Monday, April 11, 2011

2011 How to Actually, Effectivly Change Self to Co-Exist with All using the Desteni-I-Process

On a lot of cars I see this bumper sticker that says 'Co-Exist' I presume in a peaceful and harmonious manner. From a self honest perspective the 'message' of this bumper sticker is cool, as yes, lets all co-exist in this reality so all can live equally. But the point of How this is going to develop into this type of reality is never addressed. Contrary to the suggestion of this 'popular' bumper sticker, there is no real practical way to go about creating this kind of world, meaning there is no solution on how actually practically and effectively we are going to live here where these slogans actually become a living reality. It's interesting we as human consumers have got so use to this kind false euphoric sloganeering that we just accept and allow the false truths of these saying that are displayed to exist within and throughout our current system with no real actual way to effectively create a world where all can co-exist. This current capitalist system is based on some winning and some losing, so how can we ever create co-existence when many can't live in a way that can be considered a co-existence relative to others co-existence, there is too much disparity.

To create a system that will support all and include all in this co-existence of harmonious living we all yearn for is being proposed in an equal money system. This is based on principles of life that we are all in fact equal and we are all one as life. This is a living understanding, where self changes from someone who has existed as a separate entity in this world looking out for one's own self interest to someone that is in fact a co-equal who has changed self in self honesty and self forgiveness to become able to live among all in a way that supports all and all ego of self interest has been transcended. I am currently walking this process with the Desteni-I-Process where they have created a platform on-line to begin to start the introspection, writing, and living of this self change to self perfection that is required by all life to become life in a world that in fact is best for all in a co-existence that all can enjoy.

Within the Desteni-I-Process, it is based on the Desteni research and material set up in a way that streamlines and brings together the main principles and steps to become a co-equal as life in this reality. As I have stated earlier I am in the Intro. to Desteni Course, and it's quite a cool experience for myself because it is not something that you can get lost in like all the philosophies that I have studied and always end up with open ended questions that have no real definitive answer, but here in the I-Process it gives one practical tools to understand and realize self (Me) as the answer. You essentially answer your own questions thru self investigation and self understanding in the context of what is being said thru the material in these courses.

In the Intro. to Desteni Course, which is a practical platform in understanding and working with the quite extensive amount of material and research that was generated thru the first years of Desteni groups' existence. It has helped me greatly in stopping the addictive and non-useful habits, one big one was my addiction to Marijuana, and patterns I have gotten accustomed to in living to finally start on my process to becoming a co-equal among all here on the planet. We, at Desteni-I-Process, are for a solution of what is best for all life, which we have realized is based on one's own self will and self realization to becoming life as a living example thru and as self application. This understanding and realizations is geared and systemically placed in a way that is user friendly and eventually one is able to stand as an example of life as a product of the Desteni-I-Process, and generate an income from effectively placing oneself thru blogging and vlogging to gain support from others and become buddies to those who are also going to journey on the I-Process as well. Thus thru sharing your own process by the means of the Internet, writing, vlogging, sharing on social networks, one can create an income for walking a process of self perfection and be an example for others. One still works on themselves thru walking their own process as well as assisting and supporting others while earning an income from the recruits that have been received.

This is all done to be able to create a way to birth a world that is best for all life thru ourselves as life living one and equal to all. Thru utilizing the tools that are here as a business model into and as the Desteni-I-Process, and using the tools for self perfection as been discussed within the courses and material, we are able to build and grow as an effective unit and systemically create a platform base of networked individuals from all around the world located here on the Internet as living example of the effectiveness that this product speaks of, this being that life here is able to and can live in co-existence with one another thru changing oneself in this manner by the common sense practical tools shared. This is the optimal way to see a solution come to pass based on the effectiveness of the Internet on networking, and thru changing self thru utilizing what is learned, to live in a co-equal way, through the courses and material provided by the Desteni-I-Process based on the common sense tools shared. Also, where one is able to earn in income for your efforts, which is quite cool. This where no bumper stickers are needed in this world to state the obvious, because in fact we will have changed ourselves to become co-equals in a world that supports and assists all to live in a way that is best for all life. Co-existing will be everyday life.

Join the Desteni-I-Process to become part of the solution to bring life to a real form of co-existence for all where all can enjoy.

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