Monday, June 27, 2011

2011 Spelling Bee Suppression

An interesting situation has come up recently that has always happened to me throughout my life, but I paid no attention to it because I was to busy being distracted by other things, this being that I am quite capable of anything I set myself out to accomplish as I always find resources and avenues to get what needs to be done - done. I have always in the past when I realized this allowed fear and insecurities to suppress my expression where I would give in to the thoughts of 'yeah, but your not that smart and it's too hard', and not apply myself fully to what I was doing. This happened many times in school where I would compare myself to other students and say I am just not able to do that.

Specifically, this one event occurred in second grade, were we where having a spelling bee. I loved spelling bees because I was keen on spelling and it was a fun game that involved the whole class, and at the end we could see who is the best. So I would go against others, and I remember I was going against the 'smartest' kid in our class to win the game. But before I even got the word shown, I said to myself, 'no way I am going to get it out quicker, he is soooo smart.' And of course I did not get it out quick enough, and I lost the spelling bee. But I did know the word, and I did have the ability to say the word in the time needed, but I hesitated and suppressed myself by following my thoughts, so thus I did exactly what I set myself to do, didn't say it quick enough and lost the word game, thus the thoughts became real.

This being a short example of how I and everyone easily sabotages ourselves by following thoughts that in actual real time life in practical living application are simply not true and cause a delay. As I am applying myself in the Desteni I Process and using the tools suggested, I am realizing how capable and self sufficient I am. Showing that I am not my thoughts, I am not what is flying thru my mind telling me 'I suck', but by listening to these thoughts I am accepting them as me thus I have to stop them as well to stop being directed by them. This point of placing myself out there for something to direct me, guide me, and validate me has been a huge fuck up and not necessary. I do not need others to show, guide, or give me direction, but I can be the direction for myself. I am here to support mySELF.  So I realize that I am here as all life, but I must apply myself as a life being to show to myself who I am thus actually live what I am realizing of myself to prove that I am for real. All points always lead to us as physical beings, the physical being an indicator of what is real, and a cool indication to who I am as I walk this process. Am I in my mind or am I here in the physical?

So it's interesting, I am essentially giving myself a path to show myself that I am here, I am able, and I am sufficient...basically I am life free in expression in this physical reality.  Life is becoming highly enjoyable because I am expanding myself more in abilities and experiences, and my acceptance level of life here as one and equal with me creates a sense of freedom and calm that only can be realized thru application I have found. This only proved thru self application in self honesty and self forgiveness, otherwise one will follow the mind and be distracted by thoughts and pictures, which causes the process of self realization to be extended, which is neither good or bad it just takes longer. Obviously, we are looking for this process to be as short as possible due to the atrocities that are being lived by many causing massive suffering on the planet, fascinatingly enough, due to our participation in the mind as thoughts, feelings, and emotions. This process best to be done with support and perspective from those who have walked and are continuing to walk this as life as well as the support from the material at Desteni Site. Visit links on right hand side of blog feed for more perspective on what is know as the desteni process by those who are currently walking it. This being walked to live as a self perfected being to thus bring heaven to earth where life is lived for the only cause being what is best for all.

Friday, June 24, 2011

2011 Equality is the only way forward..

Equality is the only way forward because it is the only real solution. This is so because in any point of life that one can come up with, that one can imagine, there is a being that express there. Even if it is a cup, which holds as an object within this reality not to be seen as an equivalent to other life forms such as human, animal, or tree, but seen as less important. But if one allow oneself to look at the cup within the matter of what is here as the physical, it has equal importance to everything else that is here because it is a cup, it's here, it expresses itself as a cup, which helps hold liquid for the greater world. It has experiences and is aware of itself (view desteniproductions for more perspective), it holds different liquids, some hot, some cold, some with ice, some with honey, some bubbly, some with pulp, many different life experiences this cup is living within and as it's expression as a cup throughout the time and space that it is here. This also can be said for any being that is here, a horse, a bug, a trash bag, a child, ect. we all are here in the most practical and physical way as beings expressing themselves as how we are living. This is why I am standing for equality for not just humans but all beings so judgment stops of life and all are free to just express and be able to live together as equals no matter who/what/where you are, we are equal because we are here.

The solution for this world can not just include the humans, but must include all that is alive and expressing themselves here. This being the only way to create a sense of peace because once this is understood and realized as yourself within and as equality to all, life will outflow within a peaceful way because we will see each other in the same light as all other beings and be familiar, stopping the fear and just being calm. From this we will have respect and care as we would for our own selves because we see ourselves in the other. Its really simple stuff, but its a point where one must face themselves and stop the ego = survival from desiring to be better or more, which in turn will always cause the opposite to manifest, and thus the conflict and turmoil of life will continue because we are creating it that way. We are essentially fighting with ourselves, warring ourselves due to our alternate egos wanting to win. Why is it in an alternate dimension this ego because it is not real, but from the mind, which we simply made up and can be as easily let go. To manifest the solution as equality to bring peace to this earth, we must live the equality within ourselves here to all living expressions that is here on this physical planet because we are all equal within and as the life being expressed and we all matter.

Join Equality

Release the Ego

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2011 Why we shave our heads? Anti Hate

Allot of people say that in desteni we are forced to do stuff against our wills like shave our heads, not able to express openly, fear the end of the world, ect. But what is actually being done is a group standing up for life by realizing that no one else will stand if I don't and I am responsibility for what is here. We shave our heads to show we are not a slave to this system as the beauty system believing we have to look a certain way to be valid or have power. Also, to stop the absolute suffering and disregard to the beings that are being effected by the testing, manufacturing, runoff, and waste that these billions of products are causing each day. The water table is getting poisoned due to our desire to be beautiful or look a certain way for another.

I am someone who has very much existed within the beauty system believing and desiring to be pretty and perfect for others, but this came to only hardship and confusion. I have realized I must take responsibility for how I have accepted myself to exist here, killing life to uplift my self interest ego by participating in the beauty system in any way. It is unacceptable. This is going to have to be faced by each one and walk the process of self forgiveness and self honesty to thus purify ourselves from the reechoed beings we have become. I have become an abusive, disregarding being, who was only interested in my own desires, hopes, fears, and addictions. I stop here and til here no further accept and allow abuse to life as i realize this is all here as me, we all suffer and we all will have to face who we are here. We're in for a tough road, make it a bit easier by supporting equal money, and the desteni i process where one is supported and assisted equal and one as life for the betterment of all for real.

Links are to the right in my blog space thanks.

Monday, June 20, 2011

2011 Will the world Die along with all of us?

Tonight I am looking at this physical world as our home which, of course, includes all living beings. It's silly that we divide this world into partisan as countries, which comes along with loads of divisions within the macro to the micro living of all humans. There is much more suffering caused by these divisions then fun, causing wars and inequality based on so many heads doing the same stuff, but in competition. The rules are accustomed to each country governed under individual sovereignty to each head of state, but where is the commonality in that and where is the sense? Look at the state of the oceans, the plastic heaps are amazing, floating 3 miles wide in each part of the world, this has to be governed from each head of state with there own rules and regulations based on the laws that are here. Obviously, the laws/regulations/heads of states are not being effective at all based on the huge evidence piling wide and growing, do we considered this when we make zillions of plastic stuff based on the physical evidence here, I say no. There is no centralized body that is based on principles that stand no matter what but to protect the best interest of all, which is the best interest of life. We've tried with the EPA or UN or WB ect. but that has no power over the sovereignty of the state as we saw with the Iraq war, the rules are blatantly disregarded when winning and profit are the driving motivations.

Life is best and most effective when there is a commonality that applies to all here, each entity, and makes sense within what is practical and most efficient to produce the best outcome possible for all life on this planet. This can not be done based on profit or buddies where the line is easily bent, but must be done in the interest of life, keeping life here protected, safe, healthy, nurtured, able to expand and express, and free as this is what life is so the planet will not get destroyed. Consider what is being done to billions with no money, considered whats being done to nature for the drive for more, and consider yourself within all of it, and ask yourself what would I do if I where suffering like so many are in this moment?

I know what I would do I'd vote for eqaul money because life will always be honored and supported thru the principle of whats best because it is being lived. This is what will change the world, equality lived by each one in the support of all life.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

2011 How I got to Desteni

HI All!

How I got to Desteni?

I found desteni just over two years ago while searching thru youtube on conspiracies type info and nwo material. While watching these videos, on the queue to the right a blonde headed kid kept popping up, and eventually i clicked on it. The first video I watched was on 2012 by Jack. Ever since then I have been watching and participating with desteni. At that time in my life back before desteni, I was looking for answers, very interested in spirits and afterlife communication, and I was trying to find ways to make myself more useful. I wanted to stop what was going on here with the abuse and suffering in this world, and I was aware that god was one and equal with all and I was one and equal with it, but couldn't find the answer that where easily applied and understood. A lot of the new age books where filled with indirect messages and convoluted answers, nothing direct and here. I was fascinated by all the different subjects within the videos and empowered by the message being shared thru desteni. Also, within the desteni community, it also is empowering because the people are very self motivated, creative, interesting, and inspiring, so it's a place where I knew I wanted to be and investigate further as I wanted to be in this way as well. Since applying the tools of self honesty, self forgiveness, and living one and equal to every being as myself I have become much more stable. I have stopped all drugs, alcohol, sex addictions, and in the process of stopping self hatred, emotional outburst, and have become a more capable being able to be clear and express with with directness instead of insecurity. I know who and where I stand always, so I am just applying myself to live this, and enjoying myself more within and as all the life around me here.

Why I stand with and for Equal Money and World Equality?

I stand with equal money and world equality because it makes sense and can be applied by and for all. In this system, every one will be supported. It being based on principles that includes everyone and done in the best case for everyone is the way to go. Equal money is based on the principles of life being one and equal to everything as yourself, and thus it will be generated and sustained within these principles always. Based on these principles, the system will guarantee the best life for all and this is what I would want for myself, so being equal and supporting all is the foundation for life within equal money and that is where I would like to be for me and all in this world.

What I understand to be heaven on earth?

Heaven on earth is freedom, real and true, this being able to be lived by all, where everyone gets to express themselves and experience themselves with no judgements nor limitations. Heaven being lived on earth is where all are looked at as equal as creators, and lived as this within and throughout the entirety of this world. All life existing in the best outcome possible using common sense and practicality to make a self sustaining environment healthy and pure for all to exist and enjoy. Heaven on earth would be living amongst nature, within and as nature, exploring and understanding the vast magnificence that is here as ourselves as our natural physical environment. Creating and being boundless within our expression in joy for living life here on the earth with all that exist, and realizing this here as me.

Videos that had an impact from Desteni:

War Kills Children as Well

-This showing the reality of what is going on in this world as war in Iraq, and how children as well as many others suffering based on the war that exist iin this world.

13 Adolf Hitler speaking from the AfterLife once released from the demon dimension

14 Adolf Hitler speaking from the AfterLife once released from the demon dimension

-Hitler's story, these particular videos was how he returned to innocence, shows the equality within us all no matter what one has done, all have a chance within self forgiveness and self honesty.

The Mouse Cursor on your screen--I am WATCHING YOU!!!!

-Awesome video about objects in this world and there perspective, extremely fascinating, all life is aware!


-Perspective of mother nature, and how we are going to reap what we shewed.

Water- cleansing the human

-Perspective from water, how she cleanses and supports us every breath we take, also vaccines actually hinder her effectiveness to clean us from the toxins we ingest.

1 . Alien Travels and experiences as an Alien Child

-A perspective of an alien's experience in the inter-dimensional existence named Yonker, fascinating series, never shared likes this before.

Ex Sports - Fan Reincarnated as a Fly - PART 1 - The WAY of the FLY

Ex Sports - Fan Reincarnated as a Fly - PART 2 - The WAY of the FLY

Ex Sports - Fan Reincarnated as a Fly - PART 3 - The WAY of the FLY

Ex Sports - Fan Reincarnated as a Fly - PART 4 - The WAY of the FLY

-Eye opening series on the direct up close and personal experience of the consequences of what we have allowed and accepted here, and what is to be faced to stop all suffering forever.

The Bees explaining WHY they DIE

-Animal kingdom as the bees share there stand and perspective on stopping humans as mind consciousness system and doing what it takes to stop the suffering here til it's done. Humans are destroying the world, we need to stop or we will be stopped, choice is up to each one and all as a whole.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

2011 Children found naked and hungry on street....mum no where to be found

Children where found on the street naked and hungry. this where the mother was no where to be found. Later to find out that she was out with her boyfriend leaving the children with a 14 year old autistic child. The kids where roaming the streets, they where taken in and brought to the police. This behavior is unacceptable for any being in this existence, and unfortunately this is happening much more then is reported.

Parents and those who are going to be in the care of others, need to be responsible beings, this only thru taking self responsibility, this story is an example to why this is the case. How otherwise are people in this world going to change, this world situation is going to change, the suffering going to end, no one is able to change another, we all know this is impossible. So a cool point with desteni is that we are challenging people, to stand up and take responsibility for themselves, stopping the desires and escapes that exist in this world even though at the moment 'it may feel goooooood', we need to stop, see what is here within this world within our own reality, and take responsibility for ourselves within it and change to stop the abuse period.

This being the change that will change the world, everyone changing ourselves, to stop our own abusive/dysfunctional behaviors and personalities to stand as all life equal here in what matters, this reality being lived here.

Check out the equal money book due out in September 2011, explaining the intricacies of this new system. Get email notifications here.


Monday, June 13, 2011

2011 Ads on plates to bail out states

The state of Illinois is hurting for cash so much, they are considering  putting ads on the license plates of cars. First who woulda thunk that a state could be hard for cash/go bankrupt, I mean they get relatively free money from the people who pay taxes, having a chunk of every paycheck go to what needs to be done, so how could they come up with having no money available. Obviously, this question has many facets and many reasons as to why the state of Illinois needs to go to the extent of putting ads on plates, but the basic and one stemming or shall I say stinging point that is glaring but not considered is the greed. Greed, it will all in the end come back to this. Greed needs to be holstered, and stopped within ourselves, so we can create a world where money is not a consideration that one has to worry about. Equal money is the solution, the change starts with each one, research this, and see that it is a greed stopper because everyone is seen as equal and supported within this equality. This system will be built within practicality and common sense considerations for all life that is here. Money being put to best use, which is always best for all, and equal money will guarantee this. As we see more and more states calling for bankruptcy and bail outs,  this will catch up eventually, we will start to see the effects up close and's inevitable, thus to see ourselves and change for real go to website and show your support. Separation is not real - oneness is life in equality as self.

Creating humans to be honest and trustworthy, visit:

Solution for all to be free and supported:

Source for article:

2011 96 What is the beginning of Creation? Whois God really? -HOM Series By Jack

I transcribed a video tonight that gives cool perspective on starting point, and what it means to live in an effective starting point that's best for all. This by Jack, a being thru the portal at Desteni. Enjoy.

96 What is the beginning of Creation? Whois God really? 

Gidday, this is Jack speaking, and I am speaking about starting point, the starting point. So let’s take it from the greater before we go to the smaller. From the greater perspective, what has been the starting point of creation? Separation. If you look at anu’s involvement in creation, he created the white light separate from him. He created mankind separate from him. He created this entire consciousness existence separate from him. In other words, his creation starting point was of separation, which is now referred to as consciousness existence based on ones starting point, separation. Now interesting thing, recently our starting point has changed, two years ago, more then two years ago, our starting point has changed. So, if your starting point change then everything change. Therefore the process is about the starting point, what is your starting point, where are you applying yourself, where are you living from, where are you expressing yourself from, what is your starting point because whatever your starting point is in any moment of action, expression, or experience, you will manifest that, and you will experience that starting point because we all create, every moment we create. So what you create is dependent on your starting point, and what you’ll experience of that creation is dependent on your starting point. Lets have a look at science for instance, you know, human beings who have a certain analogy of science, of this existence, of what it consists of, because of the starting point of existence, which is consciousness manifested as the mind consciousness system. If, have a look this whole existence, all the human beings and dimensional beings starting points was of consciousness existence manifested as a mind consciousness system because of separation. Within each and every single being in existence, the starting point was separation, and therefore the mind consciousness system manifested as that separation of the starting point that we accepted and allowed. Now, changing the starting point to self, everything change, because our starting point initially was of mind consciousness system manifestation separate from ourselves in separation, and therefore we manifested separation. Have a look at this world, have a look at this universe, existence, and we all participated in it therefore we are all responsible. Therefore I say, what two years ago or more then two years ago, the starting point within the dimensions changed because why, what did we remove, we removed the white light system, completely of existence. With the white light system what else went, the soul construct, the astral planes, the dimensional planes, the angels, the masters, the gods, the goddess, all construct of the white light gone. Therefore our starting point has to change that supported our starting point, which is of separation, which is of basic separation everything is obvious, it’s here, that our starting point in existence has been separation. So change your starting point to self to the expression as who you are as life, what happens what do you manifest, what do you experience, you experience yourself, you experience life. Lets say we change the starting point to heaven as earth, here, as ourselves in every moment, that is what we express, that is who we are, heaven as earth. We manifest that as heaven as earth in this world, simple, the most simplest of realizations in existence. So if each one in existence changed there starting point to oneness and equality, were each human being and dimensional being starting point is oneness and equality in every single moment of expression, what do we manifest, oneness and equality. Because why, we create that which we express that which we manifest, and that which we experience. We are creators. we already that, though, we haven’t been responsible ones I’d say, lords (<??) didn’t understand the creation, but that’s also a lie, we do very much understand creation, we just don’t want to go there because we realize what a fuck up we’ve created and now we try and hide from it, but your not able to because you know why? We’ve realized in terms of removing the white light and all of the constructs in heaven that have supported our starting point that was of separation, it’s not able to support us any longer. So our starting point has to change, and therefore human beings starting point has to change because they realize that the previous starting point of separation is not being supported by anything of there world because theres no relationship anymore. Your starting point of separation, there’s not a relationship to that for that which is manifested in this world. Therefore it won’t work, and you’ll start trying to re-create it, oh yeah, well within that you’ll start fucking yourself even more, and that is what we tried to do in the dimensions. Please, we tried to re-create everything again because we realized, shit, everything that has ever supported us or everything that we have ever done is not here anymore, we’ve got to do it ourselves. You know it’s the same with our access here with of a system, with of a construct, now it’s changed to we have to do it ourselves, and this is an entirely different story because now you can’t just do it at one point, you can’t just go “now I’ll just manifest.” No! impossible. You have to stand as all as one as equal taking everything into consideration in existence, past, present, future, whatever, all of you, before you are able to manifest here, and it’s a different story. Do you see what I am saying? Previously, it was just simple, you know mind projections, whatever, now we are not able to do that because we have to do it as ourselves. So human beings, we are in the same boat as you, what is that boat? That boat is to have your starting point be as all as one as equal before you’ll have access to yourself. Our access to self is the realization of ourselves as all as one, and the manifestation there of is our access here to earth specifically. Where your access is the experience of yourself in your world, that’s your guideline, that is where you see where your starting point is effective. Ok, so this is Jack, just an overview on starting point. Thank you very much.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

2011 Is our Youth being impulsed to be Imbeciles?

If one watch any movie that is out now or listen to the latest popular songs, one would be amazed at the content of what is being said or shown. This is the music we hear on the radio over and over again, which has a catchy beat, but the words are not anything that resembles words of wisdom and care. Movies with no sense of responsibility to the viewer watching with sex, murder, and making it cool to drink/do drugs posted at least once within the short time frame of it's viewing. The words being spoken now a days by pop icons, whom many young listeners adore and follow, are full of dysfunctional desires and improper messages sent out by these outlets. Why do we talk in ways that cause the denigration of our youth which is our future. Why do we degrade and devalue the act of physicality within the life we are living by polarizing life within beauty, and why do we create drones of sex obsessed people programmed from the mirrored of picture and words being pumped into them thru song and picture that sex is the ultimate of experiences, when it's but a facet of what life is here. There is a serious problem with what we 'like' for entertainment, what we agree as entertainment, and what message is being spread thru the waves of our entertainment mediums. Our livelihoods in the making, are you proud or satisfied of how our youth are currently being pushed and impulsed thru what is popular within music and movies? I am not, that is why I support and am one vote for an equal money system where music and movie will be made in consideration of what is best for all not just to make a buck. Join us if you care about life for our kids and the way life will be in years to come. It is up to us, lets start supporting what is best for all.

Friday, June 10, 2011

2011 Writing Myself to Freedom...Check out How I Get it Done

Writing within the 'process' is used by self as a point of support to get a handle of who I have become here and how indeed I can change myself. I use writing as a way to put myself out in front of me, like uncoiling a spring, stretching myself out over the page to see where I am at and where I may need work. This is cool because you can open up points that normally never get addressed within daily life, hardly ever do you have the opportunity, unless highly attuned to others and self, work out reactions or emotions that are going on within you.

We humans usually hold everything in and suppress these built up feelings. For example, my boss chastising me about how I am doing my job not quick enough and I could be doing it much more diligently, the emotions of anger, fear, and aggravation surging beneath the surface. Whatever I was thinking or feeling during and after the event, I could not properly work out because I was in a work environment and was distracted to quickly to really address the issues and reactions coming up.  This addressing of the reactions and emotions that continually flow up in our everyday lives needs an outlet and needs to be resolved at some point from somewhere or it will boil over in our worlds, this where we see conflict happen. Writing is a perfect way to address these points in a timely manner and putting your whole self into it. Writing ourselves to self freedom then becomes a support where we free ourselves from the bonds of self abdication and self limitation by  addressing it in a intimate and specific way stemming down to ourselves as creators of what is here as this current world.  I am working with the desteni tools of self forgiveness and self honesty within each moment as well for self support, but writing is like the gentle flow in the river that keeps everything moving.

I have really enjoyed expanding myself in my writing, and it's cool to see that I can push myself within this and write out some points or articles that before I wouldn't have thought I could ever come up with. I sometimes go back and read older post or self forgiveness, and see the points I have walked thru and gain stability in. To have a record shows me that I am indeed capable of this process of changing, and being consistent shows me that I am able to become stable within what is here in this world as who I have been. Also, it is a place where I can show who I am to life, and become visible for all to read and gain perspective in there walks as well. As I have gotten great support from all those who share and write themselves out in self freedom, so it becomes a sharing is caring network of self development into life beings that are practical and self honest. A point of sharing and being visible is a way to become trusted as I am showing myself to myself, and becoming my own expression within the one voice of equality and oneness until indeed we have created a world where all are treated in the best way possible. Writing is a gift to self and is a living will that is in word for all as me to see.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

2011 Playing sports as a Kid

I am starting a hockey league up where I will be playing on sundays for a few months in the summer. When  I was little I was super competitive in sports, it's all I did and all I lived for, I loved playing all kinds of sports and competing to be the best in all of them that I played. I did not carry this enthusiasm into school or like an art, but only outdoors in play. I would gather kids where every I was, and we would play soccer or baseball or whatever the game would be. I have lessened my enthusiasm within competing in sports now, because I realize that I am creating a polarity of being better then another and competition is not real as I would be only competing/abusing myself. I use to get really angry if I lost or did poorly in a game, and would be very proud if I was successful. Allot of energy movement when in these games, the only reason being was to be a winner and boost my ego to show that I am great at something. Allot of it was ego and inferiority/superiority play outs basing myself on the act of winning or losing in sports.

Now when I play sports I have pushed myself and applied myself to let go of the ego, the competition, and the desire to win, and just be here in the physical movement. I noticed I am still worried about others thoughts about me, which I am working to stop, but overall have released this point of desire to be the best. In sports I just am physical and enjoy this movement and expression. When physical in sports you do not think, you just are and move in natural flow, this I find very supportive because it helps and give context to what it is to be a physical being and living here as this, sports as physical movement assists with this well.

Join Desteni-I-Process, to start the walk to an actualized physical being in self perfection within the principles of oneness and equality.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

2011 We call Him Kooky

We have a gold fish in the house, he was purchased because he was according to my mom very ugly and she felt bad, and didn't think anyone would buy him so she did. Now, he is a fella that enjoys himself extensively it seems, although he swims in a tank thats 2.5'x1' doesn't hinder him in the least. He swims to the bottom and floats to the topp, spins around the top of the water in circles, is constantly swimming upside down and twirling around, floats on the top upside down across the skim of the surface, swims backwards, he really just looks like he really is having fun! I don't define him by his looks nor mannerism, but allow him to live as he sees fit and I enjoy observing him, no pity or emotion need apply, but oneness and equality within our expressions. He has taught me the simplest point of just being here and enjoying life, enjoying myself as life in the physical, and playing as life. It's really important to play and laugh allot as this is life in joy. Unfortunately, this is not able to be for all beings here, so no real joy of life is here until all are free to express as self here as physical beings, join and support the change for life to be free and have fun for real. Animals/nature is aware just like us and experience the same, have respect and honor them as self as this is u/me.

Monday, June 6, 2011

2011 Walking the Pattern of Self Judgement...

Alot of the anti desteni material has been cool support for me to see where I stand in terms of how I can best explain myself in a way that does not carry energy, but just the message being shared. I have been semi-satisfied with this as I have judged myself as not able to give a clear and concise point by point overview in my vlogs, but kinda scrambled from one point into another point with open ended statements. But overall the video is sufficient, I am usually over critical of myself due to me being a person that feels inferior or self conscious of who I am towards others, which has caused quite a hell of a ride in this life. I have walked allot within these points, and now I am able to stop and step beyond those points of self judgment that are irrelevant to living life. Using my understanding and realizations thus far to better direct myself for the best outcomes for all as well as myself is what I am fostering, and stopping all unnecessary patterns that cause no solution for anything. There really is no point in self judgment or being self conscious as these are points of fear I have found that I am holding onto due to definitions that I am placing myself as. I really have had enough of existing in this state of constant comparison and fear of others, so slowly but surely I see that I am walking this pattern to stop it completely. Many points are involved with this that I still have to walk thru, but I have come quite a way which is cool to say. I am thankful for the group at desteni for the support and all who are walking for a better world for all.

Check out so we can change the world for real.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

2011 Barber Bites off Ear of Customer -- Check it out to find out Why

A dispute erupts in barbershop, and it end's with one losing half his ear. Yes, you read that right the barber bit the customer's ear nearly in half due to built up anger being released in a fit of rage. The customer was upset because the hair cut was taking to long, and got up and slammed the door to the shop shattering the glass. The barber went  after the customer outside, and that is where he bit the ear off.

This all due to the explosion of emotion and acting out the rage within to cause someone to do such a outrageous and hurtful thing, the actual act of biting into an ear and ripping it off takes effort and thought. This driven by the spike in emotion due to rage not directed and stopped properly equals an episode of disfunction and violence. 

Within the desteni-i-process one learn to identify self within the participation play-out of these emotions from the thought that triggered the event, to the trigger point, the emotions, picture, and memories that where concocted within oneself to follow thru with such a barbaric act. There was much impulse that was behind this action, and within the process, one learn how to harness this force, bring it back to self who created it, stop it with self will, and direct in a way that is best for all.  This process is to stop the abuse of this world within and as each one thru a process of self forgiveness and self corrective action in self honest investigation to be the director in ones life in responsibility of all who are here not just ones own self interest. 

Support yourself, support this world - check out Desteni-i-process.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

2011 Being alone...

I am home alone tonight as D is on a training event for his work. I find it strange to be alone as I always have people around me within where I use to live, and pretty much growing up my whole life. This point of being around others was like a comfortability that I got use to, and it kind of is like an addiction because I am so use to having that point of support from others to talk with, hang out with, or do stuff with. Now that I am alone, I find myself missing those that I am use to being around. This is a point of dependency that I have accepted and allowed within my world due to my fear of lose and fear of not being able to support myself if and when the time comes, such as like being confronted with a bugler or 'hairy' situation on my own. The cool thing about the desteniiprocess is that it teaches you to be self sufficient thru the simple tools of using common sense and practicality in all situations that I encounter as well as seeing self as power no matter what the situation my be, and directing it in a way that is best for all. So the principles are here for support, my job is to implement them as a living word and utilize them when a 'tension' point especially arises using breath not the mind. So I plan to put these points into continued practice to thus become the self sustained being I am, and support myself here direct without need or want.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to fear being alone.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to relate that being alone with the thought of others harming me thru a break in or tense situation.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to connect the thought that I might get into conflict with someone and not be able to deal with it by myself.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting that I need a being(s) as a protector and support.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to believe that I need to be protected.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting the fear of getting harmed.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to believe family is where I belong.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to be defined by the word family.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting family to have power over who I am here.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to define myself by a mans presence.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to feel safe when I am present with a male.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to connect the feeling of protection with the picture of a male.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting that I must be protected by a male.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to give my power away to the male as if I need to be living within his confines so I can be safe.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to believe that I need to be safe.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting pictures of males in my head as protectors.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to allow pictures and beliefs to direct me.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting fear of others to direct me.

I stop all fear of others and being alone as I realize I am here and can direct myself in common sense ways.

I stop defining myself by family and other people such as males.

I stop the desire to be safe and protected.

I stand as who I am one and equal to life with no needs or limits just here walking in what makes sense.