Thursday, May 19, 2011

2011 What and Who are considered Altruistic in this world? You?

Altruism, the act of being selfless, in an effort to help those in need, basic understanding by myself. This usually lends it's hand to people giving to charity or giving there life to a cause. This is based on the intentions of the being, I would assume, to help others and create easement for those that are suffering. 
 Within our world, is there true altruism tho, can we say that we are an altruistic people and those that give to charity are they being truly altruistic? This must be determined by self within self honesty as this is something to be lived and realized as the being participate in it. But being truly altruistic, one would be in support to create this world in a way where we elevate all suffering, and work towards ending this pain and desperation many see and many are giving there money too forevermore.
We all know and realize, poverty could end today, we all know hunger could end today, but one has to get thru the maze of systems to get anything accomplished, and within this current system it is virtually impossible to change anything significantly in small numbers. These horrible living conditions and experiences, many of the givers of altruism actions see and understand, are daily occurring to billions of people. The charities and help centers available will never correct and help every being that is currently suffering as this is too great a number, and too little support to cure. That is why I am not for charities or organizations that are claiming to help the ills of this world because as we seen for hundred and thousands of years nothing changes in terms of human/beings suffering, but has really only gotten worse. 
 To be a real altruistic person or to practice altruism is to support all beings that are here, not just to bandage up a problem with helping a tiny percentage of the scope of the massive problem with charity auctions or small contributions, this has to be addressed within a systematic scale. Such as the issue we face of childhood starvation, where 15000 kids a day perish due to not enough food, when in this world there is enough food for all. Ending the starvation of children, women, and men, animals, and all beings that don't have enough to eat should be every organization, government, and citizen of this worlds priority as this is unacceptable in all ways. As these human necessities of adequate food, water, shelter, health care, and support thru money is the most prominent issues in our world today, and this is what needs to addressed and solved, which fortunately can be solved quite simplistically with everyone's efforts. 
I am calling all those who are calling and/or living by there altruistic practices, and support a system that is founded on the principles of altruism, loving your neighbor as yourself, doing unto another what you would want for you, to support an Equal Money System. This is where we are able to create the end to suffering, hunger, poverty, abuse, because it simple will not be tolerated, and solved due to the acceptance of all here as one and equal to ourselves. Money is the resource that is available here to support all, and in place to systematically change the way we function here. Change how money is valued, and create a system where life is valued equal to money instead of money being valued more then life itself, this is what EMS is proposing valuing life one and equal to all else that is here. This is the only system that is here that is declaring a solution with clarity and mathematical evidence of how they will end the suffering of all, and it is done on the most simplest of principles. I am equal and one to all life, and all life deserves to live, 1+1=2. The equal money system is the true path to be a true altruistic being because you in fact are living for what’s best for all as what is best for me. All including, all supported, and all in dignity. ALL-true-is-me =Altruism.


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