Monday, May 16, 2011

2011 The Force of Nature: Will we Stop or will we be stopped?


Our earth has been very active within these last few years, many people have been effected by the sudden movement and expression of mother nature that has caused much damage and hardship within the human balance of life. I am not sure you could be ever fully prepared for what is to come within what nature has to offer, but one can be prepared within themselves.

One place you can be prepared and actively participate within this preparation is within yourself, by the way you are living as a human being. If you are familiar with the desteni material you realize then that to be a human that cares for life and can be trusted with life, one has to completely create themselves new by self honesty and self forgiveness. Walking the path to correct oneself from separating who we are as life from all life that is here to one who is within balance with life here stable as the physical shows us. It is not as simple as helping someone, going out and doing a nice thing for someone, or cleaning up your neighbors backyard for a day, unfortunately.

Those activities are all cool and supportive things to do for others, but the process that is to be walked is a complete dedication to become a new human being. One who steps out of the old programmed, emotional, fearful, and judgmental self that has always existed here, and birth one self to become able to be here in the physical world aware of all that is here as you and direct oneself in all ways that creates the best outcome for all. To thus become life one and equal in fact with all here as existence. We are much more then what we 'think' we are, we must live this to realize ourselves as this, our physical reality, touch, smell, breathing, and self movement is a cool tool to help gain that sense of awareness that is required to in fact live here as a physical being equal and one to oneself.

Within nature we are seeing the amazing capacity and power that is here as her expression, and she should be respected in this regard. But also, we see the complexity and unconditionality that exist as nature supports all here with breath, with nutritious food, with intricacies and interconnectedness of life among life for all to have the ability to live here and be sustained. This even with the huge stress we cause within the balance of nature, thru pollution and abuse, that will only cause the detriment to ourselves, if we don't wake up and realize, we are the ones, Humans, that need to change. It has been said that nature is here and does not need us to live, however, we are here and most certainly do need nature to live. We have squandered and taken for granted the giving nature of life, and this tumultuous time we are seeing within the earth forces onto humans and the destruction we are seeing, should seriously be consider by all as to how we are actually living here.  Will we stop or will we be stopped? We will never be able to stop or limit natures' expression, but a balance within common sense is possible. I am weather, I am nature, I must live one and equal as life here to see life be one and equal with me as all. Lets start to walk this path to change for a world that we all can live within and prosper for the betterment of everyone.

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Change self with Desteni-I-Process to walk the path to self Realization as life one and equal.

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