Friday, April 29, 2011

2011 Life is for Living, Not for Killing

A man cuts off girlfriend's head at a university after she exited her exams. He was apprehended after committing this act, and said that he was going to kill himself next. The girlfriend and him wanted to unite, but where not allowed due to there parents. So if they couldn't live together, they where going to die together says the boyfriend. It is unclear whether or not the girl was aware and/or in agreement with this, but in any event it is killing life. As this example shows we as humans kill off life for all sorts of nonsensical reasons. Some being not getting what one wants, not being able to have someone or something that is desired, wanting to have power and control over others, allot of these reasons being that humans' killed due to self interest. We take life so much for granted based on what we want for ourselves and our desires, not using any common sense for what is here as unconditional giving as our life as earth, nature, our phsyical bodies, the animals, and all that give of themselves so humans can live here as is. Considering life and using common sense to live in a way that is functional and best for all is what is able to be done, if one help bring about an equal money system, where true heaven on earth is possible. This where no life will desire to hurt another or kill because all realize who 'I' am as all others, and that if I hurt another I am hurting myself. Life is for living not killing, time to wake up to this real-i-zation and live in equality.

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2011 Desteni-I-Process- Helped Me from Wasting Away

Fascinating that alot of our days are spent on wasteful things. We waste alot of time doing things that will not cause any sort of relief for the way of our lifestyle. We constantly complain about life and how it does not work, but we allow ourselves to exist in a system that creates this, where life does not work for alot of people. I know because alot of my day is spent in thoughts of things that are not relevant to what is actually going on here such as rape, starvation, wars, slavery. When I am in the mind it cause me to lose a sense of what is here in reality. and go off into distraction as thoughts and emotions that usually lead to a reactive outcome that solves squat.

In desteni-i-process I have learned to curtail and nip this problem area in the butt by becoming aware of these moments when i go into 'wasteful' thought. These 'wasteful' type thoughts lately I have noticed have been how I am looking with my hair growing in a bit from having it be bald. I am judging myself for this within my backchat thoughts (back chat thoughts are not spoken, but linger within the back of our minds dominating ones behavior and reactions within their world; usually leading to destructive and abusive behavior towards self or others based on holding on to these thoughts as if they are real ex: 'i am ugly' 'she is stupid' 'fuck, i hate her' ect. ).

This happened when I was called on to awnser a question in class, and I messed up the problem, and I had a phsyical reaction of my face going red. Immediately when I noticed that I was going into that pattern of depression and suppression of myself by feeling sorry for me and becoming the victim of the situation, I breathed becoming present here. I had these thoughts go thru that others where judging me as 'dumb' based on me not answering the question correctly and me having this red face for all to see was causing anxiety.

I immediately in that moment applied myself to stop all forms of thoughts of inferiority, and stopped the suppression of my expression due to this redness and thoughts of others judging me. But pushed myself to correct my 'mistake' to the class, breathed thru any points of energy that had come thru, and remained stable here and was able to defuse the energy impulse that was created in an instant when I said the problem wrong. This I was able to see the pattern when it arised with the embarressment experience, and immediately I went into a self directed application where I stopped the energy impulse from taking me over and completely submitting to the depressive state. So stopping inferiority in a moment thru my understanding of my own patterns, and able to diffuse the energies and thoughts due to my application with self forgiveness and stopping it with my own self will. This being quite empowering once you have proven to yourself that you can actually stop yourself from becoming depressed and become effective in these moments of embarrassment or inferiority energies 'wanting' to become possessive.

The desteni i process is where I am learning how to be able to deal with these types of situation that come up throughout my day, and instead of giving in to the situation and making myself less then, I can stand within myself in a directive manner and control who and what I am in that moment.  This were I become a much more productive being, and am able to create and express myself with more clarity and ease so I can be stable in what is here in my reality to be done. This being a complete reversal to what I was originally use to existing as, where I wondered around in my mind wasting time on thoughts about me and others that simple are no real and are irrelevant, such as me with short hair or long hair, it makes absolutly no difference to who and what I can be and how I can live here. I am grateful for the process and desteni for helping me to become a more self directed being and understanding the tools on who to walk this for and as myself to be effective in helping change the world in a way where all are stable and enjoying ourselves as life.

If you would like to join Desteni I Process or discuss further you can email me at: or go to the link above in article.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2011 Gas Pains Rising Up

The gas is reported to have gone up for the 35th straight day in US reaching 5 dollars in some states. This adds up to at least 50-60 dollars for most general cars to fill up there tanks. This is alot for me, and I have two jobs and no children. I couldn't imagine what families are facing with children, and the prospect of instability in job market as is increasing throughout the nation as well. While reports are saying that the gas companies are having there best year profit wise since 2008, gaining billions in just three months of this year.

This rise in gas is not only effecting car expenses, but also prices in travel, food production, and all other product production and movement, all of these things are produced and moved by oil. Our dependence on oil has become a slogeeneer for those that are asking for our votes, but we still accept and allow the same system and production methods to fall into play. There is no real action or movement to stop what is being created in terms of inequality, taking on the big businesses that are gaining much while so many are falling, and creating a system where it works for all people not just the few that have privilege and power.

Equal money system will cover all these points, where no more will profits be able to reach the heights and gains that has been reported here. This while millions are suffering to try and keep up with the higher and higher demand for income, and the stress of just trying to stay a float. The struggle for survival within a system where there is plenty for all will be eliminated once and for all. In an equal money system, life will be livable in a sense of ease and enjoyment because life will be lived from principles that not only will be spoken, but taken responsibility for by each one and lived as each one. Princpled living for what is best for all life will be what will create the stability needed and seeked within this world by so many, and the equal money system will be the avenue to see this solution of stability thru as this is what its about, doing what is best for all within equality so all will be able to live in dignity.

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2011 Project with my dad


I am working with my dad this summer to build my sister and her husband a deck. This will be very cool because I will learn practical skills on how to construct and build a deck. My dad has built alot of decks over the years, and will be a great person to learn these skills of how to go about constructing something like this, virtually from nothing. Within this you need allot of knowledge, where one needs to know how to measure up the wood, place it in ways that is efficient and stable, and build it so it is sturdy and will last, my dad has a lot of experience in building so he will be an example to show how it is done. Also, be cool to help design and create something from scratch.  They have a out of ground pool, so it will be designed around that, and also a place to have a fire pit or stove, something like that, which will be included as well. This will be a fun project to take on and help, and learn how to become more self sufficient and create from the physical with the physical. I plan to take on outdoor projects like this that use creativity and production more and more as within my process, I am starting to become more stable within the physical reality, appreciating it, and really wanting to push myself within what I can do as a physical being.  I will be pushing my self application more and more in the coming months to prove to myself that I am capable of anything that is here to be done, and learn skills that will come in handy to help where I can. Also, I have always enjoyed being physical and pushing this aspect of myself.

Monday, April 25, 2011

2011 Mission Impossible?

Is impossibility real? Is anything not possible in the context of this reality? Using practicality and common sense the things that matter here are possible, but many don't want to see because they don't want to live....fascinating, this is based on me, who am I in the face of impossibility? ....I am living to see where I stand as I know who 'I' am. Digg this!



Where Impossibility Becomes Real as a Self Willed Equal

2011 In an equal money system, all beings will have equal opportunity to education


This is something that should be a standard within society based on the desire to have a functional and productive growing society that is able to be innovative and creative as the years come. But within our society billions of people do not have any access to education, and a lot that do, do not have adequate education based on funding and/or the lack there of. If looking at this world from another planet hypothetically, one would probably say what the hell are they doing down there? oh ok, they are in an enslavement system due to the profit driven greed of the human race.

It’s unfortunate and quite sad based on the opportunities and resources we have, not to mention the countless untapped potential of all beings here on the planet, but it is not utilized based on us accepting and allowing a system where there is not a point where all people can have access to a proper education. This will be so in an equal money system, where the functionality and upliftment for all being will be a joy and will be our mission. The absolute ultimate for each being to reach there highest potential with all equal opportunity to get there. The point that will make this difference and create the real change that is needed is that money will be placed where it counts and available to all unconditionally equally. Money will be put into programs and systems to advance the individual as  an co-equal, where the 'no child left behind' debacle will be a fact because all will be considered and all will have an education. Equal education for all in the highest point possible because money and funding will be alocated and placed in this way for all life learners equally.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

2011 Past few days...

Hi, for the past few days I have been out of the normal routine of things I am use to because of a sudden come on of illness, this due to my own self responsibility because it is based on stress and nonsensical eating. A few days ago I was home from work due to feeling nausea and weak, then on weds. I felt better so I went to work. I then got home and had pizza, which didn't sit well with my stomach and didn't make to much sense to eat after feeling ill. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell that I have crohn's disease which causes inflammation to the intestine tract, this I have narrowed down to when I allow stress to possess me these 'flare' ups there called occur. Certain foods aggravate it as well. So that night after I had pizza, I had to do an overnight for work, during this I was feeling very heavy and very sick. Then when pain sets in in my stomach area, I know that the intestine tract has closed up and the food can't get access thru the tract where it is suppose to go. This is pretty painful, and I still had to work, so the only thing I could do that made sense was to vomit the food up. This I did, and it alleviated the pain.

The next day I was still feeling very nausea, and weak so I stayed home from work again. I slept alot of the morning and then I got up to eat something. This was where I went into a fart and had avocado, which did not help any stomach issues I was having and I had the same issue with the blockage and pain. I ended up going to doctor's to see in fact if it closed up completely. I got xrays done, and they read that there is no blockage. I am ok today as I can eat but decide to to do very light food and clear liquids. I haven't pinpointed what is due to the stress, although Henri my pal who is a dog, got bit in the face by another dog on Wednesday, and I didn't get it treated quick enough, so it got a bit infected and flared up. I took him to doctors today, and they had to open it up and push out all the mucus and liquid in there, which I am sure was painful for him. This had me a bit stressed. Work I am a bit stressed because I have alot of hours, but it's cool otherwise no complaints. Process I can be applying myself more, and these constant points that keep cycling such as judgment and anger are causing frustration. I could see that the flare ups I am experiencing physically could be due to the anger flare  that I have allowed and not released and stopped completely within and as my world. This makes sense due to the suddenness of the pain and quickness it leaves in my stomach same with anger it comes and goes quickly. Still have to push to apply myself here, and stop the flare up's of anger, remain in breath, and push to be aware of self and not go there into reacting in anger or reacting to others in anger. Constant application needs to be imperative. By continuing to apply the tools given, breath by breath movement, never looking back, self honesty and self forgiveness, and pushing myself to keep changing for what is best for all. I just have to keep pushing and applying myself until it's done. That is the simple truth until I am here as life one and equal to and as all where equality is the base of all life and we live in this way.

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Friday, April 22, 2011

2011 A Classless System in an Equal Money System


 Imagine a world where every being first and foremost saw that they where worthy beings and that no class system was actually real, no being in this existence is actually 'better' or 'worse' then any other being, we just for a while got lost in the money. Believing the lie that was told to us by those who had a vested interest in making lots of money to see the lie that we are separated into these classes of some beings being worthy and some not. You can not look at any child in this world in class them up nor should we be able to look at any adult and do this.

So the points to look at is this the way it is now the actual order of things, are we just  made ‘poor’ and some are ‘rich’, and that's that. Or is there another way, can we all have a piece of the pie and enjoy it too, yes we can! as obama touted,  but this yes we can is yes All can have an equal share of what is here. It just a matter of people standing up within themselves and seeing themselves as worthy living beings and all others the same as themselves, it’s here to be seen, and supporting a system that will stand up for all beings having equal worth thru the Equal Money System. That’s what all who are standing up for world equality and an equal money system are asking, do we see and recognize the ‘I’ within all beings, and are we all going to once and for all say we have had enough with this unreal world of class and divide, and start getting real, coming together,  and changing so it is a world truly for what is best for all. It’s starts with each one here.

We have to live in this directive way to become an equal participant within society and be willing to teach other how to as well. There is ways that have been developed to walk through what it takes to actually be equal with what is here as the physical reality, this thru the Desteni-I-Process. The physical being what is real, practical, and common sense. So to be real human beings we must be real, practical, and live in common sense.  It’s time for humans to catch up, stand up from our infant crawl, and start walking within the reality of how we are equal among all. This so no more imagining, dreaming, hoping, or praying for this world to be better or more peaceful place because it is here as ourselves, each one, who take up the stand to walk as co equal among all for all beings best life possible.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2011 Feeling Ill Today

I have felt like the wind has been knocked out of me today. This started very early around 5 am, and I felt very nausea. I also felt weak and pains all over. I ended up staying home from work, and slept for about half the day. Then I got up and had to go into work for a few hours because I still had to resolve that reporting issue from yesterday that could effect the business. I ended up calling a contact, and he said that there is no record of me needing to file and report. This is strange because I know the job is not done and their is still reporting to  be done. I will have to wait til this contracting officer gets back from vacation in a few days to get to the bottom of it. I finished a few bills, and came home. Took a shower, and went back to sleep. Still feel weak and nausea, so I will see whats up for the morning.  I woke up about an hour ago to have some food, and finished my ITD assignment that has been open. Got it done, and now obviously writing my blog out. Feeling ill has made me slow down, and just be here with my physical body. Haven't really done anything, but rest because that is what the body needs when working thru an illness. No real strenuous work or day, just mostly rested.

2011 Day in the Life of GG


I am going to write about my day today as nothing else is coming up, I went to work early with Henri, and started my day at my desk. I slept through another night without doing my daily blog, which I was anxious about when I woke up based on me not living my word. There’s is nothing I can do about it, but move on and change myself to live the words i speak, no sense in going into guilt or shame causing unnecessary back chat and or judgment, so that's what I did I moved on.

Right when I got to my desk, I started to type out a blog for the day. It flowed very smoothly and I had one written out in no time, which I was satisfied with. I then started to work. I had to rush to get documents together for one of the workers because he had a meeting at 1 that I had to make sure I was ready for. I busted my butt, and got everything in order and ready. Then come to find out at about half hour before the meeting is to start, it was canceled and re-scheduled for wednesday. This I reacted to for a moment because I was blaming him for me having to put extra effort in, going back in time seeing me having to rush because he didn't get his part done, still blaming and deflecting responsibility off of me. I stopped and just realized that now I have it done, and can check it off my list. The back chat can stop of blame because it is not true, and just causes abuse within and without.

I then started to finish some tax work that was long and tedious, but I continued to stop reacting to it being tedious and boring. Finished that task, and moved on to this reporting that I have to do quarterly, which I forgot, so I was late. This caused a lot of reaction because this can effect the business and keep us from getting jobs that could be lucrative from gov. I stopped the same reactions of guilt, and just moved on walking thru steps to try to resolve the issue so it comes to an optimal solution. The contact that would help me was on vacation, so I have to wait til the morning to figure out how and if we will be penalized for this error on my end. I will have to stay more disciplined at work, and continue to take notation and not getting distracted from the important things that need to get done on a prioritized basis. No blame just change.

I got out of work and was going to take henry to the woods to run, but it started to drizzle and looked like it was going to rain. I instead took him to the field to chase tennis balls, which he enjoys very much. He is very quick and uses his whole physical to lunge himself at the ball, which he usually manages to get full steam in one swoop sometimes out of mid air which is very cool to watch. He is doing well with the jumping on me, I have gotten to an equilibrium with him where he does it for a bit, but then stops and listens to me and my commands as he is much focused on retrieving the balls. He at the end is huffing and puffing, and does a trout back, so that is when I know its time to go, which is cool indicator to show he has had enough. I go home and feed and give him water. I usually take a shower or a bath after work, which I enjoy. Then I worked on computer for a few hours networking, and trying to figure out how to customize my blog. This I am finding is no easy task, I have got to do more research and work on getting this satisfactory.

I had to work tonight, so I am here at work til the morning and I am enjoying it. That’s pretty much my day today, some reactions and fun I had. Til next time, thanks for reading.

Monday, April 18, 2011

2011 Massive Storms Hit Southeast US Killing 45

There was a massive storm in the past three days killing 45 people in the southeast of the united states. It reads that there was a recorded 241 tornadoes that touched down in these areas. This is very unusual for our area and for what we are use to. Quite amazing the power and force that nature shows within just a relatively short time frame.

These storms are here to help humanity wake up. We go on with our days, usually taking for granted the things we use on a daily basis such as water, air, food, you know the things that come naturally for us, well those who have access to money and jobs, here in the states. But what is not usually recognized and considered is that life is giving self to us as we are in essence one with it so really just giving life to life, but we do not recognize this life giver that continues our existence here in this world.

Where the break is is where humans as life do not reciprocate and balance out the giving of life to humans, we must also considered and give life to that which we are responsible for. If we take from the food source, we must be considerate of how much, how and who is effected, and the time it will take to then again get a balance back. Nature also provides for all such as the air that we breath, all receive this breath of life, but do we reciprocate and give back what we are given. We have not recognized and come to a balance with the resources we use and consume. The trees are getting cut down much faster then they are able to replenish, and these trees are the source of much of the oxygen that is here for humans to breath. As we give the CO2 for the plant life to live we must allow that which gives us breath to live.But based on the profit of paper, wood, and other tree cutting industries, these considerations of the balance in life is not cared for because the need for survival in these days is extreme.This not even considering those that go with much less, have no proper resources, and have no real access to anything that is life sustaining because they don't have any money. Around half the world's population lives on less then 2 dollars a day. If you read statistics of the unbalance of the world resources you will see that what is written here is true, to much is taken by humans and not put back to allow stability.

My basic point is nature now is showing that they will not just be completely disregarded by humans, who are the only species that deliberately destroy life for self interest, and it is time we revert back to ourselves, see where it is we can change to become balanced with ourselves, and live this with and as who we are as all the life around us, equal and one to us, as we all need each other to live. Lets start respecting ourselves, let start respect this world, and lets start balancing this world so equanimity will be the standard.

Check out Equal Money System, to see the solution in a nut shell, where all life will be considered and brought back to stability by changing humans to come to balance within themselves and realize the oneness and equality of themselves with the rest of the world and all of life.

Desteni-I-Process is a place to start to support yourself through self investigation and a course style structure to incorporate self change. Also within this I-Process one has the ability to support and assist others through a buddy system, where one can make an income from the comfort of their home, office, or local library. All you need is an Internet connection and the self dedication to change yourself, which will in time change the world. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

2011 Stopping Nail Biting.....See How I did It!


How I effectively stopped my nail biting habit was done in one breath, based on a self willed decision to stop and never again allow myself to go into biting as a form of escape. I use to bite my nails for most of my life and it was a habit I enjoyed doing, but was done for relief due to built up stress and nervousness. I use to chew them as a point to get my self distracted from points that would come up that I had to face, like facing someone who addressed me in a conflicting manner and I did something that caused them to react, and I would then go to my nails as like a nervous habit to do something so I was 'away' from the situation for a moment. Becoming lead by my desire to escape reality.

From that point on where I saw this Desteni Productions Video about the design of why people bite their nails, I decided within myself that I will no more participate in this pattern, and no more bite my nails as the nails and hands in general are great support for process. It has been over a year and a half, and this was done just in a breath. I still have to breath, stand and face myself based in self honesty, and not go into the point of distraction because the nail biting was replaced by other patterns such as becoming silent to not have to implicate myself. But stopping opened up this point to see where else I am trying to distract myself within hiding/escaping the nervousness I feel within due to what I have created and now facing as manifested outflows. So all done as support as part of process.

I am still facing this point of stopping hiding in my world and facing what is here, slowly working towards becoming completely stable, and pushing to stop emotion, most prominent one being anger, so I am no more possessed by energetics, but able to effectively live here in stability to be a directive being for what is best for all in all that is here as myself.  So I realized and saw that each decision to walk the path of life self honest and self forgiveness is a breath a way, just a decision, a self willed movement, and breath by breath see it thru. It works and I have realized the effectiveness of these tools of common sense, which shows to me that this is what will change the world to becoming effective in common sense living because I am it, I live it. Makes me want to say duh! But it is a process, no judgments.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

2011 I am not to be Forgotten

Today through out the day, I would come up with these cool realizations, but now that I sit down to write them out they are gone, can't remember. This showing that I still am existing from my mind as thought, as i remember coming up with them, but can't remember what they actually entailed. This is due to my expectation and distraction in desiring to share this with others to show all my awesome realizations, and how great I am doing in my process. So again living from mind and energy of desire to get attention and use that to make me feel good. Fucked up shit , but totally legit based on me living in this point of inferior/superior I am currently exploring and walking thru as my back chat is full of these comparisons. I have no judgment of myself and will not accept any, but I will continue to investigate so to live as breath in the physical and actually live in 'no time' here as this moment because that is who I am, timeless. Although, this point of what it is to live without time is hard to write about because I in fact don't really know what I am talking about b/c I haven't lived it. I do get the concept, but need to push to live it, timelessness as it is reality if considered as life in totality. Instead of trying to remember the realizations I push to in fact live the real-I-n(z)ation.  So the 'I' in the real n(z)ation as all as one as equal as life in breath here as the physical is real as everything else will be forgotten.

Friday, April 15, 2011

2011 A Women Drives her Minivan in River, Killing all inside

A women drove her car with her three children strapped into seat-belts into the Hudson river yesterday, killing all who were in the car. It was said that the women left a fight from her house with her husband, and she then did this. There was one 10 year old child that escaped the car, and went to a firehouse to get help. But they were too late.

I could only imagine the desperation of a women with children to do such a thing, this is not normal in any way, and the effect of this on the child that was able to escape is going to be considerable. It seemed this was induced by the home issues that where going on, but I will not speculate on the details as they are not known.

I just want to share what this story is showing on a greater scale of the current issue we are facing with this depletion of the current money system. Life is going to become desperate for everyone because we are all being effected by this as we all live within this current money system. Unfortunately these stories will not be few and far between, but if you pay attention and read the newspaper, these kinds of stories are becoming more and more prevelant each month that goes by. Horror stories that no being could imange living in, but the fucked up part is that many are silently suffering within this. Life is becoming more and more desperate for more and more people, the question being, what is the solution?

I stand for an Equal Money System where no being will have to suffer and feel desperation in silence, but all will be heard and seen as co-equals. We will care and support life with the availability of money being allocated to what is best for all, changing the whole way we will live, and will create an easement and relaxation that we have never seen or realize could have existed. This equality based system is possible through living the equality of all as life beings, and sharing among all fairly the resources that are here to be enjoyed. The more we push this new system, the faster this will occur, and these horror stories that we read and many live everyday can finally be supported and resolved. If you look most all are based and/or steaming from money. Lets stop the desperation of this world, and start actually living for a world where all can live in a way that is decent and fun for real because we will be free. Support an equal money system.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

2011 Cool Thing about Equal Money System....Read and See!!


Cool thing and a fundamental truth about the Equal Money System is that it will bring life here best for all beings. This guarenteed based on the way it will be set up with everything as simple and common sensical as it can be as a self truth understood and lived. Flat rates, communal sharing, all necessities being taken care of, money access to be able to live and be sustained, opportunity to work and do what you actually are passionate about, schools geared more towards individual acceleration of interest and not general knowledge just to be absorbed and spit back out, and opportunity to start new and fresh as a global community. This new equal money system when one start to walk the process of self honesty and self forgiveness becomes self evident, the necessity for this in this world is beyond clear, we have got to change the system, and we have got to walk the change as ourselves becoming the living example of equality, fairness, and truth. This is a long and 'tough' journey all will have to come to walk, but it is not impossible. Visit the Desteni Community, who everyday people are dedicating themselves to be the example of change that is needed, and stand as a support for others who are on their way as well. There is nothing more essential then the change of the nature of man from absolute atrocity to life that is seen everywhere today to co-equal as a living participant with and as all life in support and care. Seriously consider your world, and how you can change yourself to walk the path of a co-equal in self honesty. Life is waiting. We can all do this, let's push ourselves for this world, for our children, and for a 'better' life for all.

Desteni-I-Process- A place to walk the change with support and assistance from structured courses as well as a way to make an income straight from home with your action and dedication to changing yourself in self honesty and self forgiveness...check it out!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

2011 Recent Points, Agreement, Speaking, Being Lonely

I haven't seen Dmitry in a few weeks now, we had just recently started up our agreement, but have not seen eachother since that weekend. We both had to work all week the first week, and then he went to training for two weeks, he'll be back this weekend. I have been continuing on in my own process working on points of anger control thru breath and stopping this point of trying to impress others to make myself feel ok. We talk on the phone briefly, but it's not much as it's only a few minutes. We have been talking about moving in together for a while now, but he is getting laid off from his job in a month so we might have to hold up on those plans or re-evaluate the financial end of it and see if we can work it. Rent here is quite expensive, equal money system will create fair price as well as opportunity for all on having and maintaining shelter, which is very cool as now many can't afford to live even tho they have jobs.

I like the idea that Gian recently shared in his vlog about his experience while being at the desteni farm, that him and his agreement partner, Leila, did within writing back and forth in a notebook, and kind of sharing themselves thru writing instead of speaking out the points as mind can influence easier when speaking. This is cool and I am gonna see if Dmitry wants to try it, I never considered doing this and seems a cool way to get more intimate with each-other as we start out this walk together. I always found it easier to express myself in writing rather then speaking as for me there is more room to get to what I want to express - out. Speaking I was always shy and didn't really have full confidence in what I was gonna say, so it come out shaky or in emotion. I have been working on that with vlogs tho, the speaking myself out part, just allowing myself to express not judging because then I probably would never post a video.

I find myself lonely within my world recently as there is not many who relate to me and I find it hard sometimes talking to others about stuff that I am interested in, I find allot of people just don't want to get so in depth about issues or stuff, and I find it hard sometimes expressing myself in ways to help people understand more of what I am talking about. I have completely changed since starting process in what I will talk about, sometimes I find it very hard to talk to others because I feel like I am compromising my process and/or causing abuse. The point of speaking up and directing myself with others, this I do sometimes, but it seems like a majority of people I talk to need to be directed allot, and I don't feel able to direct them in a way that is best for all because I have not yet lived what I speak. This comes up allot with my dad when he talks about stuff in politics, and I see myself go into a reactive state, so I just stop talking and let him speak and move on. When and if I did speak I would go into anger mostly and it would turn into an argument. I am directive at points when I see that it be cool to, but I definitely have notice I must discern each moment to assess whether I can be effective or whether I will be reactive when talking or speaking to others. Been a process with this that I am still walking, this being facing others as me and living whats best for all.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to become lonely when I believe that no one can relate to me.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to see others not relating to me and becoming lonely because i desire to have my expectations met of how a conversation should go and when this falls, I feel abandoned.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to blame others for making me feel abandoned and lonely because I haven't dealt with my one self interest connected to being with others and what I desire to speak about.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to place others within and as expectation.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to judge and blame others for my own polarity playout of being fulfilled and abandoned.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to use others as self comfort and not seeing me here as self comfort within and as myself as all as one as life.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to miss dmitry because he is someone I can openly talk to and he 'gets' me so to speak.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to not stand here as my own point of self stability and look for it out there, which is not real.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to go into moments with preconceived ideas and not allow life to be here unconditional in breath.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to miss breath here as me.

I stop this desire to be fulfilled.

I stop feeling lonely and abandoned due to my own self interest needs.

I stop seeing others as my comfort and realize I am here as my own self comfort and self stability.

I am here and realize I can only make real life here if I will it thru self living. I am one and equal with all here and I realize I am the breath of life. I walk unconditionally as I see all here are me equal and one.

Monday, April 11, 2011

2011 How to Actually, Effectivly Change Self to Co-Exist with All using the Desteni-I-Process

On a lot of cars I see this bumper sticker that says 'Co-Exist' I presume in a peaceful and harmonious manner. From a self honest perspective the 'message' of this bumper sticker is cool, as yes, lets all co-exist in this reality so all can live equally. But the point of How this is going to develop into this type of reality is never addressed. Contrary to the suggestion of this 'popular' bumper sticker, there is no real practical way to go about creating this kind of world, meaning there is no solution on how actually practically and effectively we are going to live here where these slogans actually become a living reality. It's interesting we as human consumers have got so use to this kind false euphoric sloganeering that we just accept and allow the false truths of these saying that are displayed to exist within and throughout our current system with no real actual way to effectively create a world where all can co-exist. This current capitalist system is based on some winning and some losing, so how can we ever create co-existence when many can't live in a way that can be considered a co-existence relative to others co-existence, there is too much disparity.

To create a system that will support all and include all in this co-existence of harmonious living we all yearn for is being proposed in an equal money system. This is based on principles of life that we are all in fact equal and we are all one as life. This is a living understanding, where self changes from someone who has existed as a separate entity in this world looking out for one's own self interest to someone that is in fact a co-equal who has changed self in self honesty and self forgiveness to become able to live among all in a way that supports all and all ego of self interest has been transcended. I am currently walking this process with the Desteni-I-Process where they have created a platform on-line to begin to start the introspection, writing, and living of this self change to self perfection that is required by all life to become life in a world that in fact is best for all in a co-existence that all can enjoy.

Within the Desteni-I-Process, it is based on the Desteni research and material set up in a way that streamlines and brings together the main principles and steps to become a co-equal as life in this reality. As I have stated earlier I am in the Intro. to Desteni Course, and it's quite a cool experience for myself because it is not something that you can get lost in like all the philosophies that I have studied and always end up with open ended questions that have no real definitive answer, but here in the I-Process it gives one practical tools to understand and realize self (Me) as the answer. You essentially answer your own questions thru self investigation and self understanding in the context of what is being said thru the material in these courses.

In the Intro. to Desteni Course, which is a practical platform in understanding and working with the quite extensive amount of material and research that was generated thru the first years of Desteni groups' existence. It has helped me greatly in stopping the addictive and non-useful habits, one big one was my addiction to Marijuana, and patterns I have gotten accustomed to in living to finally start on my process to becoming a co-equal among all here on the planet. We, at Desteni-I-Process, are for a solution of what is best for all life, which we have realized is based on one's own self will and self realization to becoming life as a living example thru and as self application. This understanding and realizations is geared and systemically placed in a way that is user friendly and eventually one is able to stand as an example of life as a product of the Desteni-I-Process, and generate an income from effectively placing oneself thru blogging and vlogging to gain support from others and become buddies to those who are also going to journey on the I-Process as well. Thus thru sharing your own process by the means of the Internet, writing, vlogging, sharing on social networks, one can create an income for walking a process of self perfection and be an example for others. One still works on themselves thru walking their own process as well as assisting and supporting others while earning an income from the recruits that have been received.

This is all done to be able to create a way to birth a world that is best for all life thru ourselves as life living one and equal to all. Thru utilizing the tools that are here as a business model into and as the Desteni-I-Process, and using the tools for self perfection as been discussed within the courses and material, we are able to build and grow as an effective unit and systemically create a platform base of networked individuals from all around the world located here on the Internet as living example of the effectiveness that this product speaks of, this being that life here is able to and can live in co-existence with one another thru changing oneself in this manner by the common sense practical tools shared. This is the optimal way to see a solution come to pass based on the effectiveness of the Internet on networking, and thru changing self thru utilizing what is learned, to live in a co-equal way, through the courses and material provided by the Desteni-I-Process based on the common sense tools shared. Also, where one is able to earn in income for your efforts, which is quite cool. This where no bumper stickers are needed in this world to state the obvious, because in fact we will have changed ourselves to become co-equals in a world that supports and assists all to live in a way that is best for all life. Co-existing will be everyday life.

Join the Desteni-I-Process to become part of the solution to bring life to a real form of co-existence for all where all can enjoy.

Visit Desteni Community to get a scope of who is involved.

To see my complete Profile visit:

**Please follow the links in this article for more understanding on what is being discussed. Thanks.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

2011 Missed a Day in Writing

I decided to hold off on writing my blog because I wanted to watch a movie last night, I eventually fell asleep during the movie, and did not get a chance to write myself out yesterday as I committed to doing daily. There is no excuse for this as I could have prioritized my time, and done it before the movie, but allowed justifications such as it's the weekend and I just want to relax for a bit. I still need to become more effective in organizing and prioritizing my day so I fit all that needs to be done in to make sure all my commitments are completed. I am going to test this as I have been doing all these activities usually when I get home from work and before I go to bed, I have to work at nights some nights so I have to work with that schedule too. I am going to focus more on the mornings, doing my writing and daily commitments that I have on the Internet before I go to work. By this point I should have some sort of schedule down, but it is not that easy, because it changes due to my night job and now I can not use my computer at the house, so I have to find other places to do my work such as a cafe or place that has wifi. At the moment, I will have to abide and deal with this with my mom until I am able to move out and be on my own. But anyways, Just have to get back on track and start prioritizing what needs to be done and do it no matter what, I will test and see if the morning works better. Will check back and see how it goes.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

2011 Desire to Im-press(ed)

A point within myself that I notice I go into often rather 'unconsciously' is living from a need of wanting to and trying to impress those around me. Being noticed would be more accurate; this came up a few times today when I was observing my back chat. This has always been a point that I have latched onto as a place to define myself, but never realized how much it is influencing and controlling me through out my day. For instances, I was in the car with my nephew and his friend, we started talking about hockey, and within my back chat I desired to be recognized as a 'great' hockey player, and getting a sense of euphoria when I got my desired fill. My nephew started saying that I was the 'best' on my team, and that I was in the papers a bunch. Even writing this being dishonest within desiring others to see me as a 'amazing' and 'skilled' person in something, this point desire being irrelevant because it is not real as I am no better then any other being in anything. We all just live, no definitions.

Now where does this start from, what thoughts and beliefs, one being that I need to be seen as skilled in some way to be valued. Another way would be that I desire to be seen as better then others, so I can get an upper hand.  I haven't gotten to a point where I can effectively walk equal to others based on me holding on to these thoughts and ideas of defining myself to thoughts and ideas about myself in relation to the world around me and desiring to be more. Seeing it in separation, I must will this to stop and change to be effective in equality for and as life.

1. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to base who I am here by my thought of "I need to impress others to be valued." Thus not recognizing nor realizing the point of separation within the need of others to show/tell me that I have value.

2. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to define myself based on this thought of 'I need to impress others to be valued' and thue look for who I am by those I interact with based on the reactions I receive. Thus not living but reacting to others reactions.

2a. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to define myself based on reactive state of fear of not surviving instead of being here realizing I live and enjoying.

I stop fear of survival in reaction and live here as self enjoyment in living life.

3. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to believe in the thought 'I need to impress others to be valued' and thus activate the system of need and desire to be seen in a certain way that I have defined myself on and based myself on here in limitation.

4. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to create desires to be accepted based on my 'thoughts' that 'I need to impress to be valued'.

5. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to place value outside of myself based on me not accepting who I am within and as myself and thus looking for direction within the world around me.

6. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to separate self value of who I am as life and thus place it into the world around me thus separating me from what is here as who I am within all in this world.

7. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to see myself as not valuable based on my judgments of how I am looking within and as my physical picture.

8.I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to hold onto ideas/beliefs/thoughts about how my physical body and image should look like and thus desire to be seen in this certain way.

9.I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to live within the polarity playout of joy/disappointment within the desire of wanting to be seen/valued in a certain way by others in my world.

10.I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to define myself based on the outside world, and thus missing me here within and as life as breath and deflecting the reality of myself as what is being mirrored back at me as the life I am currently living as resistance.

11.I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to miss me here in my current existence and thus deflect all the 'negative' parts of me to self victimization and thus build a polarity of desire to be seen as 'great' and thus create the opposite as 'failure'.

12.I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to hold an idea that I am 'great' based on my past experiences in living life, and thus I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to hold onto the past as memories I define and create myself from.

13. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to victimize myself as a point of deflection of taking responsibility for what I have created in my world and thus use this victimization excuse to blame others.

I stop self victimization in blame and face who I am here as my world and what I am showing myself.

I stop living from past memories in experiences and live here where I am real as life.

I stop the desire of being valued by others.

I stop defining myself by my outside world.

I stop separating my from the life around me and stop deflecting myself from myself in what I am showing to me as what I am not wanting to see.

I realize and see who I am from my world thru a walking process to thus create self in a directive manner and not be directed by anything that is not here as me.

I stop desiring to be noticed and needed.

I stop the polarity playouts of great/failure.

I stop all definitions I hold on to.

I live here one and equal with all and everything in this world.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

2011 Working with What is Here at Work

We got a new phone system at work, I have to now learn this new system as it is a bit different from the last phone system we had. I was looking at myself within learning this this morning, and the reactions that I saw wanted to come up and direct me where becoming apparent. One being that I was annoyed at the IT guy not directing us on how to use this new system and how is to be set up, the second was that I was going to have to deal with how to work it and spend a lot of time to figure out as I am the only one in the office who is familiar with computers and electronic type stuff mostly. These two reactions where done based on my desires and back chat of wanting to have an easy time, and blaming others for things that are here in my reality to be faced and worked with.

I realized it is unnecessary, illusionary, and abusive to have these reactions and feed them because what is here is what is here, I either face it within self direction and go along with the tasks at hand to be worked with or I create abuse thru blame, self victimization, and back chat thoughts of anger, and still have to face what is here at hand with the phones, the latter causing much more consequences that are adverse then the former. The former being to direct self with the phone task that is here, and getting the work done that is necessary to be done for what is best for the situation. The latter being in the mind and the former being here as who I am as self direction. I am working and walking the process to become the former of a self directed human being realizing and being effective for what is here as this reality, and living within what is best for all beings as each and every breath I walk living in the moment as life as self movement.

The IT guy is coming back to show us how to use it, so another point to realize is life is never how it seems in your mind, it is how it is in reality, best to stick with what is here the breath and learn to live from this perspective, I am enjoying this walk.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2011 The Predatory System, What We Have Created

At my job, there is this phone call we get mostly ever morning, and it is this group saying that we owe them $500 dollars for a service that we did not approve and/or receive. We have asked them for proof of our authorization and/or the work that they completed for us. They can not come up with either in a legality way. So we continually do not pay, this has been going on for over a year now. They call us daily, and once a week they will send over thru the fax at least 4 pages of invoices and accrued interest that we are being billed for. At this point, in a normal scenario with a creditable business, they would have sent us to a collection agency with legal consequences and shown us proof of their claims. This group has no leverage and are being deceptive, so they continue to call and waste paper (although I do recycle it) on a day and weekly basis. I looked up this group on-line and they are known as a scam group. They make there money it seems like by those who don't pay attention and just pay the bill, they get so sick of the constant calls and paper work that they pay the bill, or they research and see the group for what they are, another scam. 

This is another example of the nature of our predatory system, where businesses are developed and pursued to prey and deceive those who are unknowledgable or unaware of the nature of the this type of business only there to get over on another. Packaged and designed to be a proper part of the business system, but underneath deceptive and abusive to unbeknown bystanders, no fair enterprise or ethical standards within these types of business ventures. Fascinating what we have accepted and allowed within human nature, where we literally prey on those who are considered 'weak' or 'unknowing' based on the easy sell equaling easy money no matter the abusive nor deceptive means to get there.

Equal Money system will stop all scams, all paper waste of useless publication, and the predatory nature of this current system, where to gain easy money the predatory drive ensues causing unnecessary abuse in its wake. The predatory drive is due to the survival mode where when push come to shove people make money any way they can. The money system causes this predatory drive because not all people have fair access to money and the resources to get money, but all people need money to live so a conflict of interest and desperate measures is the result.

Lets stop the insanity and absolute non-sense of this current system, and support a system that will give all equal access and freedom to really live in a way that is joyful and best for all life by giving all equal opportunity to basic living resources so all can live and not survive.

Solution to our Predatory Nature = Equal Money System
Life Coaching for our Predatory Nature = Desteni-I-Process

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

2011 The 'Dark Passanger' within, My Secret Mind back Chat

One of the biggest mishaps of my life was pretending that I was the all mighty coolest thing on the planet, lol. This has brought me thru many experiences of ups and downs, back and forths, twist and turns, but really have I gone anywhere in all this time, or more to the point have I become a more effective human being for the greater all. Unfortunately I would say no. What time I have wasted on false and pretend thoughts/ideas/beliefs that make no real difference to anyone or anything, these being where I focused much of my attention on over my life and in my mind was my image, others images, judgments, hatred, desires, lust.

I am starting to write out my back chat secret mind in a journal, where the secret part of myself is revealed, and it's quite fucked up how I have been existing within this secret part of myself. Not very helpful nor peaceful, but abusive and out of control. Check out the back chat in your head and get to know the real you 'the dark passenger' as Dexter Morgan calls it in the show Dexter. Everyone has this, do you dare to take a look and face the depths of your secret selves. I am and am learning quite allot, getting a gage of where I am in need of direct intervention, and grasping a way to change myself to live in a way that is best for all life through self honesty and self forgiveness. Although it is nothing to judge as it is here to be faced, and changed, so I can move on and start living for real with no direction, but my own self willed movement, the back chat is just a step to actually being that. Writing I have found has been very helpful in seeing and understanding the origins and why I am 'thinking' the way I am, so suggested to write yourself out in all your investigation of yourself and your world....Enjoy!

2011 Popping Pills, the Dis-Ease of Greed


 I read an article in the new york times about how psychiatrist are stopping the talk sessions with patients and going straight into prescribing meds. This is due to the changes in insurance policy where they will no more cover talk therapy. This is quite telling to the nature of this predatory system that we have created, where the incentive for psychiatrist is not to actually help the patients by getting to the core of the issues through investigation, introspection, and discussion with a professional through talking, but much more geared towards prescribing drugs to faze out the issues. “A psychiatrist can earn up to $150 for a 15 minute medication visit compared to a $90 for a 45 minute talk therapy session.” There is obviously a breach in standards here, where it is not to actually help and/or care for the person who is looking for help, but to use them for a profit margin based on how much drugs the doctors can prescribe out equaling how much money the companies can make. It always comes back to money and gaining more.

Equal money system will stop this predatory nature of companies on those who are in need of help and care, and never be used as a means to gain more money as money will be no more a driving force to live. Equality will give thus all equal opportunity to understand the nature of human beings and the nature of life as one and equal with all, and gain real solutions to cure the die-ease we are finding ourselves in here. There is a cure and it will always start with self. Check out the links to get more understanding on how this new system will work.




Monday, April 4, 2011

2011 It's time for All to Make a Stand

Self direction, there comes a time when one has to take a stand within themselves and their worlds, this is obviously determined by each being and it is not a path that is easy to find nor easy to decide, but it is simple in terms of how one can come to this decision. This is based on self honesty. What is self honesty? it is the simplicity of being truthful with yourself, all beings know this point of truth within themselves if they dare to look. I say it is not simple to find based on my own experiences where I had to go thru a lot of stuff to get to where I am at in terms of understanding myself within the principle of seeing myself honestly, but can say it is a process, everything in my life has brought me to this point where I am at. This point of deciding what I was going to do when I started to realize the truth of myself, that I am one and equal with everything here in fact, in essence, in life, and starting a process to live this within myself. I have always seen the truth in the 'do unto another as you would want done to you', as I want myself to be treated respectfully and decent, and obvious any other being would want to be treated in this way as well.  I have given abuse and been abused, so I realize the devastation on both ends of the stick, and am thru with the abuse of life.

These principles living self honest and creating a world for whats best for all is simple to me in terms of it's necessity and resolution to what is here as this current society, but to get to this place where in fact this is so, takes each beings self direction. This process ask of the being to let go of a system that is here, in place, and we have grown to get use to and adapted to, basically giving up the life we are use to here in this current world. But this giving up will birth a new world, a new system, and a new opppurtunity for our children to come to live in a better world, a safer world, a stable world, a supportive world, a caring world, a world where all are seen as equals, a world that is harmonious between beast and nature, a world where life is at play, a world that is life affirming, and a world that is best for all who are inhabiting it. No more will there be starving, hungry, destitute, unsupportive, uneducated people, no, all these issues will be addressed for real, and actually acted upon in the interest of all here. It's not that it is not possible here now, but this system that is in place does not facilitate this as it is based on some winning and others losing. Money being the medium to this unfair exchange where many don't have a chance because they don't have money.

In this new equal money system, the money and resources will be allocated to and for real change and real solutions within self honest self directive action, lived by each participant within this new system. Equality among co-equals for whats best for all on the planet will be the only possible outcome as this is lived by all beings. This is why the process of self realization in self honesty is part of this new system because the human being has to change from one that is an abuser of life to one that is a custodian of life, if looked at in this world, we can see that it is the human that is the 'major' problem. This path is for each being to take by there own accord, there own effort, and there own participation, it's time for each one to realize and take up there self responsibility to change self to be worthy of life for all to have life here.  Many on this planet at the moment are not living life, but suffering in the physical and/or being possessed by their minds.

 Money being the facilitator for this new world, and the equal money system is the place that this is possible for all to have a chance. Support us, investigate, read thru the articles, support the people who are dedicating themselves to see this thru (we can be found here), stop the judgemts and just have a look, it is definiatly worth it. Many say this is not possible, but that has been said about all things that are new and take effort, all it takes is a walk and discipline, lets push ourselves to see this thru as life is worth it, many possibilities will open up that can not be considered at the moment.

The equal money system- book will be coming out on 9/11/11, you can subscribe for updates, this will give much in explanations about how it will all work in this new equal system, check out the link. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

2011 A 'Negative' Comment and My 'Sadness'

hi, what i am looking at today is feeling bad and offended when someone says something or does something that I have taken personally. On one of my youtube videos, I just read a comment that a guy says that I look like a guy. This caused a reaction within my solar plexus/stomach area of a tightness and twisting, so I can tell that I am not here, but creating energy within. This energy was generated due to the participation that accepted by taking things personally. This happens a lot, where I will immediately go into a suppression of myself when someone has insulted me personally. I can see the pattern and where the starting point is coming from and it is starting from a thought and a living acceptance that i am less then. This is one of my main programming patterns, where I am seeing myself inferior based on my life experiences, and defining myself based on these happenings.

This also accepting the past and carrying it with me like an old heavy bag, where every once and a while I will pull out a held on feeling or judgement and allow that to influence me for minutes, hours, and even days sometimes. This is based on me just not seeing myself for who I am, and not existing within the breath here as life in living but separating due to my belief in lack and need.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to react in sadness due to a comment I read on youtube of someone supposedly 'making fun of me'.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to see myself here as inferior to other being.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to believe I am less then any being due to my judgements of myself.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to believe I lack something.

I forgive msyelf for allowign and accepting to believe I need something.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to allow belief and ideas to direct me.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to thus see myself within and as this judgment of looking like a man with hurt and shame.

I frogive myself for allowing and accepting to judge looking like a man.

I frogive myself for allowing nad accepting to be hurt because I desire to be accepted by others.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepitng to desire to be accepted by others because I dont accept myself.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to base myself on the past and not be here in breath.

I frogive myself for allowing and accepting to see myself within and as the limitatins of the mind thru pictures and miss me here as all as one as equal.

I frogive myself for allowing and accepting to judge myself and define myself by pictures.

I frogive myself for allowing and accepting to desire to get revenge for the other making me feel bad.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to abdict my responsibility for what I have accepted onto another as blame.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to exist within and as blame.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to feel sadness within and as me due to me not accepting myself here.

I stop all sadness as emotion.

I frogive myself for allowing and accepting abdicting myself to the other not facing who I am.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to exist within and as revenge.

I stop all judgment of who I am.

I stop all definitions of who I am as pictures and live here as all beings being 'me' equally.

I stop all blame onto another.

I stop all partipation in reactions.

I accept myself here and live as who I am stable and sure.

Friday, April 1, 2011

2011 Another Celeb Paid for Nothing, Equal Money System will Stop the Insanity

Snooki, the pop sensation from the Jersey Shore tv show on MTV is going to get $32K for appearing on the Rutgers campus. We can come up with many other worthwhile things this money could go to rather then to someone who did not earn it, and is just getting it because she was on a tv show. She is famous based on her outrageous behavior of drinking, partying, fucking around, dressing flamboyantly, but no where in there has she done  something that has help any being besides those who are making money off her popularity. This kind of publicity and idealism that is sensationalized of those who act crazy and out of control, and then rewarded is basically thumbing there noses to the atrocities that are here in this world of abuse, unfortunately the capitalist system encourages this. What ever makes money will be sensationalized to get the max profit, the crazier the better is the reality of it if you have a look.  We the people are feeding this by supporting and watching these types of shows/entertainment, suggest to evaluate your viewing and participation, support that which supports life.

In an equal money system, money will be placed where it is needed and for purposes that support and create stability for all. Money being wasted on these kinds of events will be no more as they have no purpose, but to encourage people to party and act ridiculous. The capitalist system is failing the people, only looking out for some with the connections, in the equal money system all will be part of the connection of life as all are life beings, where money is valued equal to life thus life will be lived equally for all. This insanity of throwing away money on ridiculous publicity stunts will be no more as the 'celebrity' will be no more because all will be lived as equal. No being being looked at or treated any better then any other being.

Equal Money System the solution to our Insanity.

2011 Effects of Writing Daily

Fascinating I fell asleep with the computer here on my lap while I was typing earlier on what to write about unbeknownst to me. I am tired, I have been working overnights so have had sleep broken up for a few nights, it is what it is. Writing here each day has been cool, and a great support because some nights I do have to push myself to get something down on paper or on the computer. It's something that takes some effort and perseverance to get through some days, it does not come easily most times. This I enjoy pushing myself and disciplining my self to get it done. So will continue to practice this as I write my self out each day, where perseverance and self discipline indeed are two points worth practicing and getting down walking this process to self freedom as they are essential for transcendence.

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