Tuesday, April 5, 2011

2011 The 'Dark Passanger' within, My Secret Mind back Chat

One of the biggest mishaps of my life was pretending that I was the all mighty coolest thing on the planet, lol. This has brought me thru many experiences of ups and downs, back and forths, twist and turns, but really have I gone anywhere in all this time, or more to the point have I become a more effective human being for the greater all. Unfortunately I would say no. What time I have wasted on false and pretend thoughts/ideas/beliefs that make no real difference to anyone or anything, these being where I focused much of my attention on over my life and in my mind was my image, others images, judgments, hatred, desires, lust.

I am starting to write out my back chat secret mind in a journal, where the secret part of myself is revealed, and it's quite fucked up how I have been existing within this secret part of myself. Not very helpful nor peaceful, but abusive and out of control. Check out the back chat in your head and get to know the real you 'the dark passenger' as Dexter Morgan calls it in the show Dexter. Everyone has this, do you dare to take a look and face the depths of your secret selves. I am and am learning quite allot, getting a gage of where I am in need of direct intervention, and grasping a way to change myself to live in a way that is best for all life through self honesty and self forgiveness. Although it is nothing to judge as it is here to be faced, and changed, so I can move on and start living for real with no direction, but my own self willed movement, the back chat is just a step to actually being that. Writing I have found has been very helpful in seeing and understanding the origins and why I am 'thinking' the way I am, so suggested to write yourself out in all your investigation of yourself and your world....Enjoy!

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