Saturday, November 26, 2011

2011 Israel-Palestinian Conflict: Will it ever end?

Last night I watched the documentary called Peace, Propaganda, and the Promised Land, which was about the role the media has within the shaping, direction, and outlook within the American perception of the Israel-Palestinian conflict.  I am a product of this American propaganda, and can attest to this media machine, as I have never seen or heard about the full story of this 'conflict' until I researched it myself. This conflict being the occupation by Israel of the Palestinian land as Israel illegally took over this land during the seven day war, and is to this day continually building upon it. This is causing much hardship to the Palestinian people who lived there for over a thousand years.

This documentary is being focused on the US outlets mis-direction of the occupation into the American homes as well as the mis-perception deliberately placed in words and phrases used within media coverage of each action taken by either side to always sway in favor of Israel. This shown with examples within the movie where the US is compared with the English BBC coverage of many incidents and the differences between coverage is displayed. The BBC being more fair and balanced covering both sides of this conflict seen within the footage, where US media blatantly has an agenda within their coverage, almost always favoring Israel position and doing it specifically within stories told.  Within this movie, they use specific examples, which I will discuss what I learned here, but highly suggest watching this for yourself as it is a great depiction of the power and control used by the people in power to stay in power all the while keeping the masses dumbed down specifically with there propaganda pieces meant to steer the masses in a specific direction, in this case, so Israel look's like the victim. This all the while many people are suffering within theses regions day after day, the brunt being those who are Palestinian.

Israel went in 1967 and occupied the lands of the West Bank as well as the Gaza Strip, this being lived as Palestinian territory. They where not approved by the UN, which is required by international law, but they did it anyway and continue to occupy them to this day. Within this occupation in West Bank and Gaza Strip, the lives of the Palestinians are being made unbearable with road checkpoints lasting for hours that restricts them from free movement, and curfews where one can not leave the house without getting accosted and potentially abused by the soldiers standing on guard. You see within the movies full armored tanks roaming the streets as the curfew is being enforced.

Israel has also gone into the lands and created settlements, which is only allocated to the Jewish people while the Palestinians are forced else were many go into refugee camps, and the house that where there are cleared for new development with the Palestine families left with nothing as everything is destroyed. Within these settlements they are all interconnected within a road system where it is only available to the people living in them, they are able to freely move about with no checkpoints or curfew. The settlements are beautiful homes, with lush green grass and swimming pools, while the Palestinians are in refugee camps, homes destroyed, little food and water, and the threat of violence as well as oppression with the huge force of Israel's military in around every corner. This obvious human living violations as one group is being treated not equal to an other group under illegal means is unacceptable. But as seen on American TV, the media is speaking of these settlements calling them 'neighborhoods' to give it an extra charm. To put into perspective the corruption within the US media outlet on this issue, within this movie they speak of a document that went around the media heads saying specifically not to call these settlements, settlements, but 'neighborhoods', this giving it the sense of innocence within what is being done there. This not being close to reality nor fair nor balanced news coverage, which is the point of free press claimed by many of the talking heads on the tube nightly in America, no?

The US allegiance to Israel even with the illegal occupation of another land as well as the brutality that has been bestowed on these people, is based on money, power, control and resources = greed. This being why the media is so biased because the US government et all has a vested interest in the support and continuing funding of the Israel state. Israel within the lands of the West Bank as well as the Gaza strip have taken over the water resources, the air space, and the settlement building has only continued, this all points that US need to have continue to form a base point of support and resources within the Middle East powers that stand, Iran, Saudia Arabia, Egypt, as we see already with their own occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. The US being the highest supplier of military equipment to Israel and now Israel has the second strongest military behind the US in the world. This with an ever fulfilling army force that stands within Israel as it is done through obligation where their is repercussion if not excused from military duty, man and women, so this military force of Israel and US is a mighty one in terms of the power and resources within the military arsenal as well as man power they currently hold. The US needing this force within the middle east land as they look to gain resources within oil as this is becoming quite a commodity these days as well as other natural resources to have more power and influence in that region and in the world at large.

It's all about money, control, and power within this point of enslavement of people, this can be seen all over the world within many different conflicts we have seen over the years and throughout human history. This causing unbelievable suffering and death within many peoples lives for no real purpose, but to have a few have more then others. The Palestinian and Israelites have been fighting for decades and it will not stop until there is an equality reached or the place gets obliterated by the militarys of this world which is currently spiraling out of control. There will be no real trust nor reliability on any source as we can not even trust ourselves to do what is best for all. This is a walk and a self willed living change in terms of being true and living what is best for all. We cannot continue going on like this going around like bullies to each other pretending that I am 'jewish' and you are 'muslim' so we can not live equally here, we have to destroy and conquer each other because 'god' said so, but it is humans who proliferate death objects and continue to destroy life here.

There is always another way though, this way is the true freedom of man and the true freedom of living life, this is within equality and oneness of all here, seeing life as yourself and willing yourself to get this done. This will be best supported within an equal money system, where all will get equally everything that is needed to live, no occupation will be allowed as no profit nor power over another will be tolerated, and we can walk with those who are trustworthy because they have proven it thru there actions as well as words over time. This self trust and trust within a group built on tools such as self honesty, self forgiveness, common sense, and corrective change. The individuals that make up this new equal money system live by principles within all that they do, to live equality, no point of ego nor personality will suffice as this will be seen as not who I am and thus let go of. Any point of definition will be no longer necessary as we will all see what is here as ourselves and simply live and express as this.  Life will be born from this expression in a new direction that which is truly lived best for each being on this planet, this the only point in this existence that ever matter, so we have a lot of work to do.

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Israeli-occupied territories

Peace, Propaganda, and the Promised Land


Friday, November 25, 2011

2011 Learning the Importance of Consistency

Recently within walking my process of self realization as here as physical presence, I have started to see the importance of consistency within what I walk and live as I express myself though-out my day. I have in the past programmed myself to only seek out that which I desire to do, such as watch a movie I like or play sports rather then do the term paper that was due at the end of the week. Riding the wave of self indulgence through doing as little actual physical consistant work as possible necessary to get to a degree where I am self sufficient and self learned. I resisted school greatly because I was rarely stimulated, I was much more of a physical being meaning I like to move around and do stuff, sitting at a desk for 8 hours learning about things that put me to sleep usually based on the repetitive nature of the material, I lost interest quite quickly, it was like a chore getting 'boring work' done throughout the years. (Exploring Educational Development in an EMS to Follow).

Later on in school, I got into drugs, alcohol, and sex, this added to the multitude of sports I played which gave me a constant stream of stimulus and distraction to getting out of doing any real work that took time and patiences to complete, such as school work, this being a recipe for laxness and not doing anything worthwhile in becoming someone I was proud of in terms of creating myself in whatever it is that I was doing. These 'fun' times lay dormant when I walked into the halls at school, so studying and pushing myself to sit down and work has been a struggle for me based on the addiction I have created to things that stimulate me which shows in my patterns throughout my life. Funny as one of my jobs now is a desk job, the work consists of repetitive writing, editing, billing, and other administration duties, which I would label as 'boring' type work. This job though, is a cool point I use to walk consistency within, and to see where I require pushing myself to become more diligent and disciplined within work that require to be done regardless of any self interest desire/need/want. This work being opposite to what I would 'like' to be doing, but necessary to be done to keep the business moving and me stable here as well as all others within the company. So cool points I walk through at work in terms of boredom, getting necessary work done even though there is no reward/stimulant, and working for the best of the group regardless of my emotions, thoughts, feelings about it, stopping those, and pushing to do what is best for all.

Within my process, I have learned and realized that the physical is not just to have fun and play games in, but is required to be diligent within and have patience and consistency within whatever it is that you are doing. If I do not fully engage myself into whatever it is that I am doing, studying the different angles, becoming aware of different perspectives within a number of different resources, or reasoning within myself what the whole 'subject' I am studying is about, I will miss out and my end result will not be the best of my ability. This because I did not put in the full effort and concentration to get the absolute best I could produce in any given expression done as I did not want to do it, this being invalid as it is based in self interest and not self honesty, which is unacceptable when living for the best of all principle

I have been starting to walk and push myself more within this as I have many projects going on where I need to be diligent as well as put the best input in to get the best outcome possible to thus create the best of what is here for all to enjoy, share, and express within as well as the joy of creating myself in all that I do. This I am learning and have proven within my process that I am much more then I 'thought' I was and basically capable of anything that I set myself to accomplish, it takes self will and self consistency, but through the tools shared the path is set and able to be walked to become 'self-perfected'. It's quite a fun walk as well as challenging, but this to get the result of who I have become has been worth all the 'hard' times as well as living wisdom to expand myself more and push myself more to become the best being I can be. Plus, there is much work to be done to have this world be a place worth living in where children can be safe, so these qualities of consistency, becoming the best of our ability through  being diligent and discilpened, and producing worth within and as self is necessary to explore, practice, and push within living life as we do so we can create the best of life here as we walk it as ourselves. Logic is best input in = best input out, 1+1=2.

In an equal money system, this will be more easily able to be lived here as survival will be a thing of the 'past' and we will be stable within our worlds as money no longer will be an issue, life being what matters and lived in equality. This giving us the 'time' and resources to create what we can create through our expressions in full capacity. It will be pretty sweet when the fear of death leaves humanity for ever more, and we walk as who we are here as life, freely expressing and pushing ourselves within self honesty to the best of our abilities with all life in unison and cooperation to see it that all have this ability to express fully in what it is that we all enjoy doing. Expression will be magnificent as we push and will ourselves to create heaven on earth, what comes of this is what dreams are made of, it always starts with self though, so suggest start walking with destonians, read our words, and learn what we speak of when we speak of self honesty, self forgiveness, corrective action, and the equal money system. Links are on the right for more resources and links to destonians and the expressions there of. Enjoy!

Check out Desteni Wiki as well, it's an awesome resource!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2011 FAQ Equal Money System- How do we decide what is the standard of basic living?

Here, obviously, the basics within what is needed to live in comfort and dignity for all equally will be established through common sense and what is available that will satisfy the principle of what is best for all. The obvious basic needs will be established such as housing, electricity, running water, healthcare, food, and a monthly credit to sustain your family with these necessities. The credit will be based on the equal money currency and all other items considered luxuries as they are not a necessity, will be bought with labor credits. So there will be two types of currencies we will be working with in an equal money system. These luxuries items being products such as a hiking gear or trips for instance, these would be considered luxury items. The standard for basic needs in living would be everything unconditionally given that sustain a being to live in comfort and ease. No need to have any being struggle or have a point of difficulty in any area of life based on the availability and direction we will have available and allocated where we will give all everything they would or could need to live comfortably. This being a ‘giving’ environment rather then what we see in our current reality as a ‘profiteering’ environment, where we create the principle of ‘love thy neighbor as ourselves’ as a living, breathing system through and as the human everyday lives as we support and express with and as all the life that is here as we would for ourselves.

This point of comfortable living will be where one is able to breath and be at peace in a stable environment for themselves, and all basic needs will always be given equally for all. This being determined based on self honest assessment, no point of greed or ego will be allowed here as all will be able to benefit, and any form of desire for more or better will be either considered and designed for all or disregarded based on the self interest only of the person who generated it. This being unacceptable as this person has separated themselves from the group and indulged in there ego to try and be or have more then there fair share, if this happens to be the case, it will be directed immediately within the principle lived of what is best for all. This point of basic living is to allow everyone the freedom to move and express themselves as they see fit with a basic level of sustainability and sustenance, so they can walk and breath in ease. This bringing an end to the struggle of survival and the drive to make a living to be able to sustain a family and live in general. In an equal money system, life will be guaranteed and the system will be the facilitator of this as money will no more be a driving force, but a medium equal to all that will allow life to flow and prosper as a support system. 

This basic standard will also be consider within what is available in resources and what will be best for the group, so their will be many options as what will be considered basic living standards. I would say a committee would be developed who study and research the basic living standards for all and come up with a layout of what would be best and most cohesive to the community living style, and start designing the living standards from the research results. Our principles always being what is best for all in consideration of all the life that resides on this wondrous planet, and what will be available within the resources here through sustainability and renewability of all goods and services as best we can make it. Many cool and exciting possibilities to come within the implementation and the expansion of our living in an equal money system, the basics will be for the comfort and enjoyment of every being who live in the most dignified possible way we can make it through the principles of oneness and equality free and available to all. 


2011 FAQ- Equal Money System - How will ADHD and ADD be Dealt with in the EMS?

Within an equal money system, children with any 
disorders will be treated within the health care system with any physical remedies needed, but also what will be more understood is the make up of self. How our thoughts, emotions, and patterns within our living day to day life are creating and effecting our physical and mental wellbeing in adverse ways. These disorders will be walked through with the common sense of children learning that there impulsiveness or hyperactivity as seen with ADD/ADHD is able to be controlled through there own self will and transcended to not be effected or moved by this energy any longer through self application within self honesty and self forgiveness. Also, parents will be more readily available to care, prepare, and walk with there child to help develop self and self understanding of the relationship of themselves with all the life around them, which is in oneness and equality. They will see that they can be at peace and not need this point of attention or impulsiveness to live as they seek desire and satisfaction, but be with themselves and be satisfied here stable.

The desires and patterns of satisfaction that is trying to be met through the ADD/ADHD child is based on the need for others to give them what they want because they believe they can not do it themselves, but in fact they will learn that indeed they can do it themselves. These children can indeed direct themselves in the best outcome for themselves as well as all other life here. This will be a process of re-education, reform within working situations for parents, and understanding of self as creator of all that one live in there life and accept this as so. Once we accept ourselves as creator of all that is here within our lives as well as this world, we then will have the ability to change ourselves, because we see the ‘whole’ of the problem and can walk in common sense to solve it. 

Ultimately, the child in this case diagnosed as ADD/ADHD will have to will themselves to walk this point of focus, self control, self discipline, and self stability as they unravel there mind dimensions, release these possessions through self forgiveness, and walk themselves into the freedom of being a being who direct themselves and have no point that direct them. Parents will be more readily available as they will have time on hand to work with all the necessary needs a child will have when walking these rather strong points of mind possession that is experienced with ADD/ADHD, and give practical common sense assistance to the child when it is needed. This being possible due to them not having to make a living to survive in the system because in an equal money system money will not be a survival point any longer. Life will be guaranteed and the parents can be where they are most needed, and what is most important for the sustenance of ourselves, the raising of the children. 

Children will be priority and be taught from the get go that they will be responsible for themselves and how they live, and all diseases and disorders can be walked to a resolution through self will and self application by self realizing that we are the creators of ourselves through how we live, breath, speak, and act towards our world, and thus create who we are within literally each breath we take. This realization being paramount as life will start to walk the self corrective solution to align with all other life here, and live it best for all instead of self interest wants and desires. This will take time and dedication through consistent self application to be an example for the children to come and especially those who are diagnosed with a disorder or disease.

Within time though and alignment to the physical as self here one and equal to all life, disease can and will be cured through and by self with obviously all necessary support for the physical, if necessary, such as medicine, herbs, or certain diets for example, but walking the transcendence within and as self movement. We will look at disorders and disease in a whole new light in an equal money system because much has been latent in this current system to the capacity and capabilities of the human at full potential. Lets walk and live, and become who we all are as life one and equal and explore the breath of life as never before realized in true joy and freedom for all without dis-ease or dis-order. 


Thursday, November 17, 2011

2011 FAQ Equal Money System -Will there be a special number to call when I’m possessed and in need of assistance?

For possession, I would say that there will be a number if it’s relevant and serve the best outcome of all, this to be determined as we start to establish the specific details of how each community will be set up in terms of services, care, logistics, ect. What will be part of the education system within an equal money system is establishing yourself within self honesty, self forgiveness, and self corrective change to thus be your own assistance as possession is caused and lived out by self, and required by self to take directive action in the moment to release/let go of these possession points in real time. No savior will exist and no being will walk the process for another, all are alone within this point of realizing self as one and equal and letting go of the mind possessions we are currently existing as. This not to say that we are alone within this journey as assistance will be available, but within our own individual processes to stop self as mind, we walk alone. 

In the education system within the equal money system, each one will be assigned a buddy for specific and direct assistance when necessary, and will have access when needed if cases such as possession or any point where one is having difficulty arise and one need further support/perspective. The buddy system will be established with those who have proven themselves trustworthy and able to show themselves as examples through there living that they have walked and have become stable within letting go of their own possessions, and thus can assist others in what they have lived/walked as a point of self realized support. 

These possession experiences we are existing as at the moment are not to be in fear of or create hysteria around, but to simply understand the core/source/origin of where these points are originating from. Here we walk through the tools of self honesty, self forgiveness, self corrective action to release these possessions and become free here as a stable being walking in this physical reality as breath, walking out of the mind possessive state into the reality hear as the physical itself direct. This is what is being walked now by many in the Desteni-I-Process courses. It is a way to gain understanding of self as creator, and how to indeed create self to become one and equal with all the life here and direct in the best outcome for all within your individual world and thus in the greater as all start to walk this. 

Equal money system will facilitate and walk with all within this change of self, creating an environment that will sync with what one is living and walking as self, so thus it will be a world which perpetuate freedom and balance, where here in this current 'survival of the fittest' world as contrast, it perpetuate instability and insanity. So it will be quite a fantastic world we will create as we all start realizing self as what is best for all, and with the EMS we live this as our reality equal and one. A world best for all starts with self, so self will be the assistance and solution within this process to self perfection, but life here one and equal will assist when/if necessary and systems will thus be created to make this possible in the best way that is able to be done for all.

For more on Frequently Asked Questions about the Equal Money System, Books are available. Enjoy!


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

2011 Falling for a Savior Every-time, but No More say I

I was in the car with my mom today, and we where talking about the world and what is going on, the poor, the inequality, and abuse. We got to a point where we started to disagree on the solution, and she was saying how desteni is not a solution, ect., and eventually I said to her pertaining to her involvement with me and being in desteni, that I do not need her to save me. That's how she looks at it as if I need to be saved by her based on me being her child, and that I can't see what I am doing. Within this point, it was interesting because throughout my life, I have always looked towards something or someone to come and save me, and now here it hit me, I am getting exactly what I asked for. My mom has been a point of difficulty based on her adamant stand that she disagrees with desteni and me in it within her reasoning that she has to save her child from this 'cult', but this I have to walk thru and continue to stay stable and state who I am no matter what is here. I am walking what desteni stand for, and that simply is to change self to be a part of the creation of a world best for all by living it in my world equal and one, self have to live this to in fact be it and manifest it in our worlds as well as the world at large. So within this point of desiring a savior, for a long time, I was trying to avoid having to really buckle down and take responsibility for myself.

In my past, I have manifested this savior point with many, my family, my friends, technology, eventually manifesting on a metaphysical level as a spiritual guide (which turned out to be a self created mind possession) and now my mother as a physical manifested savior trying to save me from desteni. Now this is interesting because throughout my life I have abdicated myself to others and throughout never actually realizing and seeing what I was doing. Giving my power away to be enslaved to another within this constant point of I need saving, I am not good enough, I am not worthy, I need someone or something to show me the way, a point of self sabotage that continues to come up and show itself in my world. So here again with my mom, I now have realized and see this point of self sabotage and self pity that comes with these separations of desiring to be saved, where I now have been walking some time in taking responsibility for myself, and I have stop it here, no more participating in others saving me, but me walking here as the solution. Not relying on others or any form of god outside myself to manifest anything in my world, but realizing that I am the creator who is creating my own reality and need to walk the walk to manifest what I see as a true path to safety, peace, and thru my own words, my own steps, and by my own hands create a world I would want to live in and raise children in. It literally starts with ourselves here breath by breath, slowly building trust in self as we walk in truth and forgiveness to live anew.

This same savior mentality is what is manifesting the 'god' concept where we as humans believe in a higher power who watches over us and 'saves' us in times of troubles. This being like a casino game though as there is no certainty as we know in any given minute our lives could turn upside down. This uncertainty and instability in this world is based on the lack of self will and self developement on an indiviual level as well as a systematic level to create stability and easement for all. This not being consdier because all are in self interest and survival trying to make it as well as continuing on this naive quest that there is a savior out there coming to save our assess, all the while we are doing nothing to save our own asses. The only way our lives and world is going to get easier concretely for real is if we do it ourselves, by considering everything and everybody that is here and creating a system that supports all within it in transparency and truth. Each one has to walk this because this is a self responsibility that no more you will abuse or have desires of seperation, but you will in fact take responsibility for what is here, and be trusted to love your neighbor as yourself, no more saviors, no more slaves, just life here as you in equality and supporting what is best for all as you would want to live. This is the walk destonians are on, do you have what it takes, only way of finding out is to investigate it and start walking it yourself.

I have realized that this desire to be saved is my own point of trying to escape the work that has to be done with myself to be in fact able to be trusted, but I have realized there is nothing else that matters until life becomes equal for all. It has taken many steps and pushing of my self will to get me to a point where I am today, where I can trust that I can make chooses and create outcomes that benefit all and leaves no point of self slavery by relying on outside forces to help and save me from what I have created. It's a process of accumulated action to prove you can be trusted and take responsibility for who you are and how you live here to be one that is worthwhile. We as humanity have to start as well walking this point of self realization, we as a collective are creating the conditions here and we as a collective are going to have to solve this by our own wills, our own effort, and our own hands. Each can start within there own worlds by taking responsibility, and start changing self to live in the best outcome for all by becoming a trustworthy being.

So humanity, our we ready to face the music, using the savior card is just prolonging of the inevitable, and within this the consequences are drastic, it's coming to critical point, where we will live or parish, this at the hands our own self realization into a world of joy and unity or stupidity in ignorance to our self pity and separation we have grown into like a cancer. As always, we decide, each one and all as a whole. Equal money system is here to be walked for all who see the way as self responsibility and unity within life, and is being walked by many in the desteni community. Join us and investigate the new money system, here is a book to help you get started.

Equal Money - Future of Money Volume 1

Also, check out the Desteni wiki page for more on what we stand for.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

2011 How to have Orgasm with Freedom....

Check out the new series that is out about sex and how to become free as a self directed being within sexual expression and the joys that come with that, from a perspective never heard like this before, beyond the grave from existence presented by Sunette Spies who is also known as the Inter-dimensional Portal from Desteni:

Click on the link above for the full 11 Series Interview to Purchase, which includes:

  1. What effect has our view on sex on the experience of ourselves within sex and within relationships?
  2. The design and manifestation of how and what sex exists as within relationships today.
  3. How one's expected experience of sex, based on accumulated pictures and images, will never be equal to the actual physical experience of and within sex.
  4. The personalized, virtual book of sex as knowledge, information, pictures and images - how it exists within our mind and how it influences us within the experience of sex.
  5. How can sex in agreement be used to assist and support self to speed up the process of stopping the mind.
  6. Practical perspective on walking in an agreement, equal and one, as well as the sexual expression that is able to open up from this stable foundation as agreement.
  7. Support on how to assist and support self in changing sexuality from enslavement to freedom. Continuing to give perspective on what is possible within sex when walking an agreement.
  8. What is the difference between agreements and relationships - and what is the difference between sex within relationships and sex within agreements?
  9. Continuing with the question - What is the difference between agreements and relationships - and what is the difference between sex within relationships and sex within agreements.
  10. How are you practically able to utilize Desteni I Process and organic muscle communication to assist and support self to become equal and one as the physical, through sex?
  11. Within this interview, Sunette discusses the importance of self-comfortability in and as your physical body, when masturbating or having sex.
Thanks and Enjoy!