Monday, May 30, 2011

2011 Stopping the Storm and Standing

I am looking at a point recently of walking process practically. I was looking at blame and how I use this to go in to points of self doubt and unworthiness not taking responsibility for who I am here but fucking around in the mind. What are these points of blame, but to cause more seperation within my world because i can never truly prove this point of blame towards another as they will always come back wiith the same reactions so nothing ever gets solved.  Also, blaming another in my world is just showing that I am not taking responsibility for myself, and thus comes the guilt. Guilt also is mind equaling not real so just more points of distraction and non acceptance. These points been coming up throughout my process, and lately as I have fallen a bit behind in my commitments.

I realized that I have to stop this point of going into the mind within my world and separating myself from it thru these emotions that come up, this will always cause conflict within myself. I must allow myself to walk thru points, fall and get back up again, all that matters is that I continue to get back up again. As Life is within the stand of a being, doesn't matter the path to get to here, as long as one is here constant as life, this obviously require a point of self honesty because one must be self willing there application not waiting around or ''taking there time' as a point of self abdication. I have to continually push myself to keep standing no matter what comes because I have created such a mind field of temptation here. However as long as I am here, wherever that my be, and I stand up for what is real, life one and equal for whats best for all - life will be free. This is why I do this as I as Life am free so freedom I walk to because I exist as my mind at the moment, and this is unacceptable to me.

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