Monday, April 18, 2011

2011 Massive Storms Hit Southeast US Killing 45

There was a massive storm in the past three days killing 45 people in the southeast of the united states. It reads that there was a recorded 241 tornadoes that touched down in these areas. This is very unusual for our area and for what we are use to. Quite amazing the power and force that nature shows within just a relatively short time frame.

These storms are here to help humanity wake up. We go on with our days, usually taking for granted the things we use on a daily basis such as water, air, food, you know the things that come naturally for us, well those who have access to money and jobs, here in the states. But what is not usually recognized and considered is that life is giving self to us as we are in essence one with it so really just giving life to life, but we do not recognize this life giver that continues our existence here in this world.

Where the break is is where humans as life do not reciprocate and balance out the giving of life to humans, we must also considered and give life to that which we are responsible for. If we take from the food source, we must be considerate of how much, how and who is effected, and the time it will take to then again get a balance back. Nature also provides for all such as the air that we breath, all receive this breath of life, but do we reciprocate and give back what we are given. We have not recognized and come to a balance with the resources we use and consume. The trees are getting cut down much faster then they are able to replenish, and these trees are the source of much of the oxygen that is here for humans to breath. As we give the CO2 for the plant life to live we must allow that which gives us breath to live.But based on the profit of paper, wood, and other tree cutting industries, these considerations of the balance in life is not cared for because the need for survival in these days is extreme.This not even considering those that go with much less, have no proper resources, and have no real access to anything that is life sustaining because they don't have any money. Around half the world's population lives on less then 2 dollars a day. If you read statistics of the unbalance of the world resources you will see that what is written here is true, to much is taken by humans and not put back to allow stability.

My basic point is nature now is showing that they will not just be completely disregarded by humans, who are the only species that deliberately destroy life for self interest, and it is time we revert back to ourselves, see where it is we can change to become balanced with ourselves, and live this with and as who we are as all the life around us, equal and one to us, as we all need each other to live. Lets start respecting ourselves, let start respect this world, and lets start balancing this world so equanimity will be the standard.

Check out Equal Money System, to see the solution in a nut shell, where all life will be considered and brought back to stability by changing humans to come to balance within themselves and realize the oneness and equality of themselves with the rest of the world and all of life.

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