Friday, March 4, 2011

2011 Equal Money and Business

In the mornings, I have been waking up and driving to work with my dad as I work with him in his business, he gets out of the house usually around 6:30 so I have been getting up then and going. This is cool as I am sleeping under 6 hours which I am pushing as a point of self discipline because the body has said here in the physical that only 6 hours is needed, after 6 hours the mind gets regenerated, and we as humans sleeping away recharge the mind consciousness system, which is our self enslavement. So I push to get up early. Also, we stop at the coffee shop and I get a free coffee!! even tho I suggest to pay, he always buys me one. We chat in a sense more relaxed as it is not work environment, and it's cool. I enjoy talking to my dad, he is stressed a lot because of work, money, and pressure from responsibility at work so I try and help him out and do the best I can to help become an equal participate in the business, and pull my 'weight' so to speak. The business is small so it's vulnerable to things such as economy dips or rising gas prices, this is also effecting all other businesses and business people that we have dealings with as they are going out of business, having trouble paying the costs, and cutting services with us cause they cant afford it, which thus effects our business. My whole life my dad has been stressed about work, he is always in the back of his 'mind' thinking about work, and the business is always a part of his everyday being, as this is our livelihood and is not a secure thing as is seen with many business going under lately.

In an equal money system, business will be structured and lived in a way that is 'easier' on the beings that are involved. Firstly, no being anywhere on this planet will be used for an others' gain, all slavery of any kind to any species will be abolished as this is just showing our own enslavement, equal money is freedom - real and true for all and every being here as abuse to life will not be tolerated and given proper consequences if realized. Secondly, the stress and pressure many feel to make it, and sustain the paycheck every week to be able to put a house over their kids heads and food on the table will be gone because in an equal money system, this will be provided to all the basic needs of all with the guarantee of equal money distribution of all from birth to death. This money will be able to sustain one for the entirety of there lives with everything that is needed to live dignified. This is not a game nor ploy, as so many of us go 'where the fuck is the catch in this? this can not be possible?' The most astonishing thing is that this is beyond possible, it is a step away, in a basic description money needs to be allocated to all in principled living founded on the basis of what is best for all. Then all the questions, uncertainties, doubts, disbelief, ect. are squashed because it will be here, lived by all as each being will benefit as the all will benefit. No bells and whistles just simple math such as 1+1=2, I need to live and you need to live as we all here need to live, there is enough for all, so lets all live here in equality. Basic, simple, and practical living.

Another point, equal money will not be a stressed filled rat race, dog eat dog environment, it'll be relaxed, slowed down, and considerate of all as we will all see self in life so it will be a self enjoyment of life living in equality as nothing is not freely given. Jobs will probably not be seen as work as it will be structured in ways that each being will be able to do what one enjoys, and what one feel passionate about. It will be fun and enjoyable to live here and breath, and go do what it is you enjoy as well as helping the betterment of all through our stand as custodians of this earth. The struggle to survive and make money to live will finally be null and void as this is not life. Equal Money ='s Equal Life , where life is only life if all are equal as one as self. Lets get our boots on, and start walking the steps of self realization to see this thru all as one as equal till it is here.


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