Thursday, March 31, 2011

2011 A Bit on Henri


I had a relatively blaw day where I just did my regular work and then had work in the evening so I just worked mostly. After work for my day job I had about two hours to get my self ready for the night job. I fed henri and went to my room in the top floor of the house. Here the bed is right next to the window, so Henri my pal who is a dog can chill there and look out at the neighborhood. But he is mostly looking for his pal hope who is at my pals’ house from the neighborhood, and hope is her pal who is a dog, lol. He has a direct bee line view to where she hangs out and plays in her yard...when he spots her he goes nutz, starts whining and barking to go play with her. Now here is where I come in, I usually take him after work over, but not today because I didn’t feel like it right when I got home and when I looked next time my friend was gone and so was hope. Henri proceed to whine the rest of the time I was there, I took him across to the field to run around, but he continued to whine and was not satisfied.
I am gonna have to stop that field play with him because he becomes to aggressive. I have to switch to running in the woods or taking him with other dogs at a park. I haven’t taken him to training school yet, but i plan too, within the next month or so as I want to see if this will help and if I can learn some techniques to calm him down. He is a chill dog and gentle generally, but he likes to jump on people when he greets them, some don't care but some do, he is quite hyper. Best to get him outta this habit as it could hurt someone if they aren’t expecting it. I enjoy it as he puts his paws up on my shoulders and gives me a nice kiss :P so its fun for me, but others I can’t say so. I never took him to hope’s and he whined the whole night, I have to continue to prioritize my time not just for me, work, desteni stuff, but for his well being too and walk him or get him exercise daily as he is full of life. It is starting to get warm so I will pick back up my trail running and getting him over to see his friend Hope, who he has fun with. Prioritizing and becoming effective within the day is essential to being optimal and efficient in our and my time here on the planet. No judgment just walking and correcting myself to be the best I can be here in consideration of all who are here as well.

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