Monday, May 23, 2011

2011 'Stink' Bugs - Wake Up the Sleeping Humans

The stink bug is threatening millions of dollars of crops across the United States brought over from suspected Asia to Pennsylvania. They have become a problem lately because they are growing in population and effecting now 33 states from Mississippi river all the way to California. This is damaging to those that make there livelihood off of farms that sell fruits and vegetables because the stink bugs, named for the stench they leave when squished, pierce thru the skin of the fruit or vegetable to feed leaving behind a dark blemish that makes the food devalued greatly. This is obviously creating stress for those that are not producing the numbers they need to sustain them thru there cost of production and living. This is a sign of the times, especially now with the economy on a downturn, there is no room for error based on the reserve of security being gone as money lending and credit is tight.

This especially hurts the small business and local growers who can't rely on any type of security savings or credit because its all dried up, as the more and more stressed one aspect of the economic chain of production gets, then that effects all the other links to the chain, such as the grocery stores, the people buying who have to pay more now cause the demand has gone way up, and the growers who are in a sand pit of a situation, because we humans, have little to no control over nature while their livelihood is not producing. Obviously the ones that get hurt the most are the ones who have less money, those society refers to as 'middle' to 'lower' class. They live pay check to pay check, and make there means by grinding it out to get food on the table and clothes on the backs of there children. This is a reality for many, and with this current bug explosion, this will be rising as many will be effected.

Now, many are blaming the bug, implicitly and sometimes directly, such as this quote reads:

"If I was a mad scientist doing gene splicing and putting together a bug that would really be nasty and I was turning it loose on my enemy, I probably couldn't do a better job," Bartlett said. "One might define this thing as the bug from hell." (Referring to the 'stink' bug)

But who is the one in reliance to the product one produce to live, who is the one in reliance to the paper that is transferred, who is the one enslaved to this current system of greed and self interest as our economics, who is the one dependent on nature without any consideration of balance and care, who is the one squandering the resources of this giving earth, and using it to make profit at all costs, who in self honesty is really doing this to us? humans, come on, it's painfully obvious. The bug is simply eating to live, and nature has provided for them to eat, the explosion of the bug is due to our complacency with the balance of life. We are responsibility for this world and the way that it is being lived, we are responsible for the way life is being treated here, we have created the bug epidemic, so nature (as us one and equal) as an unconditional giver, can say 'hello, wake up, see, another example that you, humans, are not the powerful beings you make yourself out to be. You have created this world out of balance by your excessive consumption, and it's time you get a bit of a slap in the face to see, hey fuck! we are here, as nature, and for us to live co-habitually with you guys, we have to live co-equally as I see and realize we are the same, we are life, we all need support and to be respected.'

This is the time and place where we must create a system where we don't rely on the resources of this world to make our livelihood, we don't lose ourselves in the allure of the materialistic playgrounds, and we don't disregard and lose sight of who we are here, as one with all the other life here and equal in respect and beingness. Bottom line humans need to wake up, change ourselves to respect all, and create a world that does what's best for all.

A system is in place and moving to create a new world where all are supported thru equalizing money and resources, and changing the human to be a living cohabitant in this world so all can live like I would like to live. Investigate the solution Equal Money.Org.

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  1. Thanks Garb. These little buggers ravaged my squash and a bunch of tomatoes last year.