Friday, April 29, 2011

2011 Life is for Living, Not for Killing

A man cuts off girlfriend's head at a university after she exited her exams. He was apprehended after committing this act, and said that he was going to kill himself next. The girlfriend and him wanted to unite, but where not allowed due to there parents. So if they couldn't live together, they where going to die together says the boyfriend. It is unclear whether or not the girl was aware and/or in agreement with this, but in any event it is killing life. As this example shows we as humans kill off life for all sorts of nonsensical reasons. Some being not getting what one wants, not being able to have someone or something that is desired, wanting to have power and control over others, allot of these reasons being that humans' killed due to self interest. We take life so much for granted based on what we want for ourselves and our desires, not using any common sense for what is here as unconditional giving as our life as earth, nature, our phsyical bodies, the animals, and all that give of themselves so humans can live here as is. Considering life and using common sense to live in a way that is functional and best for all is what is able to be done, if one help bring about an equal money system, where true heaven on earth is possible. This where no life will desire to hurt another or kill because all realize who 'I' am as all others, and that if I hurt another I am hurting myself. Life is for living not killing, time to wake up to this real-i-zation and live in equality.

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