been looking at recently as I have always seen it in a distorted type way. This distorted way has been based on what I picked up as a kid as sex being forbidden and never spoken about openly. This was the impression I got from most people, but sex was all over the place, in pictures, on tv, in movies, in magazines, and even in school. This seemed like you could not get away from the sexitized way of life and it being everywhere, yet within people it was looked at as a taboo and not accepted.

Now the point I am looking at is why did I accept myself to be defined by the pictures and tv shows in trying to emulate those who I saw, in my case women, as sexy and trying to be this for men. Dressing up in tight clothes, with my boobs being pronounced, and my waist being highlighted because I saw these features as what guys liked so I was going to flaunt what I got so I could attract a guy. This obviously showing that I didn't accept myself as who I was, but desired to sprush myself up to be 'attractive' for others. I am no longer accepting myself to define myself in such a way as that is completely submitting to inferiority and separation due to the picture I am presenting disregarding myself here as the life being that is not defined by anything, life is free as self is free from labels.

Within this walk of trying to see who I am as a women, I realized that the clothes that make women look sexy and I use to use to make myself look and feel sexy was the tight pants and shirts. Funny thing is that I found them to be extremely uncomfortable and immobile as they where made based on look not practicality, I like things that are loose and not so constricting. Most clothes are made not  seeing the common sense within clothes, but only looking at it thru the mind in desire, definition, and need for something outside of self to tell me who and what I am about. Now the shoes that I see women wear, not to judge them as if they are 'bad' or 'ugly', but they are extremely impractical such as 4 inch stiletto heels walking the halls at school, this is just not comfortable for the women or the feet that are stuck in them.

So what I am looking at is who am I within what I am wearing, who am I when I am with others, and why I am doing what I am doing in terms of definition. This can be looked at within self honesty and the reasons and solutions will be there. I am in the midst of facing this point of identifying myself by beauty, and not defining myself by anything as this is separation. I am stopping the limitations of my thoughts that I hold on to that define and categorize my world, but allowing to be open and more free to express who I am and allow myself the freedom to be comfortable within my own skin and live as a practical being. Practicality I am finding I very much enjoy because it makes life simpler, and I enjoy the simple things in life.

Monday, May 2, 2011

2011 Self Forgiveness on a thought I had about my hair

Thought- Others are judging me due to my hair being short and looking manly.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to define myself by the thought ‘people are judging me and seeing me as manly because of my short hair.’
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to connect the emotion of fear as inFearority to the thought ‘people are judging me and seeing me as manly because of my short hair.’
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to create a negative reaction of inferiority to the thought ‘people are judging me and seeing me as manly because I have short hair.’
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to judge myself as less then based on me having short hair.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to judge myself as manly for having short hair.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to judge the word manly due to me not accept myself as manly and or masculine.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to judge other females who have short hair as manly.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to see being manly as less then being feminine as a female.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to have fear direct me in moments where I perceive that others are judging me due to me hair being short.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to judge females in comparison to me as more superior because they are more feminine looking with long hair and me less then because I have short hair.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to define life based on the picture presentation of the person.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to judge life based on the picture that is here as I realize pictures are not real and do not define us.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to project my own insecurities of the thought that ‘others are judging me because of my short hair’ to those around me during my day where I have judged a facial expression or gesture they made towards me as negative.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to judge other’s expressions as negative due to my own projections of inFeariority.
I forgive myself for allowing the thought ‘people are judging me based on my short hair' to direct me.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting blame on others based on me not taking responsibility for myself and stopping emotions directing me.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting blame on others for the way I am feeling as inferior.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting inferiority/superiority to continue to direct me here.

I stop being directed by my hair.

I stop judging hair and it's look in any given moment.

I stop seeing myself as inferior to others based on the way my picture looks.

I stop judging pictures and being defining self by this. 

I stop inferiority.

I stop comparison.

I stand and realize I am here as all as one as equal to all living beings in this universe.

I am equal and one to life as me I breath, I walk, I am here.