Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2011 Project with my dad


I am working with my dad this summer to build my sister and her husband a deck. This will be very cool because I will learn practical skills on how to construct and build a deck. My dad has built alot of decks over the years, and will be a great person to learn these skills of how to go about constructing something like this, virtually from nothing. Within this you need allot of knowledge, where one needs to know how to measure up the wood, place it in ways that is efficient and stable, and build it so it is sturdy and will last, my dad has a lot of experience in building so he will be an example to show how it is done. Also, be cool to help design and create something from scratch.  They have a out of ground pool, so it will be designed around that, and also a place to have a fire pit or stove, something like that, which will be included as well. This will be a fun project to take on and help, and learn how to become more self sufficient and create from the physical with the physical. I plan to take on outdoor projects like this that use creativity and production more and more as within my process, I am starting to become more stable within the physical reality, appreciating it, and really wanting to push myself within what I can do as a physical being.  I will be pushing my self application more and more in the coming months to prove to myself that I am capable of anything that is here to be done, and learn skills that will come in handy to help where I can. Also, I have always enjoyed being physical and pushing this aspect of myself.

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