Sunday, April 17, 2011

2011 Stopping Nail Biting.....See How I did It!


How I effectively stopped my nail biting habit was done in one breath, based on a self willed decision to stop and never again allow myself to go into biting as a form of escape. I use to bite my nails for most of my life and it was a habit I enjoyed doing, but was done for relief due to built up stress and nervousness. I use to chew them as a point to get my self distracted from points that would come up that I had to face, like facing someone who addressed me in a conflicting manner and I did something that caused them to react, and I would then go to my nails as like a nervous habit to do something so I was 'away' from the situation for a moment. Becoming lead by my desire to escape reality.

From that point on where I saw this Desteni Productions Video about the design of why people bite their nails, I decided within myself that I will no more participate in this pattern, and no more bite my nails as the nails and hands in general are great support for process. It has been over a year and a half, and this was done just in a breath. I still have to breath, stand and face myself based in self honesty, and not go into the point of distraction because the nail biting was replaced by other patterns such as becoming silent to not have to implicate myself. But stopping opened up this point to see where else I am trying to distract myself within hiding/escaping the nervousness I feel within due to what I have created and now facing as manifested outflows. So all done as support as part of process.

I am still facing this point of stopping hiding in my world and facing what is here, slowly working towards becoming completely stable, and pushing to stop emotion, most prominent one being anger, so I am no more possessed by energetics, but able to effectively live here in stability to be a directive being for what is best for all in all that is here as myself.  So I realized and saw that each decision to walk the path of life self honest and self forgiveness is a breath a way, just a decision, a self willed movement, and breath by breath see it thru. It works and I have realized the effectiveness of these tools of common sense, which shows to me that this is what will change the world to becoming effective in common sense living because I am it, I live it. Makes me want to say duh! But it is a process, no judgments.

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