Monday, April 4, 2011

2011 It's time for All to Make a Stand

Self direction, there comes a time when one has to take a stand within themselves and their worlds, this is obviously determined by each being and it is not a path that is easy to find nor easy to decide, but it is simple in terms of how one can come to this decision. This is based on self honesty. What is self honesty? it is the simplicity of being truthful with yourself, all beings know this point of truth within themselves if they dare to look. I say it is not simple to find based on my own experiences where I had to go thru a lot of stuff to get to where I am at in terms of understanding myself within the principle of seeing myself honestly, but can say it is a process, everything in my life has brought me to this point where I am at. This point of deciding what I was going to do when I started to realize the truth of myself, that I am one and equal with everything here in fact, in essence, in life, and starting a process to live this within myself. I have always seen the truth in the 'do unto another as you would want done to you', as I want myself to be treated respectfully and decent, and obvious any other being would want to be treated in this way as well.  I have given abuse and been abused, so I realize the devastation on both ends of the stick, and am thru with the abuse of life.

These principles living self honest and creating a world for whats best for all is simple to me in terms of it's necessity and resolution to what is here as this current society, but to get to this place where in fact this is so, takes each beings self direction. This process ask of the being to let go of a system that is here, in place, and we have grown to get use to and adapted to, basically giving up the life we are use to here in this current world. But this giving up will birth a new world, a new system, and a new opppurtunity for our children to come to live in a better world, a safer world, a stable world, a supportive world, a caring world, a world where all are seen as equals, a world that is harmonious between beast and nature, a world where life is at play, a world that is life affirming, and a world that is best for all who are inhabiting it. No more will there be starving, hungry, destitute, unsupportive, uneducated people, no, all these issues will be addressed for real, and actually acted upon in the interest of all here. It's not that it is not possible here now, but this system that is in place does not facilitate this as it is based on some winning and others losing. Money being the medium to this unfair exchange where many don't have a chance because they don't have money.

In this new equal money system, the money and resources will be allocated to and for real change and real solutions within self honest self directive action, lived by each participant within this new system. Equality among co-equals for whats best for all on the planet will be the only possible outcome as this is lived by all beings. This is why the process of self realization in self honesty is part of this new system because the human being has to change from one that is an abuser of life to one that is a custodian of life, if looked at in this world, we can see that it is the human that is the 'major' problem. This path is for each being to take by there own accord, there own effort, and there own participation, it's time for each one to realize and take up there self responsibility to change self to be worthy of life for all to have life here.  Many on this planet at the moment are not living life, but suffering in the physical and/or being possessed by their minds.

 Money being the facilitator for this new world, and the equal money system is the place that this is possible for all to have a chance. Support us, investigate, read thru the articles, support the people who are dedicating themselves to see this thru (we can be found here), stop the judgemts and just have a look, it is definiatly worth it. Many say this is not possible, but that has been said about all things that are new and take effort, all it takes is a walk and discipline, lets push ourselves to see this thru as life is worth it, many possibilities will open up that can not be considered at the moment.

The equal money system- book will be coming out on 9/11/11, you can subscribe for updates, this will give much in explanations about how it will all work in this new equal system, check out the link. Thanks for reading.

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