Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2011 Moving Houses and Working with Myself

I am moving this week and will be fully moved out this weekend from my parents house. I am getting a taste of the independent life, where I will be living fully without my family members to interact with on a daily basis. This is not fully true as I work at my father's business so I am around them there, but in a house setting I will be on my own. This carries responsibilities with it, that I have to consider like budgeting my money, this is one that I need to keep awareness of, because I have allot going out and need to be sure that I get all agreements covered. This takes discipline and diligence to be consistent with it, so I will practice and work with these points as these are important to master anyways. Another will be keeping a household, doing chores, getting food, cooking meals, and maintaining the consistency with my application in process.

I will be able to create more vlogs, which I am going to go for because I have not expanded much in this area satisfactory. Also, I have some art on paper, and wanted to work with an art program on computer that will work well. I haven't been able to research this much, so any suggestions on art program for Mac would be cool, I'd appreciate the help. I just figured out how to link up my blog page to get on all the sites I would like to promote, and the Destanions that are out there making waves to make it easier for navigation for those that may visit my blog.

It's cool because thru participating in Desteni and having it be web based, I have learned and accumulated a lot of skills I wouldn't have learned if I just went on with my pre-programmed life as I 'thought' computers where for 'geeky' type kids, I am glad I found Desteni. I have definitely learned some valuable practical skills on how to navigate thru the internet and computer, and overall just a more knowledgeable base that I can apply from now on in many aspects of my life. Also, I found it is definitely worthwhile to join a network based community, and gain and give support thru the people involved as I find there is always points I haven't considered that another has or vise verse, a very supportive and fun place to be. If you are looking for a network based community to join, go to Desteni as this is real life, and we are pushing for real solutions to the abuse in this world, and to make it a place where self expression is expanded upon to thus gain the best possible outcome for all.

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