Friday, March 11, 2011

2011 Living Process

Within walking this process, becoming the living word as who I am as life and living to do what is best for all is something in principle is here and clear on what this is and the implications these principles imply. Within myself it is something that is a living, full engagement of willing myself to become these principles, to live them and expand myself within them. This is something that there is no handbook, no guide, no step by step manual to help me along the way as that is not actually self living, but living from separation. This point of living these principles has been a point of difficulty for me because I am allowing myself at times to be living this within my mind, thru thinking, and interpreting my reality which causes confusion and uncertainty. This confusion and uncertainty on what I am doing and am I actually changing, am I actually being effective in this process of living life as myself one and equal is here to be looked at. This as a point of introspection, I don't know, I have made strides in stopping addictions, stopping though patterns, stopping fears, and facing the reality of myself, so instead of being judging I will just adjust myself to align myself with the words I am speaking. Each breath is a new breath and this is where life gives as self the opportunity to change and stop that which does not support the principles mentioned above. So no self judgment, no pity, no victimization, just living here as self and changing when I see it in my self to.
This is a living process there is no rules to it but living what is best for all and realizing yourself as life one and equal, within that it is a self expansion and a self realization that is yet to be lived until it is here as self and me living it. I can only walk this process for me, I can only realize myself as life. Still walking no matter what, I have to keep pushing the principles in living and stop being a bullshitter.

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