Sunday, July 31, 2011

2011 Why Desteni?

Why have I decided to walk with desteni, applying the tools that have been suggested, and standing  up for an equal money system. This can be answered quite simply by me with no hesitation or regret in any way whatsoever and that is to create a world of peace. I want to leave a world that is functioning in a system that is supporting all people, so no one who is alive will have to suffer in any way whatsoever. Desteni standing as a group to bring about a world best for all thru walking and establishing an equality system thru money, so all will have the ability to live in dignity equal and one to ourselves.

I have come to this conclusion quite simply because I put myself in the shoes of others, when I see the suffering of beings, a person on the streets with no where to go, a child in the arms of their mothers skin and bones, or a lobster taken from it's home the ocean with it's tail ripped off being still alive due to some fucked up reason of cruelty the human has come up with. All this is so fucking unnecessary, it makes me feel sick to see and realize that this is not going to get better, there is NO BEING IN THIS UNIVERSE that is going to save us.

This idea that we are going to be saved by god is just that, an idea, which is based on a fairy tale that has no factual proof and is too convoluted to be legitimate. Also, why would any god come save this planet when we blatantly do not care what or how this world is or how the inhabitants are cared for, what would be the point in saving us, we don't deserve to be saved, we have destroyed and annihilated pretty much everything we touch, the proof unfortunately is everywhere, why not just end it all and start over? Or why did god create such a world where 15000 kids starve a day when there is plenty food to go around? Why did god make it so we had to eat? Why do we require to die? Who is god and why is he so cruel? If there is even one being suffering then there is a problem with this being we refer to as 'god'?

I have come upon desteni due to my search of who is god? what is life about? why am i feeling so shitty about myself and others in my world? and how can I change this? I want to be happy, I want to enjoy other people, I don't want to exist in this wasteful life I am living where all I see is stuff that  doesn't seem right and I don't seem right. I was looking for change, a place to be able to change myself, make myself feel better, be a better person, and get some answers. I have done all this within applying the tools shared at desteni, and I am thankful everyday for finding such a group of beings.

Why am I thankful? I am thankful that I found this group because desteni has integrity. Desteni stands  within principles that are lived, applied, proven daily, and directed in the best outcome for all, we stand as equals and constantly practice and perfect each of our walks individually and together as a group. We do not accept nor tolerate anything but an equal stand in self honesty among those who participate, if you are fucking around and trying to prove your ego, you will be blocked as we simply do not deal with deliberate abusers. If you are applying yourself, walking the tools, and walking your process showing understanding of the scope of the issue here and are ready to get to the solution, then that is awesome another destonian is born.

Destonian is simply a person that is walking self honestly which is self truth and nothing less then becoming a self perfected being by being the living truth of self thru your words. Self forgiveness is a purifying tool to see where and how one has missed the boat so to speak, where self forgiveness then clarifying and specifying points thru self application to see who I am and where I need to change. And self corrective action to thus become a being that is self corrected to self real-I-zation for and as life, which has always been here in the physical world.

Desteni message is nothing that has ever been shown, realized, or understood before although the principles shared and lived thru desteni-i-process is nothing new. The main message coming from a portal that most people never even could imagine exists, but truth be told she is the real deal. Also from Bernard Poolman, who stand as an example of what is to be walked within what we call the 'process' and he is an educator of his realizations of becoming the living word. This of course like anything has to be investigated by yourself to see where you stand within it. This takes much investigation and much self application, but like anything else it takes work to get the fruits received of the labor rendered. The fruit of this self 'labor' is the living of self in self perfection as the divine being we have always been. We are life, life is divine, and we are equal as everything that exist within this divinity. This saying that we are limitless within our expression, but bonded here within this current system and existence as the human race in the struggle to survive as what we have created.

 This is where the solution is walked, by the human for the human, we are the ones that have created all that is here in this world, each and everyone have accepted and allowed this system to exist the way it is and no being is able to blame nor point a finger at if self honest based on these same 'wrongs' being lived within self as well. We all have faulty points within us, and we have created this existence in a faulty way. Now thru what is being shared within the desteni material is an OPPORTUNITY to purify ourselves using new understanding and discoveries of what has been found and researched, such as what is the human being? where do we come from? Why was the human being created? Who created us? What is our real potential? The questions that are answered within the desteni material will literally eventually blow your mind. It has been one of the most fascinating, exciting, challenging, and empowering journeys of my life, and I am so grateful that I clicked on the blond kid in the queue to the right on youtube. Another thing that I am grateful for is that I never accepted what others where telling me, I always had to investigate and figure things out for myself, which I am grateful to myself for persevering and walking my own truth.

We are our own saviors, we have brought Desteni here to see and realize who we are in this life, we have everything here to get this done and manifest heaven on earth, Desteni is a group who dare to walk this into being because we are walking ourselves 'back' into life as PHYSICAL beings. The physical fascinatingly enough is the key to our 'heavenly' existence.

Go to for more on Desteni and what it means to become Self Perfected.

Monday, July 25, 2011

2011 Lets Die and Go to Paradise where Life is Everlasting = WTF?

This point of death being the gateway to everlasting life seems counter productive, how can we live forever if we are dead, why must we leave this earth where life is and go to heaven beyond death to really be alive, and why do I not know this place called heaven, why is it so secret? Heaven that religions use as an elixir for the human to follow there way without any point of understanding and change to support life that makes sense is very warped because it's unfounded and intangible. No one really knows what goes on beyond the grave, there is no guide or manual to what it is like, that being said, it is quite illogical to call death everlasting life in heaven because life do not die and go anywhere else, life is here in the physical world where we can see, touch, and move within it. For purpose of this point lets say 'heaven is real', why do we not just live in heaven then, what is the point of all of us here in this world, what is the point to all this suffering. Seems like a bad joke.

We as humanity have created life in such a way that we only except that death is inevitable, and we allow ourselves to be petrified in each moment because of this inevitability. Using heaven as a make believe escape for humans to cope with the inevitability of our conclusions on death, that it is to be feared. But not considering the common sense within the physical and what we live within and as our words and deeds, this being the true heaven that has always been here thru and willed by us, life, we must create heaven on earth. We miss this tho because we have been blinded by this fear and lust for more. So we never question the existence of death, why death has come to this world and sucked the breath right out of our bodies, why we get diseased and how this develops, and why we are consumed and blinded by fearing death. The best way to transcend death is to understand why it exist and why it is here.

I have found for myself that death is what it is, although life is subject to death in the physical in this moment, life is not bond to death and within it can be transformed to life again. As the physical dictates, when a tree falls to the ground from rot it becomes nutrients for the soil which grows more trees, plants, and natural growth, so within the death comes life. Death rejuvenating life and allowing life to exist. So it depends on the life that is here in the physical that matters as indeed it is the matter that exist, and the matter that lives forever.

Do we live in a world affirming the everlasting quality that is life itself or do we continue to exist in a world delusional making fictitious beliefs of everlasting bliss to control the masses and send people to their graves with a huge surprise on the other side. The huge surprise being that there is no escape, this world will be sorted out with or without us, back to the equilibrium of life, all will be faced to sort themselves out within and as the existence of this world equal and one to how you lived, we will face ALL of who we are. This also able to be faced in life here as breath within the tools of self honesty, self forgiveness and corrective change of self to exist and align with the physical as life equal and one for what is best for all. This to end the ego of man as mind in self interest to gain more then lifes fair share, this being unacceptable within the physical because the physical support the all within the individual. 

Check out the desteni site, where life and death meet and speak through a girl.....fascinating encounters and be ware it might wake you up from your slumber....enjoy and fear not 'I' am here, breath.

Monday, July 18, 2011

2011 Stop the Killing of the Innocent

A boy in new york for the first time was allowed to walk to and from camp by himself. His mom was hesitant due to it being his first time and he was young, but allowed him to go on his own. He got lost on his way home and asked those around for directions. Then Levi Aron came along eventually ending this boys life.

What causes someone to go against another beings will, one who is innocent and vulnerable being a child, and take him to a place unknown, secret, and disorienting. Why do people cause abuse and murder towards children who are the innocence of ourselves. One reason is the fucked up mind bubble realities that the human being is existing as not considering or being aware of any other life around them just only to get there self satisfaction fulfilled no matter who is abused, suffers and dies in the process. The mind is powerful and if not directed will bring humanity to place no one wants to go to. We can not blame the mind, we have accepted and allowed ourselves to live as demonic monsters towards each other, animals, nature, the youth, every facet of this world is touched by the human monster and devastated within its path. We all realize and see what it is to hurt another or cause suffering because we are one with the other in that suffering, we all suffer.  We allow and accept the innocence of this life to be snuffed out due to humans not controlling themselves and stopping the mind of desires, and not caring for the other based on self interest.

There is also the aspect of those who are dealing with these demons having this pent up emotional turmoil within and having no outlet or tools to deal with these forces that lie under the surface. This  causing massive amounts of devastation here within our world because we are living out our demons in reality without realizing and understanding that we have in fact created them through thoughts, words, and deeds and now have to take responsibility for them and face the consequences of living out these thoughts, words and deeds equal and one to what we have participated in. Every being will face themselves. We have to accept these demons within, walk the corrective path of self honesty and self forgiveness to transcend these points that were created by us, and live these changes to not allow any further abuse of any beings  within our world forevermore, it is unacceptable on every level.

There is no reason a boy has to be snatched up and have the life taken from him due to someone who is unwilling to face themselves or unaware of how to. We have created monster within this world, these horrors that people are living everyday is getting more intense and more barbaric as the days go on. This has to be addressed on a systematic level, and bring about solutions and healing to those that are willing to change, there is help out there and its thru self corrective tools. A program that is called desteniiprocess has been created so humans can face themselves, the demons within, starting to understand the nature of the human mind and how it works, and how to change oneself thru simple tools that can be done anywhere where one have the will. 

Check out to stop the demons within and become trustworthy and kind to man.

Check out for systematic change that is best for all beings on this earth.

Friday, July 15, 2011

2011 The Horror of this System

Within this world there are many different points where fear can set in, the violence, the abuse, the loss, the unknown, the wars, the guns, the bombs, the theft, all that one wish will never come to them. But within each moment these pains are multiplied countless times to countless beings and each time a horror is being lived; this is the way our world runs. Why do we create such a world? Why do we create such suffering knowing full well one would not want this for oneself? Why do we create such circumstances where this fear grows and consume the beings of this planet? We need to look at ourselves for some clarity. We are the deciders of this reality, we are the life within this world, consider the life thats lived by and within all and bring it back to self, who am I? The answer is here = equality for all, stop denying it, embrace it and lets get this done.

The answer to the horror of this current system......  <----get involved.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

2011 Lets Bring the Passion back to Life

When realizing about the equal money system that many are speaking about, I have seen a point that will be able to be expanded upon when all have equal opportunity to live because they have equal opportunity to money. This point is expression as self. Each being in this reality has something they enjoy doing, their passionate about doing...lately my passion has been my process of standing up for life by standing up within myself and stopping my mind = ego. Other then that, I enjoy being physical whether it be skiing, playing hockey, running, or building/fixing something, I like to move and solve problems. Other people have things that are different from me that they enjoy such as art, music, dancing, doing comedy, farming, countless expressions, but we all have points that we enjoy. Not to say that we are limited to these points, but these are what come naturally to self and simply what we like to do.

Within an equal money system all will be able to do what there passionate about as well as have the opportunity to expand into other fields because we have the basic support and will be able to support ourselves to have free time to actually start to live and enjoy what we are doing. Many including myself do not like struggling, working 40+ hours a week, living paycheck to paycheck,  worrying about what is going to happen next, and having to make unnecessary sacrifices like not going to dentist or doctor because we can't afford it. All these point are simple not necessary, everyone can and will in an equal money system have the opportunity to be free and live life as joy. This is right here in our midst, the only way we will see it manifest is by our own will, it's common sense, no being can have and hoard more then there fair share. Give all freely and give all equally at Join us today...we welcome you.

Friday, July 8, 2011

2011 Walking with Patiences

Patience for me has always been a struggle to practice, and yes it was a virtue that I needed to practice. I find with the desteni process I am walking I have become more patient with myself and all life around me. This is something that develops naturally within this process because the walk in self honesty takes much patients as it accumulates over time, it's not a quick fix. I in the beginning wanted to have the quick fix trying to get the points done as fast as possible, but within this I lost myself as I inevitable went into my head cutting corners, watching time, reacting to expectations, and allowing emotions. So within this impatient walk to patients many points have come up, which is cool and helpful for expansion.

Eventually, I learned that I have to slow down, stopping this rush to do and get places quickly, and manipulating to get what's mine in quick time. Fascinatingly enough, a surprising support I have found has been driving back and forth from place to place in my car, this I have gained much awareness in myself in terms of patience as you have to be quite present and calm to drive properly, this state taking patience. Driving being a cool gauge as I can check and see if I am going in my head reacting to others, like if someone cuts me off or something of that nature, I apply the self forgiveness where necessary, working to transcend this rush to get nowhere fast. Lots of self forgiveness in the car, which has been awesome. Patience it is a point I am working to integrate and live as me as I as this world will indeed need patience's and care to sort out what has been created. Cool tools to live by patience and care for self as life.

Monday, July 4, 2011

2011 Could You Live Without Money?

Everything in this existence comes down to money, there is not one point in this world where one can live without money without it being really tough and really restricting within movement and growth in one's life. There is a really cool video I heard recently from Matti Freeman, a fellow Destonian, called Equal Money for Dummies- Reloaded and he spoke of an analogy of money and people to fish in a salt water tank. Basically stating that fish need salt to live, so why would anyone make the fish work for the salt, struggle to get the salt, and die if the salt was not available to them, when all the while the livelihood of the fish depends on the salt. No one would not give the salt to the fish based on the obviousness of the need of the salt for the fish to live, and we all realize life is essential based on our will to live within ourselves, all realize life is what is important. So those that don't give the salt, do it deliberately and in full knowledge that it is essential for survival of the salt water fish to live.

This was a cool analogy and brought the need for the equal money implementation down to simple terms and it being imperative based on the fact that people are systematically being murder based on not having the means to stay alive, the means of course is money. Money is the salt in this current world system, but we create the system in a way, where it's like a game and you either have to get lucky by being born into it or gain it in some kind of fluck one and a billion chance. If you are the unlucky 80% of humanity never-mind the rest of life (nature, animals, oceans, ect), you are in the struggle for your life in trying to keep afloat to make it and sustain it for yourself and however is connected to you. If you look at the facts, the real stories going on in our world it's so fucked up, I mean we have continents where people are literally withering away and dying based on not being able to eat because they don't have money to buy a home, pay for water, buy cooking utensils, and buy  food to nourish there physical bodies. This having to be sustained on a continual basis, there is no education for them, no opportunity to get a job, no real infrastructure to create any movement in this direction meaning a very hard and painful life.

As a child I didn't ever consider what the implications of this actually was, how I would feel if this was me, or considering the suffering that is actually going on here, I had no care because I was too busy desiring the next sweet, the next game, the next fun, not understanding that my fun was the death of another child just like me. This child happened to be born in a family with no connections, no wealth, no opportunities, and no hope because the world sees this, knows full well this is happening, but still except the system as is with no cause for complaint because all are petrified of losing what is theirs and living that same fate as them suffering. This unfortunately is the cause of this manifesting, the separation of life we have accepted and allowed within this world, within our countries, and within ourselves that is causing the hardship and real murder of billions of people over the centuries to only look out for one's own self interest.

I have grown up now and realized the harsh way's of this current system and how people, animals, nature, and life is being disregarded and degraded because there is this greed and frenzy to have the most money no matter if one goes without. The system is completely based on greed and corruption, and needs to be done over. Listen to the budget votes going on here in America, this validating the statement I just made, wanting the rich to stay rich and give tax breaks, while the cuts go to the care of those who need it.

This is why I am voting for an equal money system so life can be fair, can be able to be lived by all in all ways, and can be able to expand upon in dignity and real exploration of ourselves as beings living not just trying to make it. This where we can enjoy each other and ourselves as beings, it's such a cool world, an amazing earth and nature, and so many fascinating people here, what are we waiting for? It's time we give all the ability to share and express the coolness that is us as life, this is what every being yearn for anyway, the expression of life in real freedom, this world can change, it is possible, money is the avenue which we decide. If one suffer we all suffer, this is a fact, look at our world, it's not going to get better til equality and respect is here for all. Humans can change, I have thru being self honest and walking and willing a process to change.

Join equality-


Friday, July 1, 2011

2011 Do we have Free will in world that's dying?

My moms on a cult forum in a specific topic that is about desteni, I was reading from the thread tonight, and her latest post I would like to discuss here. This point of free will I would like to address what she brings up,

 "I have a free conscious. I don't have to do a thing, or I can. This is the part desteni cult member seem to miss. God gave us a free will. Your CHOICE to believe or not believe."

 Free choice is a point of self interest due to the fact that one do not want to go all the way and create a world where there is actual peace, suffering actually ends,  and life becomes joyful for all. This basically being toted because one do not want to take responsibility for themselves and walk the change that is necessary to end abuse, which is ending the abuse within ourselves. (See for more info) Claiming that I have free will to help or not, while half the world is suffering, wars are being perpetuated, children are starving, getting sold in slavery, kidnapped for sex, the list of atrocities could go on for a while is unacceptable and should not exist because it’s not what anyone would want for themselves. Those that claim this will never happen, equality for all life and humans will never change, are being deceptive and are in self interest again because they do not want to change and give up stuff based on there fear they are accepting to only live to survive. This is not living.

This point of what and how this is going to be done is common sense, the way is equality for all and by all completely and throughout the entire system that is facilitating this world.  Being equals in fact, living this is what all in desteni stand for because it is the solution = equality in every way based on the realization that all life is one. Giving everyone a fair share to live in dignity is the standard for the new system we are proposing, this being done by equalizing all money for all beings because money makes life move and every being on this planet needs it to live. We are not interested in buying into or holding people's hands claiming that all have a choice to do or not do because it's there free will. Until equality is established for all, choice does not exist to do or not, this is coming down to critical point, people are living horribly because some want there free choice to do nothing, but only being ok for themselves, fuck that.

What is common and makes sense is creating a system that supports everyone and allows everyone the dignity to live and be sustained because this is a human right placed for all who are residing on this planet. We are not interested in walk for hunger, building houses for the 'less fortunate', donating clothes for kids in this is unacceptable as this is accepting and allowing that these things are ok, they are valid, and thus we are allowing them to exist thru this acceptance and participation in these types of 'charities', these points being in existent shows the fuckedupness of the human race.

Free will is not real as we refer to it in this current system based on the fact that it is not actually for humans to be in freedom and able to have the ability to will themselves to do what they enjoy, but it is used by humans based on fear because they don't want to give up there security/survival and losing themselves within the grips of the current system. God does not exist because we do not live godly here, we are god, we are here, we are accepting this horror to be here. God is another escape for those who do not want to take responsibility and change themselves so all can live here in dignity. Whatever that takes is what is necessary to be done, any other option, any other opinion, any other solution that is not inclusive and consider the best outcome for all beings in equality is unacceptable and will not be entertained by those standing up for Life. Only real change by changing the system with a system based on the equality of each being and the oneness of all as life is valid because all life deserve this. This is all that matters, we will change the world, no god will come and save us, it is time we save ourselves.

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