Sunday, October 30, 2011

2011 Will the Equal Money System be a democracy? Will there be committees for everything? How many people will be in each committee?

The equal money system will be based and run by principles, one being that all life is equal in all ways in all aspects of life conceived so everybody will be treated and respected as such. Two, all beings in this existence whether you are a insect, a puppy, a tree, or a baby human, we are all life, we are one here, and life in an equal money system will thus include all, considering all aspects and all beings within it. Third, the equal money system will be based on a simple equation, 1+1=2 meaning that all will be shared among all and all will get the best that there is to offer. Equal money system will be based on doing what is best for all, creating products that are best for all, running institution best for all, taking care of nature best for all, and so on. This ensuring that life will never again be abused as it is in this current capitalist system, and all points are considered and taken responsibility for to create the best life possible for all life that is here. The main principle seeing self within all as all is self as life, and treating all the way you would like to be treated. The goal and what will manifest from living these principles, each on an individually level and on a whole within society, is that life will manifest heaven on earth, a place we all will want to live, and all live in enjoyment and peace because all are considered not one being being left out, and everything done in the best possible way for all. 

The equal money system will be a true democracy where all will be able to cast a vote, one man one vote, and all will be able to access this voting system because all will have Internet connection. This is possible now as the Internet is a global commodity and will be able to reach all here. Meaning the Internet capabilities will be equalized for all and be able to reach all as best we can do it.  So the system will be governed and decided upon by the people through this online voting system, where all will have access to and have there chance to make there vote count. 

Committees will be something that will be useful to allocate administration responsibilities, financial responsibilities, logistics and planning, maintenance, and all the areas that will come up to keep life functioning and flowing in equilibrium within the life that is being developed as we move and expand within the best for all system we will be developing as the Equal Money System unfolds.  As we start organizing the communities around the globe, I see that each region will have a committee representing it for meetings on a more larger scale to discuss and debate new reforms or decisions that are to be put in place as the system transitions and starts to develop. The committees will have as many people in it as necessary, all equally valued and equally held in a standard of trust. This point of trust will be compulsory within being educated in what is know today as the Desteni-I-Process training, where you go through a selected number of courses to become what is known as a 'real' physical being able to direct and walk in stability to do what is best for all in all ways, this must be proven by self and corroborated by a group. These people in the committees will be voted on as well, so ultimately it will be the peoples choice who gets put in the committees. The committees only lasting a certain amount of time for those voted in, and then a new batch of people will be voted on to walk within and as the committees that will be representing a certain region or literally land mass of people. Community based committees to walk through points that will come up in the new system, and get the logistics sorted in all areas to then be voted on in what ever comes up that needs direction.  


Thursday, October 27, 2011

2011 How do we get SEX in an Equal Money System if not in an agreement and there are no hookers?

Yes, this is correct no being will be subject to or have to sell their bodies to create a living for themselves and put food on the table. There will be no more prostitution, strip clubs, brothels, or call girls, as this is a degration of women and unacceptable to treat women as objects as has been portrayed and pushed in this current society.  Women will be seen equal to men and be considered within the standard of what is best for all, so women will have support and be given there basic needs to live as will men and children have access as well.

Sex will be seen in a new way as this will be an exploration and enjoyment of self expression thru becoming real here. This point of self realization is being walked thru desteni tools using self honesty, self forgiveness, and self corrective change to be able to stand here as a physical being meaning you are in the physical present in each and every breath considering all of what is here as you would consider for yourself.

Sex today is based on desire and self indulgence where we go to the limits to feed this sexual thirst we all have to get it and get it often. This while using fantasies and pictures to stimulate ourselves to spice things up using the mind to feed the desire to thus keep that sense of self satisfaction continuing as the simple act here as the physical seems boring compared to what we can conjure up in our heads. This accepting the current nature of men as ego driven consumers of stimulation, and using the mind to get themselves off no matter what the cost to other life is. The mind being given continued energy thru the build up to, during, and thru sex that is generated, this perpetuating the minds existence within all life as the mind is fueled from the energy created most succulently thru the act of human sex. There are consequences for the indulgence of sex and any form of energy we get addicted to, and it is the conditions we see today, child prostitution, rape, child kidnapping, this fueled from the desire to get more.      
                                                                                               (Image By: Marlen Vargas Del Razo)
Sex as desire and indulgence needs to be transcended so thus we are able to live here as self in the moment as expression no thoughts, no desires, no pictures or fantasies, no energy movements within just you here having sex as the physical. This will be also a point of self responsibility where one will take care of self within self intimacy and give self pleasure within massage or simply touching the body within what is here directing self to live how you would want to be treated within the sexual expression. If one is not in an agreement then you will build your self intimacy thru your own self exploration of physical touch.

Sexual expression will change from one of mind stimulation and addiction to here as self directing in breath in expanding what it means to be a physical being in physical expression actually being here in each touch as we stroke the softness of our skin as we breath. In an equal money system this will be part of the curriculum of the education system, where all will be taught how to respect self and express self as a physical being one and equal to all and learn to enjoy ourselves as sexual beings in self expression in gratefulness of the splender of what is here and who we are as life. Sex will not be bought or given up to make money, it will be a basis of the life essence here and a joy to participate in, the expansion within this expression of sex is limitless if we allow ourselves to let go and be here.

Investigate for more perspective on sexual expansion and self honest living, the forums are also great resources for what has never been really looked at or considered possible, it's definitely worth a look. Enjoy!

Monday, October 24, 2011

2011 Will Sports and Gambling Exist in an Equal Money System?

Looking at this point of sports and gambling existing in an equal money system is interesting because so many people participate in one or both of these activities in this current society. As far as gambling I would look at this from the perspective of what is best for all, and many gamble in an attempt to gain money quick. This point of desire for quick money is so we can have extra cash to get stuff without doing little to no work. This point of getting something for free or without any effort is not practical nor makes any sense based on the fact that in this gambling game the house is always at the advantage as the profit goes to the house and the contributor is going purely on chance, which boils down to one winner and the rest losing.  The hope for freedom in any point in our world without physical effort to make it possible is no way to function here as it will not create what needs to be created rather people will sit and wait in hope that it magically will be done, this not being possible as the only ones who will change what is here is us physically changing it. Gambling not being supportive because it accepts that there is a hope that life can be fixed or made better thru chance and by luck, this not real and does not support what is here physically for all to live here in fact.

In gambling this desire to have extra cash is perpetuated and extreme in this current system due to the fact that in many peoples lives there is not enough money to go around, or the money they do have they have to work very hard to get. This hope to get quick cash easy is a tantalizing temptation because the thought is 'someone has to win?' But the reality that you will be that winner is slim to none. An idea of the odds that resides in winning a million dollars like winning at a mega bucks slot machine is in 49,836,032 tries, so looking at these numbers it is very unlikely. The idea that we accept here is that it is ok for some to win while many lose due to that hope and one and a million  chance that you could be that lucky winner someday. Capitalism works the same as gambling, where it's the luck of a few who benefit by gaining access to money, where many go without due to greed and no chance to win or even get a ticket to play as we see all over the world where people starve everyday due to lack of resources when there is plenty to go around. This luck of the draw and casino like society that is being demonstrated within this accepted and allowed entertainment we call gambling and lived within our current system is unacceptable as not all benefit.  In an equal money system all will be provided for with the basics, and based on the money being a support for life in all ways and nothing less, all will live like millionaires as this is possible with the resources that are here, the new direction as money being a support, and life being lived by principles of self understanding and self realization that all life is one and equal to self. This generating the support that all will need to live happy, enjoyable, safe, and assured lives.

This brings me to the next point, which is sports in an equal money system, will sports exist? The sports within what is existing now in this current society where one win and one lose, be it a team or yourself, with this desire to be the best and beat others in a game  will no longer be supported. Obviously competing and trying to be better then another even as a game and in sport is supporting suffering as an acceptable way of living in this current system, which is due to the fact where some are winners and some are losers, the losers always getting the shit end of the deal. This point of having winners and losers and accepting this as the natural order of things is not so as all in this physical world require what is necessary to live life, this being water, food, breath, shelter, all being equal within the life that is here as all are life in fact, this not being debatable and not in anyway a competition as all need this to live. Sports as entertainment just showing the extent as the competition of our egos has gone, making our fun based on thriving to be the winners and desire to be the best knowing full well that there will be losers and suffering in one way or another will be caused. This not a system that has to be in place. It is possible for all to live and gain equal share of all that is here, this just has to be agreed and designed in a way to facilitate such principles. This will be done in an equal money system.

Sports with the point of having winners and losers will be reformed or simply let go of and new forms of physical activity will emerge or we can re-establish the sports we have now  to be done in a way where we perpetuate equality, oneness, and the honor of all.  Physical activity will be more of an expression of self as an actual moment to moment living directing the physical movement as you go, actually feeling the body move thur the air as one gain lift off a ski jump and sail along until one is back on the ground again, experiencing the action as a living moment here direct as self.  This as real physical action instead of being in the mind desiring to have the highest jump, so you can be the best ski jumper, pushing self to go faster and higher in competition with others who are jumping as well (as an example). The awareness and perspective of the being in physical motion will be different based on being here as breath directing oneself in what one does, with no drive or motivation to do anything other then express self thru motion. The sport athlete as known today is one who live from the mind being driven by the ego to gain fame, fortune, and notoriety as the best sports player on the field, on the team, in the country, or in the world, and thus living from a point of self interest separating from others here to be better. Thus a common separation we see in sports as a black team vs. a blue team do not exist as it's just a group of humans on a field moving in motion with a ball. Only in the delusion of the human mind is the competition and desire to be the best lived, which has been perpetuated and programmed into society by media and education to be seen as 'normal' when in fact it is not our nature. Equality and oneness as all life here is who we are as all here desire to live and all deserve this right as all are in fact part of life, no competition necessary to live this.

So sport and gambling as we know it today will not exist in an equal money system based on it being driven by ego and self interest glorification, and not for what is best for all. The equal money system will be held within a standard of what is best for all in all aspects of life conceived, which in turn will always be what is best for self. We as the human race will have to do some re-education of ourselves to get to this point where we can accept this as so and live it as self into a world where life is honored and respected in all ways one and equal to all as how you would want to live. Where no one win or lose, but all live as co-equals and express as such.

Check us on the Destenion wiki link here for more on living as breath -

Saturday, October 15, 2011

2011 The Power of Decide Life and Death

I went to the doctors recently with Henri, we had an appointment because his eyes where creating goop in them every morning and throughout the day. This he was in need of some medicine to help clear up the infection that was causing the goopiness in his eyes. I took him in to see a doctor and he got completely checked, his ears, his teeth and mouth, his temperature taken, his weight, and all the important standards to make sure all is functioning properly and working naturally. He got a clean bill of health, and got medicine, which will clear up the eye infection in a week. The doctor asking questions in regards to the treatment I was giving him, making sure that he was being fed and cared properly by me. If the infection went on it could have gotten more infected causing puss in the eyes, and him causing an abrasion on the eyeball from him scratching so much. This occurring possibly if left untreated meaning it will not just go away it of course will get worse and more serious if left untreated. He got all the care he needed, and was checked for any other points where he could have an illness or show signs of one brewing, so he has quite the advantage to being healthy and having a life of enjoyment based on the doctors availability and care when needed. This fortunate for henri and myself will always be available, of course, as long as I have money to pay the bill and a job to keep up with the insurance. Money being the deciding factor on being healthy or being sick.

Money flow is not equally available to all in this world currently as we see the inequality and discrepancies within the high rates of death and disfunction in poorer countries based on no incomes available for these people who don't have access to jobs, have poor infrastructure, and easily are taken advantage of because they have no power due to having no money.

All the while in these poor countries, babies with there bloated bodies and bulging eyes from the infections eating away at there insides because they drank water that was contaminated due to people feces getting into the water supplies as there is no functioning plumbing system or toilets for the people to shit properly in, where all of this in disarray because there is no money to generate these types of sustainability's all need to live decent lives and have safe and clean facilities to live. Money effecting every aspect that can be imagined within and as each and all beings lives. Another, where medicine being available to cure the water-born preventable disease that are causing the diseases in the children who are drinking the dirty water because they are thirsty and there bodies desire drink to live, but this medicine can't be bought to help these sick and dying children from the contaminated water because there is no money able to be generated enough to buy the medicines needed. Again, money dictating who lives and who dies. We have created such a world where we have dictated the only means to a decent livelihood to be extremely scarce and difficult to have it continually supportive based on the scarcity to have money flow continually, where it take much struggle for many to have a chance at living without disease and hardship even for a small amount of time.  We are willingly and completely aware of the fact that babies go without, based on no opportunity to get money because they have been disenfranchised and destined into a life of hell before they were even born because they where born into the 80% of humanity that struggle everyday to live because they have no money and no access to get it to support themselves in a dignified way.

We should be ashamed of ourselves, those with money and opportunity,  for allowing such a system to exist and to accept it as our current way of living, but were not because it so easy to get distracted with desires, goods, and the excuse of charity giving, such as concerts, humanitarian aid, and celebrities telethons for hunger. All of this is not going unnoticed tho, each being is defining themselves based on the way they treat there fellow life beings and how they live among them. Everything is aware and everything has a consequential outflow, so it's suggested to be self honest with yourself and do what is best for all as you would want for yourself. Allowing children to starve to death in another part of the world is a failure, so I suggest seriously considering in self honesty how it is you would want to be treated in the shoes of another dying right now, and then consider what you are doing for the betterment of man.  I have heard many say I am doing the best I can, but am I? only self of course can answer this. We as a people should come together and stop these divisions that are distractions from the obvious truth that is here, we are all desire to live and all have the same needs to be sustained in this life, all need clean water, medicine when where sick, functioning infrastructure to live, and money to sustain all life. Money not being the power to decide who lives or dies, but money being equal to life and supporting all life in all ways that can be conceived by giving all access to money freely to be sustained in the best ways possible. There is no excuses, this is the will of life, and all will be measured based on the responsibility taking by yourself to create a world that is best for everyone.

Equal money system will support all throughout there lives by equalizing money and giving all unconditional support to live in dignity, making money a support rather then a definer for the living of life best for all in all ways. All beings will be re-educated to take responsibility for themselves to will themselves to live as equal with there fellow life beings, the principles will be taught and understood as life one and equal to self.  This is what we all want, a system that works and life to be guaranteed for all, be a part of creating this here by supporting this within giving funding and  participation to spread the word and helping the message expand. This is everyones responsibility to put in a system that support all beings here, the old or current system has to go completely as it has completely failed to support what is best for all. The new is on it's way and busy developing. Support the equal money system and equal life party for a better life for all, it's here and waiting for you!  Links are on the right. Thanks.

2011 Why do we Lie to our Children?

The saying I have read recently I would like to talk about, it being “Not to spoil the ending for you, but everything is going to be ok”. This is a great deception the human perpetuates within the children and those who are looking for answers within our world. This statement is deceptive based on the fact that the end is not know by any being as the beginning is not understood. We have no idea as a race why we are here? We have no concept of what life is meant to be lived like? We have no point in reference to see or understand how life could be lived best for all because we are stuck in our minds, living in bubble worlds, and surviving for our own self preservation in little to no care of how our fellow man will survive. This uncaring of others and separating from who all are here as life that need to live as well as you do is the great downfall of man, and will be the end of man if we don’t get our head out of the clouds and here in REALity. Within this dream state we live in in our bubble worlds created and designed by our thoughts of grandeur and magnificence, we say these words to our children because that is our hope, we hope all will turn out ok and that all will be well in the end of this life, but that is just a hope. Something that neither can be tested to be true nor relied upon as fact. There is no certainty to our livelihoods here in this world as each day most beings scramble thru to make it, going against the grain in what feels like waves crashing over them such as the money system, the debt system, the consumerism system, the job system, to get enough money coming in to pay the bills and necessities. Working and working to keep this point of surviving going that is if they are able to keep there job or even get a job in this failing economy.

Now within this statement, what I can see and assess as an implication is that the point of god or a heaven saving us from our lives here on earth is a great hope that all will fulfill and thus this god or heaven will make all ok like a great big hero we see in a fairytale, this what we tell children to show that life isn’t all that bad, there are hopes for heros saving us, the great hero being god in heaven. But within this we do a disservice to our children as we do not give them the power that they deserve and that power is within and as self. Giving our children self empowerment to show them that they are the saviors of themselves and have the ability to not only save themselves, but help save and give comfort to all beings here by being the example of self empowerment thru giving all equal what would be wanted by one self. This point of self empowerment I have found has only been within the principles of unity and sharing as one and equal to all who reside here. Children learning from the get go that life is lived and generated by self creation thru living in consideration of all here and making sure all are cared for and welcomed.   Living a life in certainty guaranteed thru living as one community, one world, and one life, finding self as part of the whole and the whole within and as self. No separation within the two spectrum's, but living within this equilibrium with all that goes on here, within our system, within our communication, within our stories of learning to our children, giving them the tools and understanding that life is not a struggle of survival, but is guaranteed as a right for all who are born here. This we have to walk and create here within ourselves and within and as our system of living because it is not that way as of yet. Equal money system is a system that guarantees life for all worth living, and always considering the best for ourselves, our children, and all beings who live in this world, support it to support all within this way of loving our neighbor as ourselves, the foundational point of the system we need to create here for all to be supported.

This point of the right of life for all who live is obvious and self evident, and will be understood immediately by children as they are innocent and ready for the truth of this world, we don’t want fear, we don’t want struggle, and we certainly don’t want to suffer, so all these points will go when we realize that giving false hope to the youth within these statements of happy endings is not productive and only going to turn out unwanted. Lets give our children a fresh start and a new beginning by starting new stories that show them how to live as equals and be the example as the parent to give this gift to our children. This take dedication and will, but nothing is more worth it then the continuation of ourselves thru and as our children. This is what I focus on, leaving this world a more united place and equal in all ways,  so the children have a chance to get it physically moving.  It always starts with ourselves, and who we are in each and every moment, so make these moments count, all your breaths making them best for all, and start the process of correction thru self forgiveness to give all children a chance for this better life we can give them, stopping the suffering forevermore. We are the examples the children are looking up to, lets stop the false fairy tales and give life that is real and works physical practically for all thru a system that supports all, This an unlimited exploration and expansion of self if we allow it to be. We are the allowance of the living of our future, we decide thru the example we set and give to our children. Give peace a chance by giving our children the peace they deserve thru a system worth living in that is equal and one to how you would want to live.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2011 Why do we Desire Heaven?

A quote by the late Steve Jobs, who recently died, and is quite fitting to what is experienced or expected to be experienced by many humans after there life here on earth. The quote being, “no one wants to die, but everyone want to go to heaven”. Within this statement, Mr. Jobs is implying as what I gather that to get to heaven one must die, and the obviousness of dying is unwelcome to all who live because of the fear that is involved and the freedom we have within being a living, breathing, physical being, but we still yearn for this place called heaven as we desire to go somewhere better then what’s here.

This desire is built upon the fact that for one, the world we see around us is fucking insane, it’s a crazy place, there is no sense of camaraderie, it’s a ‘dog eat dog’ world as the saying goes, and many whether it be big or small feel this tension within the fear of survival we all face. We are afraid for our children, one of the first things I learned as a child was ‘never talk to strangers’, getting this sense of fear of others at a very young age as kids went missing everyday. So the lifestyle here is one of fear, angst, and grit, if we can not trust others with children and we can not be guaranteed a life worth living, then no one is safe. We all feel this point of survival, that we need to be ruthless in order to survive because so many we see around us is having hellish lives and that is the last place any being would want to be in, but unfortunately the way this current system runs many do not have that choice. Look at those without money, without opportunity, without proper conditions for living, without food to eat, we create these types of situations for others based on the agreement of all that life is this dog eat dog world, and we have to be ruthless and protect myself and my family to survive. We have to survive no matter who or what is effected, I have to save me. The desire for a heaven in another place, a better place, is based on this fear of survival due to the money system that perpetuates winners and losers we accept as capitalism, and this desire being felt more and more for those who are on the losing end.

Dying for humans though, is a scary prospect because no one actually knows what goes on beyond the grave, we don’t know if there is a place of pearls and honey or if there is nothing and we just end. There is no certainty to this point of transition from life to death, and this is what scares people the most, the unknown of what is to come. There is this glimmer of hope though, that has been built up within the human folklore that there is a paradise that lay beyond the grave for us to enjoy for getting thru and bearing this harsh world we have just left. This has always been from many places and faces I have seen the accepted nature of this world, that it is a harsh place by design and that we must be rewarded for bearing thru it by a lovely paradise in our deaths, what many refer to as heaven. And of course is pushed and pronounced in our religious and spiritual circles. 

In Steve Jobs quote, “no one wants to die, but everyone want to go to heaven”, this is true in the sense that many do not want to die for reasons I listed above basically the fear of the unknown, but all want to see heaven and live in a heavenly place. This is understandable as who would not want to live in heaven, peace, freedom, relaxation, true sense of calm as life is not in question, life is guaranteed. But within this realization that heaven is where we all want to be, what does not jive and does not make sense as it is counter to where we all say this heaven exist as life, is that death is what brings us to this heavenly abode. We call this place the after life, but no being knows this, and if we are dead, we are no longer alive as we are no longer here to experience life in the physical as what is real, so it is not the after life, but simply death. This conception that there is life after this life can not be real as then we would not die, why create this earth, this world when we just suffer thru it and then die to go back to life again, doesn't make sense. Again I live and walk in what makes practical sense, what can be feasibly tested, and this life here on this earth is where I am as a living being, and where I see all life is. This makes sense as life because I am living in physical substance what is real and what is here. The trees, the plants, the animals, the movement and flow of our lives everyday this is real as it is tangible and can be physically touched and worked with. Death is where life ends, the being leave the physical and goes to the unknown where life is left behind as this physical world.

The point that is skewed and has always caused the suffering is the human involvement in this physical world we are living and suffering in. We are the ones creating the lives that is here for ourselves, nature is not destroying the very physical fabric substance that supports our every breath, the animals are not creating the governments and economic structure we use to run our lives, the insects are not hoarding the goods and resources that are here for all to share, the oceans are not abusing and being cruel deliberately to those that are innocent and vulnerable. We, humans, are the ones who hoard resources and wealth, we are the ones who create governments and economic structures that confine and restrict from free movement and unity of all, we are the ones who abuse life very harshly and cruelly based on the fear that we allow to control, and we are the ones who are destroying ourselves, our world, and the unconditional expression of nature that is giving of themselves every breath that supports us unconditionally even as we deliberately abuse this.

But we do not learn, we do not hear, and we do not change until our lives are at stake, until death meet at our doorsteps, and then we have a change of heart and hope that there is a heaven where we can be saved. The hope born from fear. It’s sad the ignorance of man as we squander and destroy the life that is right before our eyes in physical 3-D for us to make heaven as a physical living system on this earth as all the resources are here and we have the ability to do this, but we chose to go to greed, ignorance, and fear because we desire to have more and see life in separation. Separating  ourselves from person to person and species to species, not seeing the actual oneness that lives within all of it, the life essence that is within all of us here. 

This is not to be taken lightly, we are at a crossroads as humanity, and we all realize this, we see the state of the world falling, it is those who see this and realize that heaven is here in this physical world that will make the difference and create the change that is needed. Not waiting for death, hoping for a savior as heaven, or fearing the unknown, but living and supporting life here as what is best for all as what would be best for myself. We have the opportunity here to change what is busy happening, we have the path to heaven on earth in front of us, and we all have the will as self to bring this forth. It's thru principles in living that will see this thru, as all have to be seen and understood as equals as life in this reality to have a system that makes sense and a place where a heavenly existence for real can exist. Until life is lived one and equal as self as this world, ending the illusion that there is some other savior as heaven in death, heaven will not be. Steve Jobs made an important point, life is not to be feared nor heaven is to be made a folklore, humans need to stand up and change themselves and bring forth thru actual physical action to get to a place where heaven exist for all on this earth. Support equality, support your self to become equal to all life here, support the equal life foundation, which will give way to the political means to see these principles set into motion on a national and global scale. Each vote counts as it is one man one vote, so show your vote and participate to create heaven in no other place then where it’s always 


Sunday, October 2, 2011

2011 Let's NOT go to War...STOP Self

War as we have existed within the human race for our whole history basically, what is it showing us? Why have we not stopped warring against each other? This can be seen within the simplest of equations, which I enjoy as it is able to be understood by all, is the 1+1=2 equality equation. We are trying to take more from another that we want for ourselves, and do not want to share equally with all what is here and belongs to no one in particular, but is unconditionally given by nature. We are also doing that within ourselves as beings, where we war against ourselves, not allowing and accepting ourselves to live in unison and equality of all who is here one and equal with ourselves, but separating us based on this point of desiring more then another or seeing self as less then due to holding onto a judgment, belief, idea that is not real in fact as it can not be touch, felt, or seen.

I as all beings here are worthy and deserve to live, but within myself to be life I have to live life, and life is principled within oneness and equality unconditionally for all, but can only be individualized and received whole by all beings thru living it in fact with all as physical outflows considering all in every breath. That is what many are busy with in the process, and walking self honesty and self forgiveness to become this being who is in fact equal and one to life changing self to stand equal and one to all as you see all as self, and thus stop the war within and will stop the war without because all are me, so why would I battle me? Makes no sense, yes.  Self can only diminish self, and I do this within the constant self defeating thoughts I participate in and follow throughout my days, the constant battle within of the polarity play-out of being better and creating the balance of that as less then within my world. If I see myself and think myself as unworthy and inferior to what is here as life in equality then I will live this as me in fact, being depressed and jealous of others who I see better when in fact I am creating this state by being in it and not changing to equalize myself as I am capable of doing this as I am life just like the other. It will not be equal and one for me if I don't stop these thoughts from directing me as I am causing this battle with myself within me based on thinking of myself in this way. So I have learned and walked the process I mentioned early, and slowly and sometimes bumpily, but steadily walking myself into and as equality to all life here stopping thoughts, stopping judgments, stopping beliefs that only divide living HERE as breath as a physical being. This is the way to go I've found, focusing on what matters which is physical movement and solutions, and creating life here that supports all thru my self living this each day breath by breath.

In war tho, we see this play-out of the battle that rages within self, the anger, the torture, the barbarism, the disregard for life, the greed and brutality, and the never ending cycles that this has gone thru over and over within the years only to return once again to war based on us always existing within this way. As within so without, war within humanity equals war without as humanity = Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Libya, ect.  There is never any solution or resolve within ending a war as it is just for a moment, then another hiccup of a fight happens or a point of dominating another is seeked, and another war ensues as we are not looking at it from the shoes of another, but from the self in a bubble only looking out for what is his/hers own self interest. No equality only separation and isolation in an attempt of securing ones assets and fearing the loss of that acquisition, but this again a never ending cycle as there always is a point where you are going to have less and desire more, that hole in essence will never be filled. Unfortunately for war, there is a point were this will all go away and that is when we in fact have destroyed ourselves along with our world environment entirely. Take a look at the weapons that have been developed and the sheer number of them in this moment. Weaponized nuclear bombs able to be dropped in any point desired on this planet with the push of a button, who is to be pushing that button, look within yourself and you can see, the craziness the human race has gone to ready to destroy masses of life based on the demons (de-MAN-s) within that we allow to rule. We are absolutely crazy in fear and greed, and we need to get back to reality to see what is real, what matters, and what is actually life here.

We have to take care of our inner worlds, each and every being, to stop the hatred of ourselves and the fear of what is here as this world, we have to give ourselves back to our selves as innocence as who we really are as the expression of living and creativity which we all express in moments of joy as we freely move. We can live in a world without war, we can live in a world where all are secure and supported, we can live in a world where all have enough and are safe, we can live in a world where all we see is I. This is possible, it only takes the will of man to change ourselves to benevolent beings thru living in truth of self and pushing change to live in equality with all others as self, seeing everyone one to self and birthing this within and throughout each ones world eventually the world will be one. This also can be facilitated within a system of support thru the medium of money being in equal value for all life in all ways driving a system best for each one in fairness and respect, so all have a opportunity for expansion and expression. Living heaven on earth is possible, we must will it and live it into being, there is no other way, no god, no master, and no slaves will bring it here, we as all as one as equal as life will bring it here as this in essence is the will of life so we are just walking this into being, into physical living as who we are as our physical existence on this physical planet. Lets do it.