Tuesday, March 8, 2011

2011 Follow Up: Procrastination

I am walking this point of pushing thru the desire to give up and give in as I wrote a blog on it last night in regards to being a procrastinator. Within my day today, I woke up at 630 as my dad called up to me to see if I wanted a ride, and I went into the desire to give in to my tiredness as when you wake out of your sleep, but then went nope, took a deep breath, and got my booty up. Got ready, and got henri some food as well, and got out the door.  Got to work and went through my day, I am a alot on the internet as I have gotten my access back to facebook, have to watch that to not be on it too much, but got a lot of work done as I am going away for a few days so getting things in order for that.

I got an email from my buddy that I am to redo a few portions of the assignment 3 that I had re-submitted, so I have to re-do the assignment for a third time for the intro course I am taking. Took some breaths, considered the helpful tips given, and pushed myself to complete it tonight as to not hold off as I have a lot going on so just completing this point as it has come up, not holding off or giving it a 'thought'. I started it when I got home from work, and just completed it a few moments ago. I still have math homework to do, but I will do that first thing as it is not to much work and is manageable, but pushing to wake up and complete it not letting it sit all day. I also got Henri to the park and got him some physical movement within and as nature as ourselves, so we both very much enjoyed moving and expressing here as breath with some tennis balls and racket at the field across the way. I gave him a bath after because he gets all muddy due to the melting snow and rain we have been having here.

I am seeing these tasks I am completing immediately or in not much time at all as a way to discipline myself to get things done as they come up and are here to be faced and completed. Very cool as I am enjoying myself within this as I am being effective and getting a lot done as I am not allowing nor limiting myself within this procrastination application I have been accepting for a long while. I am grateful for the video support that Sunette did that I posted on my last blog because it is essential to understand how and why we are creating ourselves within this current reality and system, so to get the proper knowledge and information to move ourselves to stop as our living self will and application. This is a self walk of will of course, so lets enjoy our walk as life living as all as one as equal til it is finished.

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