Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2011 Day in the Life of GG


I am going to write about my day today as nothing else is coming up, I went to work early with Henri, and started my day at my desk. I slept through another night without doing my daily blog, which I was anxious about when I woke up based on me not living my word. There’s is nothing I can do about it, but move on and change myself to live the words i speak, no sense in going into guilt or shame causing unnecessary back chat and or judgment, so that's what I did I moved on.

Right when I got to my desk, I started to type out a blog for the day. It flowed very smoothly and I had one written out in no time, which I was satisfied with. I then started to work. I had to rush to get documents together for one of the workers because he had a meeting at 1 that I had to make sure I was ready for. I busted my butt, and got everything in order and ready. Then come to find out at about half hour before the meeting is to start, it was canceled and re-scheduled for wednesday. This I reacted to for a moment because I was blaming him for me having to put extra effort in, going back in time seeing me having to rush because he didn't get his part done, still blaming and deflecting responsibility off of me. I stopped and just realized that now I have it done, and can check it off my list. The back chat can stop of blame because it is not true, and just causes abuse within and without.

I then started to finish some tax work that was long and tedious, but I continued to stop reacting to it being tedious and boring. Finished that task, and moved on to this reporting that I have to do quarterly, which I forgot, so I was late. This caused a lot of reaction because this can effect the business and keep us from getting jobs that could be lucrative from gov. I stopped the same reactions of guilt, and just moved on walking thru steps to try to resolve the issue so it comes to an optimal solution. The contact that would help me was on vacation, so I have to wait til the morning to figure out how and if we will be penalized for this error on my end. I will have to stay more disciplined at work, and continue to take notation and not getting distracted from the important things that need to get done on a prioritized basis. No blame just change.

I got out of work and was going to take henry to the woods to run, but it started to drizzle and looked like it was going to rain. I instead took him to the field to chase tennis balls, which he enjoys very much. He is very quick and uses his whole physical to lunge himself at the ball, which he usually manages to get full steam in one swoop sometimes out of mid air which is very cool to watch. He is doing well with the jumping on me, I have gotten to an equilibrium with him where he does it for a bit, but then stops and listens to me and my commands as he is much focused on retrieving the balls. He at the end is huffing and puffing, and does a trout back, so that is when I know its time to go, which is cool indicator to show he has had enough. I go home and feed and give him water. I usually take a shower or a bath after work, which I enjoy. Then I worked on computer for a few hours networking, and trying to figure out how to customize my blog. This I am finding is no easy task, I have got to do more research and work on getting this satisfactory.

I had to work tonight, so I am here at work til the morning and I am enjoying it. That’s pretty much my day today, some reactions and fun I had. Til next time, thanks for reading.

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