Sunday, May 15, 2011

2011 Standing with Desteni


Allot of what has come up recently has been staying true to myself sometimes in the face of people and statements that have been tough in terms of me comprehending what is being said and having to converse with them in a way that states what I want to say and make sense. The process of self forgiveness and self honesty as well as studying allot of the readings and videos explaining perspective on how better to understand this for myself and be able to apply this in my life has been crucial for me to be able to apply this in my word and help others understand this as well. I am at the point now after walking this process some time where I am comfortable with where I stand, who I am here, and what i stand for. I am always going to stand with Desteni as a group as they are standing for what is best for all and creating equality as a system. I am also practical so I realize the undertaking of creating an equal money system here, which takes actually living the principles being shared and using the system to change it. Money is needed, a way to generate money is needed, and a platform is needed to organize and stabilize the actions being taken to create the equal money system. One can and it is always suggested to use common sense when approaching desteni or equal money system, and use your unbiased view, if possible, to consider what is being said, and to also take into account all that is being said and study as much as possible. I put in this work, and I am so glad I did because this is what is going to change the world. The system needs to be changed on the human level, by human beings, and we as human beings need to learn, understand, live, and continue on applying these tools of self honesty and self forgiveness to be able to walk here as life equal and one.  Life then will become balanced, fun, and a cool place to be for all. Its about time, it is up too each one individually to hear and apply self in this process and to see this thru, which is to see life peaceful and stable for all.

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