Tuesday, April 5, 2011

2011 Popping Pills, the Dis-Ease of Greed


 I read an article in the new york times about how psychiatrist are stopping the talk sessions with patients and going straight into prescribing meds. This is due to the changes in insurance policy where they will no more cover talk therapy. This is quite telling to the nature of this predatory system that we have created, where the incentive for psychiatrist is not to actually help the patients by getting to the core of the issues through investigation, introspection, and discussion with a professional through talking, but much more geared towards prescribing drugs to faze out the issues. “A psychiatrist can earn up to $150 for a 15 minute medication visit compared to a $90 for a 45 minute talk therapy session.” There is obviously a breach in standards here, where it is not to actually help and/or care for the person who is looking for help, but to use them for a profit margin based on how much drugs the doctors can prescribe out equaling how much money the companies can make. It always comes back to money and gaining more.

Equal money system will stop this predatory nature of companies on those who are in need of help and care, and never be used as a means to gain more money as money will be no more a driving force to live. Equality will give thus all equal opportunity to understand the nature of human beings and the nature of life as one and equal with all, and gain real solutions to cure the die-ease we are finding ourselves in here. There is a cure and it will always start with self. Check out the links to get more understanding on how this new system will work.



Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/06/health/policy/06doctors.html


  1. Hi Gabrielle,
    This is amazing! I recently read a study that discovered that taking the drugs for emotional issues actually intensifies the problem, because it is not faced. If, and when the drugs are removed the problem remains and must be dealt with and often, takes longer to resolve after the use of the drugs than had the problem been faced immediately. Sound a lot like what Desteni supports.
    I guess the profit drive has discovered not solving the problem through talk leads to more sales.

  2. Gabrielle, this confirms my experience that I wrote about on my blog when I was in the hospital recently. People were popping pills like candy. I to had put up a fight with the nurse for not taking them, and also for not taking a prescription home with me - I was given no real diagnosis, all medication was meant to be "preemptive"- We need to stand up!