Tuesday, May 31, 2011

2011 Forget about Memories, Let's end War

Today is memorial day in the US, where we remember and  honor the soldiers that have gone over seas and fought in wars and risked there lives for the sake of our own. This a day that most do not question the reason for war or why we are allowing war to continue, as it is a sensitive subject due to the risk that is being taken by the soldier who gives his/her life for this cause. This looked at as an untouchable discussion because the picture of what it represents as a pursuit of freedom and dignity for all is in the balance like there is no other way to go about attaining this for ourselves. But one who is self honest, meaning looking at the reality for what it is not what one believe or have an idea/opinion about, can see that something is seriously not working here. One for me is that I do not understand the pursuit of freedom and dignity for all, but only confined to the thousands of miles that encompass the USA, living within the principle that we are more worthy of freedom then the billions of others that reside on this planet. We all realize and see that when we go to another country, we are the same, yes, our cultural norms might be different, but as beings we are the same. The point of war that is really fucked up is that it claims to bring freedom to us here, but we don't realize that we are already free. We don't need to wage war against each other to bring about peace, that is actually the opposite of what it brings, it brings death and destruction, and hate to most that are effected by the war. 
 Within this, I realize that this is how we have been programmed thru most media, entertainment, advertisement, politicians, religion, and nation that we allow as definitions of who we are telling us that we are separate, we are separate in our houses, we are separate in our towns, we are separate in our cities, we are separate in our states, we are separate in our nations, we are separate in our continents, we are separate in our .....then it goes back to the truth, we are here in this world, on ONE planet, ONE earth, ONE nature, ONE being, ONE Life, and that is all of us. The way to true freedom and end to suffering is to unite and become equal with each other, this taking self will to actually change for real as truth. We are not these separate ideas that are drilled into us, have a look for a moment at a child at play and another from a whole different part of the world, and you see they are exactly the same, they play the same games, they laugh and have fun the same, the run and jump the same, they drink the same when there thirsty, and they have the same living needs. We all where children at one time, and it's time we start learning from them. To play together, enjoy our innocence, and be free to live how we want, but within the understanding of the responsibility for everyone that is here. We are responsible for who we are and how we treat each other. We must change ourselves to change this world and put an end to war for ever as it's an atrocity to life. 

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