Thursday, May 19, 2011

2011 What is going on here?

A mother takes her son who is very young, maybe 5-7 years old, and brings him from Texas up to New Hampshire in the USA, that is from the bottom of the country to the right upper corner of the country, probably about 1500 miles in her truck, just up and left. She brings him to the woods in the country area and strangles him to death. She wanted to kill herself as well, no details as to why she wanted to do this or why she killed her son, she was arrested and facing life in prison.

Allot of the stories that have been coming out recently, have been overly 'crazy', and much more frequent, of strange killings, and quite sensational news stories. Another one was that a kindergarten boy was found with 18 bags of heroin in his school bag, and he gave some to three of his friends. He said he got it from his father's room, but the cops found nothing at the house. No one knows where the kid got the heroin, and why he had 18 bags of it.

Another strange story is that watermelons in Japan started to explode due too much chemicals used on them to make them grow faster, I have never heard of that before, that watermelons could actually explode, but due to the potency of the chemicals used, I could see why they would want to.

This world has gone mad, and the common denominator in all these stories is humans participation. Its due to humans not taking responsibility for ourselves, not living to help others and care for what is going on here, but allowing people to feel desperate, sucking the earth for as much profit as we can get no matter the harm done, and allowing kids to just run with no supervision getting into all sorts of things that could cause them harm or harm to others. No sense of control of self, and no responsibility for the whole of how life is being lived here.

Equal money system will be a self responsible system as all will be educated through the principles of the desteni process, taking self responsibility, learning and living self honesty, using self forgiveness for purification of self, and living the change by accumulating self as well as the world to a place that is best for all. The system needs to change, and I am one vote for an equal money system to create a world that's worth living in, and to honor life and ourselves instead of doing it harm.

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