Saturday, April 16, 2011

2011 I am not to be Forgotten

Today through out the day, I would come up with these cool realizations, but now that I sit down to write them out they are gone, can't remember. This showing that I still am existing from my mind as thought, as i remember coming up with them, but can't remember what they actually entailed. This is due to my expectation and distraction in desiring to share this with others to show all my awesome realizations, and how great I am doing in my process. So again living from mind and energy of desire to get attention and use that to make me feel good. Fucked up shit , but totally legit based on me living in this point of inferior/superior I am currently exploring and walking thru as my back chat is full of these comparisons. I have no judgment of myself and will not accept any, but I will continue to investigate so to live as breath in the physical and actually live in 'no time' here as this moment because that is who I am, timeless. Although, this point of what it is to live without time is hard to write about because I in fact don't really know what I am talking about b/c I haven't lived it. I do get the concept, but need to push to live it, timelessness as it is reality if considered as life in totality. Instead of trying to remember the realizations I push to in fact live the real-I-n(z)ation.  So the 'I' in the real n(z)ation as all as one as equal as life in breath here as the physical is real as everything else will be forgotten.

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