Friday, June 10, 2011

2011 Writing Myself to Freedom...Check out How I Get it Done

Writing within the 'process' is used by self as a point of support to get a handle of who I have become here and how indeed I can change myself. I use writing as a way to put myself out in front of me, like uncoiling a spring, stretching myself out over the page to see where I am at and where I may need work. This is cool because you can open up points that normally never get addressed within daily life, hardly ever do you have the opportunity, unless highly attuned to others and self, work out reactions or emotions that are going on within you.

We humans usually hold everything in and suppress these built up feelings. For example, my boss chastising me about how I am doing my job not quick enough and I could be doing it much more diligently, the emotions of anger, fear, and aggravation surging beneath the surface. Whatever I was thinking or feeling during and after the event, I could not properly work out because I was in a work environment and was distracted to quickly to really address the issues and reactions coming up.  This addressing of the reactions and emotions that continually flow up in our everyday lives needs an outlet and needs to be resolved at some point from somewhere or it will boil over in our worlds, this where we see conflict happen. Writing is a perfect way to address these points in a timely manner and putting your whole self into it. Writing ourselves to self freedom then becomes a support where we free ourselves from the bonds of self abdication and self limitation by  addressing it in a intimate and specific way stemming down to ourselves as creators of what is here as this current world.  I am working with the desteni tools of self forgiveness and self honesty within each moment as well for self support, but writing is like the gentle flow in the river that keeps everything moving.

I have really enjoyed expanding myself in my writing, and it's cool to see that I can push myself within this and write out some points or articles that before I wouldn't have thought I could ever come up with. I sometimes go back and read older post or self forgiveness, and see the points I have walked thru and gain stability in. To have a record shows me that I am indeed capable of this process of changing, and being consistent shows me that I am able to become stable within what is here in this world as who I have been. Also, it is a place where I can show who I am to life, and become visible for all to read and gain perspective in there walks as well. As I have gotten great support from all those who share and write themselves out in self freedom, so it becomes a sharing is caring network of self development into life beings that are practical and self honest. A point of sharing and being visible is a way to become trusted as I am showing myself to myself, and becoming my own expression within the one voice of equality and oneness until indeed we have created a world where all are treated in the best way possible. Writing is a gift to self and is a living will that is in word for all as me to see.

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  1. I am a writer also. I write about anything. I write to express the way I feel. I do not write about nay particular subject.