Thursday, December 22, 2011

2011 "I want to be perfect" Self Forgiveness

Okay, so - walk the line of self forgiveness - of how the teasing made you think and feel about yourself

                                          Picture By: Ann ven den Broeck                                          

The teasing within myself  made me feel like an alien, like I had something wrong with me and that i was flawed or damaged. This brought a great depression due to the fact that I did not want to be seen as damaged or flawed by others. I did not want to be alone within my world and this specific teasing made me feel like i was alone and this i feared. I feared this because i felt i needed others to show me how to live, become normal, and to be accepted. I used others as a reference point to find out who I am because i didn’t like the way I was within myself = self judgment and I felt  inferior due to others pointing this out with words as a ‘diss’ like ‘retard’. This causing me to be low because I judge these words as bad.

feeling like an alien, there was something wrong with me, I am flawed.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to see myself as an alien and judging this alien reality I was seeing myself within as extremely depressing and believing that there was nothing I could do to get out of it.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to believe that there is nothing I can do to get out of these feelings instead of realizing that I define who I am and can direct myself to be equal and to be physical stopping the feelings

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to be depressed for being publicly called out within school as a alien type person who stood out in a bad way based on the stereotypes of the words used that were said to me.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to thus go into a depression within myself as suppression and completely shut down in front of others I see within this point as my ‘abusers’ that where male.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to define life based on pictures and believe/perceive life as better or worse based on what the picture looked like living out this inferior/superior cycle within and as my world as the pictures i saw and defining myself based on the point within the cycle I found myself either being outgoing if was acceptable by myself or suppressive if I saw my self as less then others.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to judge any being in this world based on their picture presentation and have any point of judgement based on the physical capabilities of other beings creating a separation with the expression of life thus continually creating a self judgement of myself in relation too the life I am living as and within never allowing peace and calm within me because there is a constant conflict and struggle within my mind of if I will be ok or not due to the pictures always changing and there always being in influx of good/bad ugly/beautiful play-out over and over continually as i go thru life.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting when I was younger to live within the superiority definition of who I was seeing and believing that I was better then those within myself because i was better equipped/capable/picture presentation in the idea of myself as I held in my mind eye then creating a separation in my starting point within meeting others seeing them as superiority/inferior cycle and judging life immediately based on these ideas I held on to.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to seek ot situation where I would be superior so thus I could shine and gain attention from others.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to desire to gain attention from others.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to not see or realize that I was only causing self conflict within myself and physical/mental/verbal abuse within my world as I lived out this superior power game with the other beings in my world becoming like a demon in some case picking on others and abusing others because I saw them as less then me and that I had the ability due to my feeling that I am indeed better based on the outer definitions.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to abuse life in this way seeking out to be the best and thus becoming anger and vengeful if I do not fulfill this point of perfection I am looking to fulfill collaterally causing damage and abuse into my world. 

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to use my anger and rage due to the way I felt about myself within myself of constant self judgment and self sabotage because i was playing this game of love hate based on the pictures I saw missing the reality of the living being within the picture and missing myself as the other where I hurt or abused due to trying to puff my own self because within myself I felt less then others and use those i saw as ‘weak’ as points to see me as strong and be a bully to gain this energy as superior in my world and gain attention.

I  forgive myself for allowing and accepting to become the living manifestation of this weak/strong bully/bullied play-out throughout my life and within myself based on this inner conflict I am having of this acceptance of the ultimate picture of perfection that I am holding onto to thus use as a reference point to define myself and my world from because I fear being vulnerable and being alone within and as my world so thus I go the safe route by using others to define and live out who I am thru pictures in my head as a point of reference to compare in my world and see where I stand.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to become the living manifestation of this weak/strong point within myself that I have accumulated thru timed events within my world that I have accepted and allowed to direct me to divide and try and conquer my world as my ‘flaws’ within myself by projecting onto others and try and gain self satisfaction by the diminishment of others by making them as weak, so I can have a point of comparison to see me and thus externally manifest abuse thru diminishing others within words/deeds so thus I can feel stronger within myself as I see then that this other person is weak based on the definitions I have defined as weak in my head and that I am strong because I don’t have these particular ‘weak’ definitions I am holding onto as the polarity play out continues.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to self sabotage myself by holding onto this point of pictures as who I am, living within this polarity play-out of strong/weak within my world as I do within myself living out a constant never ending cycle of self limitation by judging myself and my world based on an idea in my head of a perfect picture that I am trying to live up to but never being able to because it is not real nor tangible and always activated based on the differences of expression within my world and the obviousness of extremes that can exist and thus I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to not live as one and equal with all life as I see and realize is me here but define myself and separate myself by these pictures in an attempt to validate myself as my ego personality so I can see myself as strong and acceptable because I don’t accept myself here as who I am.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to define myself by this perfect picture within my head as thoughts, ideas, and beliefs of some are better due to the way they look or act and speak and define those as less then based on the way the look, act, or speak and thus dividing and separating myself continually from myself to live as my mind as who I believe myself to be all the while cause abuse within my world as anger, competition, jealousy, and physical pain and abuse as d separation expression and self diminishment throughout time as I have defined myself so much by my outer world never seeing myself for who I am as a being that live and breath as life as all do just like me but within separation that cause conflict.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to harm life based on being jealous and blaming others for this feeling within me of lack and thus go into anger and abuse towards this being who triggered the jealousy because i am not accepting me here and defining myself based on what I apparently see I lack and that others have. 

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to abuse life based on this idea and belief that I lack something and that I am flawed and thus that I am permanently damaged and can never be normal.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting this desire to be normal as the societal norm because I fear humiliation and embarrassment within myself and will compromise myself by living as a system robot as a copy of others based on the fear I am allowing to direct me to not feel these feelings. 

I realize and see all points of life here in all its forms and varieties is indeed me, living, expressing, and breathing as the life that resides and is gifted to us all, I live this oneness, I live this equality, I live this embracement, and I breath this as myself stopping all points of separation thru accumulated self trusted movement til I am here as life as the physical as breath as me.

Watch my vlog, "I want to be Perfect" is a Mind F*ck", where I walk thru my physical process of letting go of this mind f*ck of trying  be 'perfect' only for others and my ego for greater support.

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

2011 No more Lostness in an Equal Money System

In an equal money system, lostness of self will be transcended and practically speaking will be no more because one will walk from this lostness one feels within the confines of the mind to life here in REALity where all is known because all is here as you. Life will become trustworthy as each one stand up within self in self honesty and become the living statement of self trust as we live this. When life is able to be trusted, life will become safe and familiar, people will be able to see solutions within what is here to be done and not live within fear and self interest to gain out of survival. This through the desteni process being walked, you will be able to walk out of the illusion of the mind as thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and ideas that are not in fact real because they are not here able to be touched and seen, and walk within and as the physical, simplistic living within the physical reality walking as a physical being in practical common sense for what is best for all and be able to be trusted with whatever it is that you do because you live in self honesty and self forgiveness and have proven through time that you can change and become a being that indeed can be trusted.

In an equal money system, we will facilitate inclusion and unity as what is here as all life because we will be able to trust ourselves and others to do what is best for all, so it's a point of realizing and living this realization that all are here and becoming the living statement as self trust, which is gained through walking yourself from your mind reality to the physical reality here as breath. When self trust is lived and walked as self as a group living for what is best for all in all ways life will become balanced and the possibilities are unconditionally open to develop and establish a true system that will resemble heaven on earth. Trust is what is missing in this current reality and this is what is needed to be learned and understood if we ever want to see a world where we are comfortable and free. Within the equality principle in this system, life will be given freely so they will be no need nor worry. This will be the foundation of equal money system, life here for all to enjoy in equality and unity, lostness being only accepted and allowed if you desire this within yourself as you accept the mind to direct, the choose is up to each one, this to move self out of the lostness of the mind to the physical here as a breath or remain a slave to your fears and thoughts as the illusion within and as the mind of humanity.

For more support in understanding self as life one and equal:

Bernard Poolman - Equal Through Substance

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Friday, December 9, 2011

2011 Running Amok will end in an Equal Money System

Running amok will end in an equal money system based on the fact that within this system the base foundation is that humans will learn and understand through self application within a process of self realization how to become in control of ourselves as emotions, feelings, thoughts, words and deeds. This eventually the human will be able to become a completely stable being within and as the physical aligned completely here to what is in the present because self is here as the present, like a breath, I am here, I breath continuously and stable, and direct in common sense awareness. Within this stable presence of self here, we will be able to assess and reason in common sense what the best outcome for all is because we are grounded within the physical as the physical so thus can see the physical reality that is actually going on. No more being in the mind as thoughts and emotions raging us along with ups and downs as the nature that is our world we see today. So it's a point of life, as the human, taking responsibility and stopping the addictions and possessions we have to energy and stimulation to get a high to feel better about ourselves. We accept what is here as ourselves, and walk the solution equal and one as the physical.

The key to this realization is the willingness that is understood through practically living what is called the 'process' in desteni, this encompassing tools such as being honest with self, forgiving your past, and changing to live in equality with all instead of in competition as ego. Many things to be learned and understood within what is called the process of self real-i-zation, so this is a commitment of self dedication and self will to understand self completely of 'how I created me?'and re-creating yourself to become a new being in awareness that was not known or understood before. The simplest of truths will be understood and lived completely automatically and in gratefulness as we start to realize who we really are, which is putting yourself in the shoes of another, this the fundamental principle of life, and this is what has been missed within human history for millenia. Stopping the mind and living here in the physical is what is to be realized and walked if one want to see themselves in a system best for all, in a system of equality, this the only way to equality of self as life has to be physically actually walked as self into and as the physical.

This obviously going to take much time for each being, but this is already being walked by Destonians, so suggest checking out the vast material at desteni and what is being written over the net about these subjects and living principles. This process necessary so we are in control of ourselves and able to direct ourselves no matter what the outside influence is, we will realize that the best outcome for all is here and we will walk it as ourselves. This will eventually through your self application of walking your process one will accumulate self trust and be able to walk this within and as a breath without the mind in control. Yes, we can live without the mind directing us.

This single change of treating all life, not only humans, but every being on this planet with as ourselves equal and one in each breath, we will create heaven on earth, we will create a world where craziness and running amok will cease to exist, where we can walk and talk among beings that we trust without fear or judgement because self has stopped and walked out of these mind patterns to the here of all life as the physical.

Those who are more in an extreme case with the self possessions of the mind will be helped, their will be facilitators, buddies, education, trainers, and a group of life beings that will assist and support to walk with those who need more care in terms of there process, no one will be put aside or rejected. But ultimately it is up to each one individually to change, no one can change for you, you must will it for self otherwise it is not real change and thus not possible to walk here. Life is able to live in peace and harmony through the principles lived of equality and oneness just as it is being lived in the opposite with complete possession and amok activity all over the place we see currently. It's time for humanity to take responsibility for ourselves and each one as well be responsible for who they are and how they live, stopping the possession as our mind creations, and walking the process to align with what is here, life as the physical reality equal and one. Equal money system is a place where this will be in sync with these principles and the process being walked, so suggest support this system of equality if you would like to see a world where heaven on earth is possible and for real being walked. Thanks.

Monday, December 5, 2011

2011 Vacation Everyday In an Equal Money System = No More Holy days or Holidays

In Equal Money System there will be no holy days nor holidays as this will be seen as not necessary. Everyday will be an enjoyable day as life will be in freedom based on life being lived in equality in all ways and the best system being created by all based on the realization that this is what all want and this can be done, we can live equal and create a system of equality for all here. Holy days and holidays are done in desperation either to appease a 'god' figure in worship or to have a celebration in the stress filled lives we all lead. Also, to consider those with no resources nor money in this current system will not be able to celebrate these holidays because it takes money to have an enjoyable time to do so, so we are limited within the joy we experience in this life based on the money available, this is unnecessary and cruel to say the least of the human race, we have enough to have all living like millionaires, end wars, end corporate greed, end the greed within self, and we can see this as a living reality all comfortable and in joy based on the basic living dignity of all guaranteed.

These holidays and holy days are done in separation of ourselves to gain some sort of satisfaction within self because we feel that we need these once in a while to get out of the suffering and tough lives most of us live day in and day out. These hard lives are due to the struggle for money and keeping money flowing. Where many do not live any joy within there lives based on the resources being so limited, such as not even able to gain enough to feed themselves and their families, 15,000 children a day starve to death, do they live joy or on holiday, absolutely not, they are suffering and die horrible deaths, this is the reality, this is our way of life, death due to fear, self interest, and greed.

Equal money system will be a base support for all so no one will have to struggle and try to stay afloat nor die due to lack of any resources to remain alive, being stable will be a given freely and unconditional within this system for all equal and one to self because we realize all here is in fact me. There is enough resources and common sense will be used in what is needed to practically sustain life and what can be reformed to be more efficient and 'life-friendly' to the world as our earth which is ever giving. Products that are abusive in any way will be done away with and eradicated if not able to be reformed and lived as support in what is best for all, such as products like Styrofoam. This product is not necessary and only pollutes the earth as it is not able to bio-degrade, we will just discontinue making it and use/invent/reform products to be at the utmost in support of all life that will be substituted for what we used Styrofoam for. This will be the principle for all within this system, building support and sustainability for all life here, eventually all will be in sync within this principle and become balanced. Balance and equilibrium need to be brought back to life for us to continue on this planet and literally for us to stay alive.

Holy-days and holidays will be a thing of the past when equal money system is here because all days will be a celebration as heaven on earth will be here within and as ourselves and the life system we created in what is best for all will be great fun for all, so all will literally be free to do what they enjoy, but always considering the best for all outcome within this equation. Everyday will be like a vacation, where we are able to move about in freedom and create what we like to express in, no more struggle, no more masters, no more slaves, just life equal and one in self support in whats best for all through equality being lived through and as a system. Vacation everyday sounds amazing, support and be a vote for Equal money system, it will be here, we must create it and will it ourselves, you matter so make what you do count = support life in equality.

Check out the blog book for more FAQ's on the equal money System:


2011 Equal Money- The Cause to end all Causes

I am pretty sure we are all very sick and tired, and this I mean literally, sick and tired from this current economic/cultural/political system that supports those with money and give no care to those who are on the bottom because they have no money. This current system being based on those who are to win and those who lose. The losers are the majority of life and they are living in sufferable conditions, many sick, many hungry, many tired, many at there wits end, many abused, and we all look for a solution and a reason as to why these conditions continue to exist for so many in a day and age like we are living currently where there is so much.

Now within this current system, we have causes, which are created to ease the burden for those who are on the losing end of this current system, and the winners like to donate to these causes to show they are 'helping' solve these issues and care about the 'misfortune' of others. But within even the last 1000 years, we have not solved any of these issues that exist, they have not only gotten worse and more brutal, but have grown exponentially and in some areas are threatening the extinction of many even including our way of life as we know it. Such causes and charity giving is not a solution, it is a band-aid solution to an open, gushing wound that needs major treatment and serious reform to get it healed effectively.

Unfortunately, humans have always shown and decided to go in the direction of greed and ego, only looking out for self and what self can gain. This mentality has resulted in the half of the world population living with less then 3 dollars a day. How the current system is set up, we are profiteering and gaining from those we are so cunningly pretending to care and help, as we see with the 'causes' that are perpetuated within this world, when we all know that the solution is required to be a systematic revamp addressing everything across the board. It does not take a rocket scientist to see that if we wanted to stop world hunger it could be done over night, the resources and funding are here, the know how and intelligence is here, we have everything here to solve any issue that arises, yet we as humanity chose to disregard our neighbor as ourselves and allow them to go without while some go with, this going to be the fall of man as predicted if we do not wake up and start treating all beings as ourselves because this is what is real and true. We are all one and equal here as life as each living being is part of life and must be respected as such unconditionally within self honesty. As Jesus said, a house divided will always fall, and as he also said ' love your neighbor as yourself and you shall live in the kingdom of heaven'. The earth being heaven as we have made it so because we live loving our neighbor as ourselves. The system to bring about heaven on earth is through the equal money system. But first let me give you an example of what this current system accepts and allows as a current job within this world.

I recently watched a movie called The Workingman's Death (highly suggest watching this film, this is part 1), and one group of slave labors was discussed where they collected sulfur pieces within the volcanoes that produce them and hand carried them to be weighed. This working environment is very dangerous as the gases and sprays coming off this volcano is very hazardous to their health as well as lethal. They are being exposed to these harsh conditions with very little protection and security, carrying up to 100-200 lbs of rock several kilometers away through the mountainous terrain into the city where the weighing stations are. They can do up to three of these trips a day, and make only $5.00 dollars for the back-breaking work for a days pay. This sulfur being created into rubber, bleaching sugar, and other industrial processes, making well over this amount to be able to pay fair wages to these people who risk their lives to be able to put food on the table. This being unacceptable for any being, and is being allowed because it is cheaper and the people are willing because they have no other options. This is what this current system produce. those who are dependent and desperate on the system, where no education or resources have been available to those who have no money, a generational inheritance,  thus no ability to get themselves out of these conditions or the risk death, plain and simple they become a slave to the current system or die. There is no care, no help, and no causes able to help these people within and as this current enslavement system we call the capitalist system. This current system breeds this as it functions within a win/loss gain, but the sick thing is many are losing while fewer and fewer are winning, and they are winning bigger and bigger every year. This current system is a system that has failed no matter the number of causes or charities out there seeking to help, no amount of helping will fix what is fundamentally broken as this capitalist system perpetuates, those who are able to gain over the lose of another. And in stark terms, the reality is more like, those who are able to live over the death of many.

The Equal Money system will be the cause that end all causes because in simplicity this system will be run on one principle and that is what is best for all based on the understanding and practical living by each one that all life is one and equal. The key to making this a system of truth and transparency which will be bred within this system is the process being walked currently by those who are called Destonians, walking the path of self honesty, self forgiveness, and self corrective change to be able to stand among all and walk with in stability to be able to in fact live and solve the problems here in the best way possible for everyone unconditionally. This will eventually solve all the ills of this world because within self honesty and the principle of what is best for all through equality and oneness life will become balanced naturally and an equilibrium will be built and sustained.  What will be a huge factor that is missed and abused within this current system is that life will be equally valued to money rather then money deciding who live and who die. Once equality is established and lived by all as self in fact, life here will become a place of joy where all will want to live. All will be able to express themselves in true freedom and gladness because life will be guaranteed from birth lived to it's fullest and utmost potential as one family in one world through equality supported in the best way possible for every living being that is here and who is to come, this as it should be. Equal Money will bring life as to what it should be, life lived for all in joy and freedom one and equal to self.

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