Thursday, March 24, 2011

2011 Being at the Hospital

I worked tonight, I had to go to the hospital because the women I am working with has trouble with her lungs and heart. So this point of death I was looking at. I remember back when I was a small child, sitting in my bed at night, and considering this point of death. In my mind, saying 'I am going to die some day, I am not going to live anymore?' Like i could not believe it, life here seems so natural, so giving, so automatic, but I take it for granted. My life, the easement I have, the non struggle of waking up each day and having a place to work, a place to live, a place to keep warm, and a place to rest, never having to struggle much. Then I get wrapped up into myself, like what is this one thinking of me or my back chat where I go on about how someone annoyed me or i dislike someone because they are acting in a certain way. Allowing basically nonsense to direct me because I have the opportunity to reside in this behavior. But til here no further, I do not accept myself to take life for granted any longer as I see and gasp at the pain and suffering that has accumulated and is accumulating for many beings here now on this planet. There is nothing that is debatable about the equal money system in it's principles, that is why I am for the implementing of this system, so everyone can enjoy and stop suffering senselessly and with no care or regard to there plights.

Equal money system is a way to stop the suffering in this world forever more, get with it as it is a clear cut way to bring about peace on earth and a life that is worth living for all as all will be supported. Equal money is just that giving money equally in a systematic way that will have regulations, principles and standards to follow, and will be in place by those who will stand the test of time and have to prove that they in fact stand equal with this system, equal with life. There are no more games or bs time wasting, this is here and will be pushed by all corners to get in place. Check out the Equal Money System book when it is released on 9/11/11, it will answer allot of questions I am told. You can also sign up your email to be notified with an update on information about the book and it's release details, so check it out. Equal money = Equal life - lets get this done.

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