Thursday, May 26, 2011

2011 What Death is to me

A women that I worked with died tonight, she was quite old and her body gave out. Death is an interesting thing for me now because I have changed its living force in my world by becoming equal and one with the practicality of it. What I realized and what helped me stop the fears and anxieties of death was I looked at it in a common sense way. One is that death is not real, life does not die, but we do so we are subject to this at the moment, so are we really alive? Investigate Desteni for some insight on this. Another is that we are going to die so the fear that I build up and participate in throughout my life comes to nothing, because I will die anyway.

Death is a point I realized where I will meet myself and face who I have accepted myself to be, so no need to worry or fear this, but use my time here in an effective way to help myself and help all those that I can to be the best we can be. I realize that who I am as a life being is equal and one to all others as life in this physical world so I look, and learn from these physical points of reference until I am here as life and am stable in breath. Death is not to be judged, but I see it as a point of transition. Death is not necessary as we are life, and are able to be what life is here physical, in a breath, one and equal as self complete and eternal. We are life, life is eternal, we walk to life as eternality, this begins by creating equality in this system thru money. Support equal money where we will support ourselves to birth life from who we are here as the physical. It's a re-education of the human to benevolence and unity as self as life one and equal.

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  1. Wow thanks for posting I got a lot from this and I am going to bog about what I realized from this thanks:) for the support.