Sunday, May 22, 2011

2011 Where is Heaven's Gate?

Well, heaven this word to me has always been a word of like a fantasy type place, somewhere there away from where I am here, and it so cool, but we cant see it yet because we have to die to get there. Thats when i go wtf? because why is death necessary to reach heaven. Death means done, gone, away, not here so you don't really have any reference of what the fuck this place called heaven is.

I use to read a lot of books about this, all sort of things about spirits, heaven, near death experiences, in between lives, and trying my damdest to put together the pieces of what is heaven? Will i get to heavens gate and be booted out, I never thought hell was real, because I always saw 'god' as benevolent and that he would help all to understand the nature of everything, why it so fucked up. Then I started to read books about me as god, and that I am one and equal to god, and I am god so I can create my own life, my own world, and that I can save the world, but the problem with these books was it was convoluted, and so hard to get a straight answer on how to get there, how to live god.

I never considered at this time to bring heaven to earth, because it was so programmed that heaven is when one die, and is out of this realm and world, although it made no sense to me, I did not question it. Then that lead me to stuff and eventually to Desteni, where I realized that common sense will prevail always. Obviously, heaven is here in life, on this planet, where all are breathing and living. We are god as we are all one and equal as creators, and have to stand within ourselves and create this here by ourselves, heaven on earth. It will not come unless life is created and willed in this way by us, starting with me. When we die, kuput, we are done, no life because we are dead. Life is here, in breath, in this physical reality as we see, hear, touch, and smell.

There is a lot of shit to walk thru and change, but the tools and assistance is here, take the steps, investigate everything about desteni, and apply yourself in what is shared, and see if it works. Support equality and oneness as that is who we are. So its supporting self as well as all else. I stand with you, lets walk thru the gates on earth as heaven manifested thru the equality of all as the oneness we live.

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