Thursday, April 7, 2011

2011 Working with What is Here at Work

We got a new phone system at work, I have to now learn this new system as it is a bit different from the last phone system we had. I was looking at myself within learning this this morning, and the reactions that I saw wanted to come up and direct me where becoming apparent. One being that I was annoyed at the IT guy not directing us on how to use this new system and how is to be set up, the second was that I was going to have to deal with how to work it and spend a lot of time to figure out as I am the only one in the office who is familiar with computers and electronic type stuff mostly. These two reactions where done based on my desires and back chat of wanting to have an easy time, and blaming others for things that are here in my reality to be faced and worked with.

I realized it is unnecessary, illusionary, and abusive to have these reactions and feed them because what is here is what is here, I either face it within self direction and go along with the tasks at hand to be worked with or I create abuse thru blame, self victimization, and back chat thoughts of anger, and still have to face what is here at hand with the phones, the latter causing much more consequences that are adverse then the former. The former being to direct self with the phone task that is here, and getting the work done that is necessary to be done for what is best for the situation. The latter being in the mind and the former being here as who I am as self direction. I am working and walking the process to become the former of a self directed human being realizing and being effective for what is here as this reality, and living within what is best for all beings as each and every breath I walk living in the moment as life as self movement.

The IT guy is coming back to show us how to use it, so another point to realize is life is never how it seems in your mind, it is how it is in reality, best to stick with what is here the breath and learn to live from this perspective, I am enjoying this walk.

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