Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2011 Feeling Ill Today

I have felt like the wind has been knocked out of me today. This started very early around 5 am, and I felt very nausea. I also felt weak and pains all over. I ended up staying home from work, and slept for about half the day. Then I got up and had to go into work for a few hours because I still had to resolve that reporting issue from yesterday that could effect the business. I ended up calling a contact, and he said that there is no record of me needing to file and report. This is strange because I know the job is not done and their is still reporting to  be done. I will have to wait til this contracting officer gets back from vacation in a few days to get to the bottom of it. I finished a few bills, and came home. Took a shower, and went back to sleep. Still feel weak and nausea, so I will see whats up for the morning.  I woke up about an hour ago to have some food, and finished my ITD assignment that has been open. Got it done, and now obviously writing my blog out. Feeling ill has made me slow down, and just be here with my physical body. Haven't really done anything, but rest because that is what the body needs when working thru an illness. No real strenuous work or day, just mostly rested.

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