Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2011 Back to work I go

Hi, I have been very sleepy lately, it seems it is a cycle I am going into and have been participating in for many months as I have still not completed the 21 days of 6 hour sleep completely self honestly as this point comes of transcendence where I get very sleepy, and I fall. So this sleepiness as of late has been from accepting and allowing myself over time to give in to the urges and achiness of wanting to sleep. This is enslaving based on my following the urges and sleeping without my direct consent to sleep and/or wake up. Something to look at and consider as I will continue to push this point of waking up after 6 hours.

I have to do an overnight tonight with my old job that I thought I lost based on my head shave, but have gone to one of my old clients, and she was cool about it said it fit my 'personality'. Each week we discuss the equal money system, and talk about different things, which I enjoy. Shes awesome, she is 92 has a hunch, so she can only stand up straight with effort, and is very happy to be alive and extremely pleasant demeanor, she enjoys and appreciates life.  Her family owns the Mary Jane candy corporation (never had one of them), which then sold it to the Nabisco candy corporation, so they have a lot of money. It's interesting, because she says from conversations that she doesn't know how equal money will work, the scope of it, but I started slowly and we are going to continue conversing on it. She gives a lot to charities and to her church, but we'll see when it comes to give up everything for the best of all beings, which in the end is the best for self, will she stand? The question is am I willing to give up everything for the best of all beings? I have always come up with the answer yes, when I ask myself this question to myself, so we'll see if I will walk this and prove it as and to life, will I stand equal and one to life or be a fucker.

I wrote early tonight because I have to be at work at 9, will be interesting and fun to get the reaction of another lady I use to work for tonight, she is a bit anal so we'll see.  Although she has pneumonia, so will not be to much or push anything in discussion with her. I will do my best to help her and care for her as I would want to be treated. I am thankful for my opportunity to work with the elderly as I have met a lot of cool 'old' folk and have walked and seen a lot within myself that I have learned and come to understand of what I am capable of.  Still more to come of course, as this ride never ends.....that being the expansion of self if I let myself be here and live.


  1. Interesting that people will give money to the church or charity because its like they Trust this from the perspective of it is an accepted point within society and everyone does it.

    Giving to support equal money would be considered insane because it is firstly not understood but more important it is not "accepted within society"

    Once something this "accepted in society" it is blindly followed.

  2. I ask myself the same question from time to time and so far the answer has always been yes - but I'm still not sure I can trust me or be trusted if it comes down to survival...