Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2012 Self Forgiveness not wanting to be Fat/Pushing the Physical

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to fear being fat because i don't want my body to be out of shape having flabs within my skin where I am not able to see that I am athletic and fit looking.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to fear seeing my body become fat where my hips get big and my stomach gets flabby based on me seeing those who are fat as unhealthy and not able to move about in freedom.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to pity those who are fatter in body mass based on them unable to move about with freedom and be physical in anyway you please as with someone who is fit and athletic.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to judge those who are bigger within a polarity of  good/bad and thus desire not to be them.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to separate myself form others thru desires and needs that i look for in self interest.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to define life within pictures and thus separate myself based on an image and not embrace me here as all that I am is here as life. I am not separate from any being in this world.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to fear being fat based on me defining myself by my physical bodies physique and seeing this as a point where I am sufficient and I can depend on to call on if I need to impress another or need it in a physical demanding situation.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to try and impress another being based on the shape of my body.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to define myself by my body and the way others see me thru a projection of an idea that having a nice body others will like and be attracted to me.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to desire others to like and be attracted to me based on my body shape.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to depend on my body within and as physical situations that are demanding instead of considering my body one and equal as what I am doing and walk common sense to not compromise my bodies health due to my nature of being extreme and doing things to the extreme.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to push myself within extreme situations with my body based on the fact that I have defined myself as a 'great' athlete and thus challenge myself within the idea that I am great and thus I must prove my greatness by doing things that are challenging in a physical way.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to define myself by my physical abilities within the movement and motion as me as the physical and thus I  forgive myself for allowing and accepting to use the physical as a point to boost my ego within and as self interest because I am trying to get others attention and praise based on the difficulty of each of the physical situations I put myself in.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to miss me here as the physical body equal and one to all that is here as me and thus compromise the stability and health of the physical based on pushing 'risky' points in an attempt to gain attention because I feel I need this to prove to myself that I am great and that praise from others I am addicted to.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to compromise me as the physical body and not consider it equal and one to how I would want to be treated but push and force points that have no purpose but to boost my ego and gain an energy high thru the praise of others.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to be addicted to the praise of others because I feel 'good' for a moment about myself not realizing that I am accepting and allowing this cycle of polarity to play out of good/bad within myself and others as me, and thus constantly compromise myself because I am not accepting myself and looking from validation in a point that has never been real, outside of me.

I forgive myself for allowing and allowing to compromise myself based on not accepting me here one and equal to all life.

When and as this point of self compromise comes in where I desire a body that is fit, I stop, breath, and speak that 'I am here one and equal with all' and then walk the point of change to stop energy movement and do what is best for me as the physical.

When and as I am in a point of desire or need to gain attention by doing something physically challenging, I stop and breath, and not allow myself to participate in energy games of gaining and need, but accept myself here one and equal with all and walk points of self enjoyment as self expression within and as me as physical movement here.

Friday, January 6, 2012

2012: Will I ascend when others lay dying?

In this ascension that is to come in 2012, where the world is going to end where we will be brought to our great awakening according to the 'gurus' and 'enlightened beings' of this world, where they preach that we will be aligned with the universe and rise to the higher density to become our true light being selves. But I have some questions to place some common sense in these hopes and dreams of the 2012 enthusiasts, does this go for those who are dying from hunger and malnutrition, those who starve in the streets, those who lay ill in their beds, those under the moon on the streets with no where to go, those who work 20 hours a day and make barely enough to put food in there mouths, those who are being physical, mentally, sexually abused, what does this ascension have in store for these people? Will they be apart of it? With no education are they able to ascend?

What about the animals who are being slaughtered or going to be? what about the animals in the testing table waiting to have chemicals pumped into their eyes? What about the trees getting ready to be cut down that are over 1000 years old? Do trees that are a 1000 years old get to be ascended, if considering the wisdom in age, they being the wisest of us all I would say. It'll be interesting to see because the fact that we strive so much to be enlightened and these higher beings, but within the reality of where we live and breath, we allow this to occur where the atrocities far out number the actual 'enlightened' and 'advanced' ways we have created life here, it's not a fun or cool place at all for many, many beings.

Don't be a dope, the whole 2012 ascension, alignment craze is just that, a craze, those that believe it will occur are in self interest trying to save their own asses, the fact that millions of dollars has been pumped into this within the spiritual and esoteric realms as well as the movies and hollywood type fields is typical of humanity, and says allot about the lucrative endeavors one can gain from going into any profiteering business. Those in it are in it to make money, they have not in fact created any kind of solution for humanity and this world in which they claim as nothing here has changed, but rather made people have another distraction outlet within the entertainment pseudo-cultural field to escape from the reality of what we live day in and day out, war, poverty, fear, encroaching government bodies, loss of freedoms and rights, ect. This all just a distraction for us from the real and absolute evilness (evil=live backwards, ever considered this?) that is occurring right here in front of our eyes.

Wake up! a change is drastically needed here, 2012 will be another year like any other, so suggest to not get caught up in the hype and craze of the media show, but support a cause that will end all illusion and create heaven on earth, here in practical consideration of all where all will be seen and consider for who they are, life, nothing more nothing less, this with the equal money system. Equality is the only way forward for life to be in joy, any other way that does't consider and practically support ever living being on this planet is a distraction and will end in destruction. Look into desteni if you hear what I am saying and you are ready to face yourself and stand up for a world best for all life equal to and one with what you would want for yourself.

What the FAQ is an Equal Money System Book Available for more on this new System I write about.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012: Love and Light is this a Solution or is there another way?

Within growing up and learning about myself, this world, and the creations as we see within religion and esoteric ventures, it was quite a great quest for myself to get through all that is out there, to read all the books on enlightenment, go to all the talks and hear all the speeches that all the famous gurus shared, but one statement has stopped me in my tracks. This statement being, 'why do all this love and light teachings not feed the starvation and destitute within this world?' How can we as a people preach love and light and enlightenment when one being never-mind billions of beings goes without food and nourishment for there bodies as this is beyond obviousness that this is needed for our physical bodies to stay alive. We as a race are not any type of enlightened or advanced race, we can not even give the simplest of necessities to all life when we have been given more then enough to get this done. We are more a barbaric and ruthless group of beings, who hoard on each other, steal and enslave each other and hurt and cause suffering to the weakest among us. We are not deserving of what is advanced as we do not see the common sense of the hell that is here, and we are not willing to change ourselves so all can live.

There is a solution of course and this is within equality, living this as yourself and slowly but surely living this within our worlds, this allowing and showing others as an example within your own living how to treat others as you would want to be treated, and live as another caring and assisting when necessary, and this not just one or two times within your day, week, month, but the living expression of you, all the time, no thought, but just who you are. Living as life in freedom and giving all you touch the freedom to live as you would like. This takes practice and a self commitment, so it requires a point of consideration of what this really imply and what this will take, but as one start to walk it, it becomes easier as the realizations helps you through the tough times and you expand as you push yourself within your living as this principle of equality and oneness as what life really is about, unity and freedom for all.

This is being walked by many through a process of self forgiveness and self honesty to show ourselves who we are through self introspection specifically and in depth, and changing ourselves in each moment to live this realization of being equal and one to all. It is a matter of will, do you have the will to change to a being that is benevolent, is not in self interest, do not harm or hurt even in thought, this is a process and a living daily dedication, it will not be done over night, but it is worth it for a world we would all like to live in and our children to inherent that is not full of destruction, but a new direction and a new world that truly is best for all. In equality with all life no matter who or what one express as (obviously abuse will not be tolerated) and becoming a real being here in this expression that emerge as self start living equality as a statement of who one is is the key to this existence we all see we could be, peaceful and in joy of life and living day to day. 

In 2012, instead of wasting time on a hope of an ascension stopping the deception that love and light energy will do anything that is practical and will bring about some sort of solution, which we have walked this for some time now and nothing has changed, but only has gotten worse, walk with those who are for real pushing for an actual solution that will in fact support all life on this planet through a system that practically will walk this support for each one. We, in essence, each one of us is deciding our fate in each breath, so suggested to make your breaths count for something worthwhile. Join Equality, Join Desteni we're we walk this, we live this, we are this as we will it as ourselves for all life in true freedom. Equal money system being the real solution for a new beginning here in the beginning of a new year and a new opportunity for humanity to get this done. 


Monday, January 2, 2012

2012: Guns, will we be able to live without them?

There was a story I read about the record number of guns bought in America in 2011. In the article, they stated that it was due to fear of criminal activity being heightened due to the economic downturn. Also, the laws being tightened under Obama due to the unnecessary incidents with personal gun ownership and the call to curtail such laws to be more strict.

This is interesting based on the fact that we are in complete fear of ourselves and the future, understandable so, with all the fear mongering off the current media outlets with horror stories being on our TVs every night. It would be smart to get some protection due to the fact that people are becoming desperate and with no money and no opportunity increasing due to the economic collapse that is busy happening, the crime rate will go up.

Obviously, the point of a gun is to cause harm, whether it be for protection or for sport, but it kills more often then not. We as a society have perpetuated this type of mentality and activity due to the barbaric nature we have created by making people struggle to survive with the resources needed to live being very difficult to get on a regular basis, and only able to be sustained by a few who were lucky to be born in to money enough to sustain life for one small group called family. The hunting as sport is unacceptable and will be eliminated within an equal money system, this done for ego boosting as we see with the trophy heads hanging on the walls of the participants homes, animals are life and are not a game for the humans pleasures and thrills.

Some points within the equal money system that will help eliminate fear will be transparency. All will be known and all will be seen as the whole system will be done in this way, nothing will be hidden and in secret based on the fact that it doesn't need to be, we all are here and all part of the group that is to create this system, so we will all be a part of it and interacting within and as it to optimize to the best that we can be and we can create our system as our living facilitator to be. This an important point as the secrecy now a days leaves open opportunity for corruption and misgivings in the political arena, and is more often then not used to deceive the public,where much wheedling and dealings are done behind closed doors and not in the interest of all. The transparency will also give a sense of relief because we will know what is going on and will not be pliable to fear mongering any longer as will not be necessary because we will see all here as ourselves, so all beings that live will be familiar and a sense of unity will develop.

Also, this system will be derived from equality
within all life on a real and sustainable foundation basis through giving all the basic needs to live, food stipends, housing, electricity, water, health care, everything that one would need to live in decency. One may say this can't be possible, but if you have a look at within this moment the amount of money alone being spent on military endeavors over a ten year period, the money flow is staggering. There would be billions opened up in that area alone to create and allocate to ventures that will support all life. With profit being out of the equation, life will start to develop in supportive and incredible ways, we will use our resources for actual life living in what matters and what truly will bring the best outcome for all as money will be valued equal to life, no more will we gain over another to have more, life will be in balance and all will go without needs as everything will be available for all to use and enjoy.

This new equality system will facilitate life lived in absolute pleasure as life will be secure, life will be open and seen in all facets, life will be without profit and desire for more, life will be without need, life will be here for all to enjoy and all to be supported with. The life that we all dream of is possible through the principles of equality and oneness, being self honest, changing ourselves to live new in a way that support all life, we are the solution within ourselves, within this world, we can change our destiny, all it takes is your self will to push yourself to change and stand up for a life best for everyone, so we will not need guns as protection, but live in true heaven on earth because we created it to be this way, we willed it here.

Make 2012 the will for a new beginning, a new system that will support all equally to how you would want to be supported.....Equalmoney.org is the place to start.

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2012 Politics at it's Finest...Equal Money System is the Solution

I just heard an advertisement on the tube for a presidential runner running in 2012, Jon Huntsman, he is a conservative and within the commercial he made sure he zoned in on this fact saying it over and over again within the commercial, he said conservative about 4 or 5 times in a 60 second commercial making sure that we all knew that he will be more conservative then Gingrich. This being the 'new' power point based on the conservative movement slogans starting with bush, and there effective wheedling in early 2000 that kept him in power.

This to me epitomize the political arena in this country as well as many other countries with the same type of political sloganeering that they can convey to the public with pretty words and pretty pictures, but do nothing of what is said in there sloganeering for real to help those that helped them get into office. They say the same words every election cycle, I'll bring change, I'll be more conservative with money, I will help the poor, I will end corruption, ect, but the situation on this planet is only getting worse where money is tightening, people are losing their jobs, war on the brink, and no real change for the better is happening on a serious and substancial scale, which is needed within the mess that is current. People are feeling more desperate and fearful of what the future actually holds, and we can all feel the stress on the natural resources as we see the planet getting used up like an infinite provider for the human consumption desire. This being a huge mistake that is so obvious it is quite scary the impact we will have when this is said and done to the balance of the only planet that gives us life which will be if we don't change, a life ender.

It's crazy, we as society just accept this non-sense coming from those we put in power to lead our country and our world with billions of dollars at there disposable, but we don't do anything to stop or change the conditions of what is here, we accept wars and conflicts which billions get pumped into annually, but 15000 children starving to death a day is not seen nor even considered on a national scale or global for actual, real resolution. These copy cat commercials every year we hear, and the promises of change and better conditions, but it's not ever going to be possible if we stay within this type of absolute manipulation and advantage taking of those with the power. We are all responsible for what has manifested on this earth, a dog eat dog world, no care for the betterment of our fellow beings, abuse of animals and people alike like they are objects to be used at the elites disposable, I mean I could go on, it's really sick stuff what's actually, really happening in the lives of people in all parts of our world. We have the chance though here within ourselves as we direct and control who we are, this to actually live the change and be the change, through being self honest, changing ourselves with self forgiveness, and living the change in our worlds and pushing this change in the greater world with an equality system.

This is not acceptable the way of this world, while there is half the population living in dyer conditions and people are suffering brutality.  I saw a documentary where it stated that we could equalize the 'third' world countries, who are paying the IMF and World Bank $25,000 dollars a minute, where tomorrow with no more then 100 billion dollars, which is less then 15% of the US military budget in one year, could create stability for them. We are accepting and allowing the desperation of billions, while we play games and allow these politicians to lie to our faces and squander the money on bail outs and lining the pockets of there cronies where it is a fact that the 1% richest in the world gained more this year while everyone else either lost or stayed the same within wealth.

Enough is enough, if you see the hypocrisy within this current capitalism system and the political mechanism that govern everyones lives, be a vote for equality, where we will put in place those who are honest, those who are seeking to create the best world for all possible, those who want to create equal standards and decency for all beings on this planet no matter who you are or where you live, life is what matters in this world, not money, not profit, not material goods, we as the life living is what matters, and equal money system will give life to all equal and one to self. Those who walk as one vote for world equality understand and stand for the principle that in truth governs all things and that is the oneness and equality of all life, we are responsible for what is here, and as Jesus once said, we will all reap what we sow, so lets create a world where all can live and where money is a support for all life not a decider of who lives and who dies.  Lets create a world that is truly best for all by living as the creation of ourselves to the best possible outcome of all that we would want for ourselves, then all are stable and life can be free and not fucked as it is now because some don't have acces to be able to live and in this current world that is thru having access to mONEy.