Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2011 The Predatory System, What We Have Created

At my job, there is this phone call we get mostly ever morning, and it is this group saying that we owe them $500 dollars for a service that we did not approve and/or receive. We have asked them for proof of our authorization and/or the work that they completed for us. They can not come up with either in a legality way. So we continually do not pay, this has been going on for over a year now. They call us daily, and once a week they will send over thru the fax at least 4 pages of invoices and accrued interest that we are being billed for. At this point, in a normal scenario with a creditable business, they would have sent us to a collection agency with legal consequences and shown us proof of their claims. This group has no leverage and are being deceptive, so they continue to call and waste paper (although I do recycle it) on a day and weekly basis. I looked up this group on-line and they are known as a scam group. They make there money it seems like by those who don't pay attention and just pay the bill, they get so sick of the constant calls and paper work that they pay the bill, or they research and see the group for what they are, another scam. 

This is another example of the nature of our predatory system, where businesses are developed and pursued to prey and deceive those who are unknowledgable or unaware of the nature of the this type of business only there to get over on another. Packaged and designed to be a proper part of the business system, but underneath deceptive and abusive to unbeknown bystanders, no fair enterprise or ethical standards within these types of business ventures. Fascinating what we have accepted and allowed within human nature, where we literally prey on those who are considered 'weak' or 'unknowing' based on the easy sell equaling easy money no matter the abusive nor deceptive means to get there.

Equal Money system will stop all scams, all paper waste of useless publication, and the predatory nature of this current system, where to gain easy money the predatory drive ensues causing unnecessary abuse in its wake. The predatory drive is due to the survival mode where when push come to shove people make money any way they can. The money system causes this predatory drive because not all people have fair access to money and the resources to get money, but all people need money to live so a conflict of interest and desperate measures is the result.

Lets stop the insanity and absolute non-sense of this current system, and support a system that will give all equal access and freedom to really live in a way that is joyful and best for all life by giving all equal opportunity to basic living resources so all can live and not survive.

Solution to our Predatory Nature = Equal Money System
Life Coaching for our Predatory Nature = Desteni-I-Process

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