Thursday, September 22, 2011

2011 Find Out HERE What Divides Man.....

Its crazy in the world today two seemingly equal people can live such different lifestyles. Two males for instance both are literate, both have the ability to reason and problem solve, and both have health like an ox, but the difference being in this story is that one has money and one do not. Money, the great divider of life in this current insane system we are living and accepting as valid daily.

We all know now after knowing this all important fact how each of these guys lives will end up being lived. One in ease, relaxation, and comfortably in his daily life (relatively speaking for purposes of my point in this blog). The other in pain, stress, and constant worrying for his next meal or place to stay. One has all the opportunities in the world because he has the opportunity to pay to get into the door. The other guy getting scowled at and mocked because he is sitting next to the door begging for someone to give him some coins so he can get his daily bread. One has all the resources at his fingertips because he has the ability to sustain and upgrade each new gadget that comes to the market with the flick of the wrist as the card scans thru the machine. While the other walks around in dirty run down clothes and shoes with holes in the heel from the miles of steps he has taken around the town slums looking for his next meal. One on his way to vacation in the tropics on a yacht fit for a king. While the other looks for his next underpass or tree cover to not get his clothes drenched from the storm that is brewing overhead.

The commonality in these two man is the physical, this of course the only thing that really matters as it is what keeps us, all life, alive. They each need to eat, drink water, sleep, shower, stay healthy, and maintain money flow to live in sustenance, but the difference is one is in struggle to get this and one is in peace. Why do we create such a world where our fellow man is living in struggle while another in peace, this only can be accepted and allowed by a people that is selfish, greedy, and do not care about anyone elses' happiness, but there own. Humans not loving their neighbor as themselves, the one fundamental rule we learned in kindergarten, but funny no one truly lives this.

This point easily being solved by creating a system where everyone is supported with basic needs and basic allowance to sustain these needs throughout ones life. It will not take that much money to sustain this system, and there will be enough to do so as we will be the creators and directors of how this system operate, the only standards are upholding the life principles of equality and oneness for what is best for all life within and as yourself. If you do not stand for what is best for all life to live in comfort and peace by letting the struggle to survive diminish forevermore for every being thru giving all equality as a living system then you do not deserve the right to live as you will not give that right to another. This not to be sorted out by any higher authority, but by yourself as we are defining who we are in each and every breath. You will face you, but you have the opportunity here now to support a new system that will support everyone, equal money is the way as it will in fact accomplish the principles that life is founded on being equal and one to life as self.  Do not hesitate, walk as an equal to your fellow man by giving all equal money to supply their daily living....division only breaks down and rots, equality in living binds forever and is solid as rock, lets build life from a foundation of rocks thru unity and sharing.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

2011 Destonians: Are we a Cult?

My mom is on a cult forum discussing how much of a cult desteni is and how much of a scam Bernard is because we as destonians give money to desteni. This is not something i will debate nor give credence to because my mom is possessed by this point and doesn't hear any reason, but her own validation to her claims about desteni. "There are reasons why we here at RR refer to desteni cult as a cult, IT IS. Why you ask? Well the shaved heads would be a good start. desteni cult being all the members seem to take part in. There does seem to be a hierarchy also, Bernard at the top. We have witnessed what he is spewing. What he expects the members to take part in we all question. WHY?? All this for ems. Why not just get on with it? " this was written by my mom in her latest post, I have gone over plenty of times why I shaved my head for reasons to stop abuse of the earth, the water table, and to show that I do not define myself by beauty nor do any being need to define themselves by what we look like, and the group did for similar reasons. "There does seem to be a hierarchy also, Bernard at the top." Bernard is not at the top, he is equal to all in the group there being no hierarchical because we are equals, but their are principles we live by and if you don't stand equal to the group in the principles of life then that is your choice and you thus will not stand equal to the group because you are not standing as such, Bernard walks his talk as far as I have witnessed and it is irreverent if I am not walking my talk, does my mom walk her talk- she will have to answer this for her self.

"What he expects the members to take part in we all question." This needs more elaboration, but all I have participated in with Desteni is self forgiveness, self honesty, expansion and exploration of who I am and how I have created myself- stopping fears, addictions, judgement of myself and others, self hatred, defining myself by others, and many other cool points that caused allot of misery within me for allot of my life, it's just a matter of letting that stuff go and walking the change. Those at desteni are doing that, Bernard is just a reference point and he shares his realizations because he walked this process before all of us, he was the first or one of the first to walk it. His story is in the material, so read up on it, it is a fascinating tale.  Mom I do not go to your groups and bash them, assume stuff about what others say whether it be verifiable or not, and bash those who are pushing themselves and expanding themselves in there fears and struggles in there lives. Desteni is a cool place to be and witness other peoples accomplishments, and walking their process with them as they expand and blossom so to speak in to a being that they are proud of and are changing for real. Don't knock it just cause you fear it, there is points we can discuss and come to common ground on, we do not have to go to war with eachother cause it's obvious this is not about desteni nor berarnd, but you and I, to be continued...

But another point that could be addressed here on the Rick Ross forum at large is what are all of you doing to create a more decent world or better situation for the billions suffering right now, why focus so much on cults, why not come up with a solution for the starvation of millions of children across the world? I have asked this to many who claim Desteni is a cult or a scam, ect. and they go into excuse and justification to why they are right and what I say is invalid, thus they are in ego and I do not converse any longer because it is pointless.  See when the focus goes personal and the 'Rick Ross crew' and people against what Desteni stand for actually have to face themselves, they will go into attack mode defending there ego, or possibly have a breakthrough and gain self awareness and realize that life is equal and one. Unfortunately tho, the response of those that are possessed by desteni cult is usually the attack mode and defending ego as it is how they have defined themselves by and believe it is who they are thus anything questioning that, they fear because it is questioning who they believe they are = there ego/mind. Life has no condition nor opinion, belief, judgement, or any separation that humans harbor, Life is unconditional and is living as what is best for all in the scope of this existence, we are but drops in the ocean to what is here as existence as the physical, so have some consideration for this, and understand yourself within it, we are not less then this realization, we are equal because we are also life, and thus must take responsibility for what we have created and fix that which does not work, equal money system, when more well known after allot of hard work, will be a foundational point to fix this current world and the atrocities that are being perpetuated daily by human activity.

I have to say it is quite unfortunate that people waste so much time on believing desteni is a cult and that we are something to fear. But the truth of the matter is that you are fearing yourself, fearing facing the truth of who you are and what you have accepted and allowed within your life, I know it is extremely diffucult to face and realize that about yourself, the evil that is within and I have participated in, but it must be faced, and it can be faced. Using the tools of self honesty, self forgiveness, changing self thru forgiveness realizations, and breathing as a stabilizer, it is possible to face yourself as many have and are examples of this truth. The point people need to see and realize is that that smaller act of abuse is reverberating into the greater scale of this world. When one abuse an animal for instance, that is adding to the abuse to the whole of this world in every facet, making and creating it here, by continually participating in it on an individual level and thus on the world level as well. Wars between neighbors, wars within families, wars between nations, it's all the same, and it's started as the war within ourselves.

Desteni is here to correct that thru the tools shared, correct ourselves so we are able to stop the war within and thus stop the war without. It's possible and doable, it's all about your own self will, self dedication, and self worth. This is where self honesty is helpful because if practiced it forces one over time to live truth, it is a process of course, but it develops the skill to see self honestly and see what is here in truth thru common sense and self forgiveness. Destonians are a group of all different walks of life from around the world who are willing ourselves to live equal and one to all in fact in real time, thru supporting and assisting each other as a group standing within the principles shared here. It's an awesome place to be and it does not go without challenges, so be prepared to face ALL of you, it's so worth it tho Life has waited long enough.

Nothing matters, but the matters at hand and those matters is real life, real suffering, real death, and real tragedy, so who are you in the face of this are you going to be the judas or the jesus? The choice is yours as the solution is always going to be one and equal to life best for all.  Lets stop wasting time with this nonsense of cults and get to the truth of the matter, the problems of the world, it's time humanity face this, Destonians are standing as an example of those who are doing just that.

Monday, September 12, 2011

2011 How to Eliminate the Anger that Kills.....

I have been looking at this point of rage built up thru anger and irritation within my world. I have noticed this more recently within driving and interacting with family, it causes a surge of irritation to pulsate thru-out my body and me within that react into anger and aggression towards the other on the road or a person in my family. I am going to discuss here on road rage, the family point is for another day. So for instance, a car recently was slowing down without putting his indicator lights on to show that he is turning, and eventually he came to a complete stop in the middle of the road. I then had to slam on my breaks because I was going fast causing Henri to slam forward.  Within this me driving fast behind this guy,  I was being spiteful because he was not indicating a turn, but slowing down quite significantly, where I ASSumed that he was doing this without considering me behind him. This disrupting me for some annoying reason I thought like he didn't get the right directions or he didn't know where he was, which caused me to be irritated that he was not prepared for what he was doing. So going fast behind him I was going to let him know that I am not just going to let him do what he pleases on the road, and he should be prepared for what he is doing. I then proceeded in that fit of rage when he stopped in the road to blow by him in my car going across the yellow line at a high speed cursing him in my head being not here as me physically driving, which is not safe nor responsible behavior.

Within this point of missing the physical and considering all points that is here accepting rage as ego, I was not considering the fact that it could have been any number of reason why this man slowed down and stopped in the middle of the road, and was irrelevant to what I was doing anyway because I didn't have to be anywhere, I was driving home from work. Also, being spiteful and blaming him for my own judgments and ideas that I made up rather quickly as this event was maybe 15 seconds, that he was unprepared and did not consider all the people who he was going to disrupt when he slowed down in the road and stopped. I mean this is really fucked up by myself, the guy could have been having a heart attack for all I knew and all I considered in that moment was me being inconvenienced and blaming him for that going into a fit of rage because I was offended that he did not consider me behind him within his decision to stop. Being spiteful and allowing the reaction in anger I see was a point I took where I took this driver's action of slowing down personally, seeing myself as a victim in the circumstance then seeking revenge because I did not get validation of my specialness as a being and being disregarded as important enough to show that he was stopping by indicating his lights, having a value judgment on those who use lights on cars and those that do not.

So looking at these points of taking things personally, being a victim, getting offended, making value judgments without fact but purely on assumptions, allowing rage to direct me, and causing potential harm and danger to other drivers on the road or any number of scenarios that could occur thru me speeding in a fit of anger is vastly irresponsible and not what I would want for myself. I realized that only trying to fulfill my ego had brought me to the point of anger which I could have  potentially killed or seriously injured another being, which is totally unacceptable because there is always another way, and that way is what is best for all as life stopping all points of ego, I could slow down along with the other driver, see if he is cool or in need of help, and cruise around him when the coast is clear on the other side being here- self being stable, breathing, directing in common sense in consideration of all that is here as myself. I in theory am subject to be a murderer, if this rage stays unchecked, is a real possibility as rage as ego only causes harm and abuse.  

After the energy ran out in this instant of rage, anger, and irritation, where I saw exactly what I was participating in as I was participating in it, but as been discussed earlier I overrode it due to energy stimulation addiction and desire to be ego, after the fact, I went fuck Garbrielle Stop! I do not accept this any longer- abusing others, and I applied self forgiveness as well as later in writing to the points I saw as relevant. I will further apply self forgiveness on this as these points are layered within me, there are many points to consider within rage and anger and how I participated with this, I will post as I proceed. The self forgiveness application here is necessary to be applied so to see and understand why I go into this automated point of rage, irritation, and anger when I am driving and have some kind of out of the 'norm' interaction with another, in this case it would be a man stopping in the middle of the road. Proof here that when in emotions as ego I became possessed by my own self righteousness and become a danger to others as well as myself by accepting ego as real and living it in real time- crossing the divide potentially crashing into other cars.

But the change here is where I saw what I had done as dishonest irresponsible behavior and applied self forgiveness immediately with self corrective statements to thus change myself in that moment to see and realize that yes there is another way, a responsible way, a safe and equal way for all involved, and I can live this new way the next time this rage or anger occur, I can stop it and live here as equals in common sense living. Within using the tools of self honesty, self forgiveness, and corrective change, I have changed to a being that I can be proud of living amongst life and participating with what is here as life without ego or shame, this not completely integrated as myself yet as seen above, but thus far I have done what I have done and I am able to say that I do trust myself, I do see that I can change, and I do see that I can stop these addictions to anger, rage, and spitefulness among others. It took many many years to make these behaviors/ego addications automated within me, so obviously its going to take great effort and many breaths to see this fully stopped and living as stability within my world not moved by anything but my own self will.  I have not been able to say this in the past as this was not true for me, but now here this is an indication that these tools work and can change a being from someone who is solely in self interest to get her energy addictions while being abusive to others when I didn't get my way to someone who is progressing in changing to consider every point of my reality in equality with me to so create the best outcome for all here and thus create peace. I am grateful for these tools and I will continue to walk them here as myself as all as one as equal until the tools are no longer needed as we live this here as who we are in freedom as self expression.

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

2011 I am a Destonian because......

I am a Destonain because I care about life, I care about the suffering in this world, I care about the physical conditions of hell that beings have to live in day in and day out, I care about the dis-ease that many feed into in this endless search for more, I care about fairness and respect of life here in this world, I care about homelessness, I care about equal opportunity for all, I  care about equal education for all, I care about children having a safe place to play no matter where they land, I care to end war, starvation, poverty, rape, slavery, murder, crime, I care about nature and the preservation of it's wonders, I care about the potential of life within self perfection, I care about peace and harmony to all that reside on this planet, I care about healing those who are ill, I am a Destonian because I care about life in freedom within and as self expression.

    Do you care, if you dare, stand as a Destonian who stand for all life equal in value to all that exist. No masters, no slave, but equal in every way and one as life.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2011 Who is god when genetic defects exist?

I had just read an article where a man was born without fingerprints based on a mutation in the DNA strand that creates the fingerprints in the human body. These acts of mutation in the body are seemingly done at random with no identifiable reason as to why. Those who are effected can have at times major physical and mental deformities or disabilities as you can see within the picture shown to the left. The question I would like to look at is why is these deformities being created and who is creating this?  This is to directly put into question the creator many call 'god' who many in this world believe is all powerful and all knowing creating everything that is here.

If this god is all powerful, the creator of all that exist, and has the best interest for all involved in his absolute consideration, as he is the absolute point of this world and universe, why create a being that has a genetic defect. Why create a being where he/she suffers extensively more then necessary where each day is difficult to get thru based on no fault of his/her own, but born seemingly 'unlucky'. This is a deliberate action of abuse if who we say this 'god' or supreme being is is all powerful and all knowing as with this taken into consideration, 'god' had full awareness of the creation that is now the human with genetic defects. So is this pointing to the absence of understanding/realization in this all powerful 'god? or is this 'god' we have created within our world evil and vicious in his intent? Or could it be that this god that we have prayed and worshiped for millenia does not actually exist based on the complete fuck up this 'god' would have to be if allowed this obvious genetic defect and suffering not to mention the starvation of billions, the rape of the earth and it's people, and the disregard of life in equality as lived daily by many.

Obviously there is something out of sync with this supreme being we call 'god' because he is not that supreme or almighty if he can not fix what is here as the human race with suffering, disease, abnormalities, poverty. This leads to the question then what is god and how is this world such a mess? If we ponder this for a moment, we can come up with many mechanism and systems that would make the human experience a more pleasurable existence for all where implementation of what is best for all can be done quite simply using common sense. I am leaning towards the conclusion that this 'god' that we worship and revere as someone how is more supreme and higher then everything that exist is not real, is made up, and has no validity within what and how life is being created and lived in this reality. This then brings me to the conclusion if not 'god' then it has to be me as all humans that are responsible for the mutations of the genetics based on environmental disregard, food ingested with crazy chemicals induced, and many other factors that could be evidence of this being true. It's so easy to blame a god that is invisible, can not actual verify nor defend his/her claims against/for him/her, and is irrelevant to the suffering and solution that is needed to be implemented for these defects and suffering to be lifted and sorted by human action. It's time for humans to let go of our cruxs we have been hiding behind as this 'god' idea, and take responsibility to sort out the mess that is our current existence.

If you see the validity within the abuse of this idea we have come up with as the god concept abdicating ourselves from responsibility as equal creators to what is here within this reality then that's cool because you will see the common sense in what is being shared. There is much that needs to be studied and learned within the understanding of who we are as the creators of this reality and how we can in fact change the outcome of what has been created to be that which is life affirming and best for all here living. Fortunate for us, there is a resource within the world, which has shortened dramatically the information gathering and it can be found at, where all these questions are researched extensively and answered within common sense to bring about a world equal and one, where all take responsibility for self and what is here, and eventually thru the principles lived all these ‘abnormalities’ will be corrected by self thru living.