Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2011 Update on Agreement

I am looking to walk back into an agreement with Dmitry as we have been discussing it over the past few months, and seeing how it will practically work and what we want out of it. As far as who we are together as for now it is a relationship. I introduced him to desteni while he was going through my facebook page, and he has been interested every since. I have walked with him in an agreement before, but I ended it because I was seeing that it was not an equal walk and we weren't  dealing with the issues that where here to be faced. I realized a lot within walking the agreement with him the first time, and seeing myself within and as him as what I am holding back on and personalities I am continuing to accept.  There is a comfortableness where we are able to discuss and push points within ourselves, but also working with humbleness and not pushing too much where it sabotages the whole experience, so creating a balance within myself where we can come to a practical sense of stability within this walk. I do see potential for an effective agreement with Dmitry as he is understanding the principles of desteni and practicing them, writing himself out, and correcting himself within and as his daily life. Also, we have a common ground where a communication point of real intimacy can open up as we walk and start living thru these points of ourselves we see we have to face and transcend. He is in the army, so he is not able to be visible on the net, but it is cool to see someone applying themselves within the tools other then myself locally. We are walking this point very slow, and communicating whether we can continue to walk and face ourselves as well as enjoy ourselves within walking into an agreement as one and equal as life for whats best for all life. There is fears i am stopping of this failing or not being able to walk this with him effectively, but these are not real as I am here and can direct myself in the proper way to gain stability within and as this point of agreement as well as be a support for another being in this process as well and he for me. It shall be interesting....thanks for reading.

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