Monday, June 6, 2011

2011 Walking the Pattern of Self Judgement...

Alot of the anti desteni material has been cool support for me to see where I stand in terms of how I can best explain myself in a way that does not carry energy, but just the message being shared. I have been semi-satisfied with this as I have judged myself as not able to give a clear and concise point by point overview in my vlogs, but kinda scrambled from one point into another point with open ended statements. But overall the video is sufficient, I am usually over critical of myself due to me being a person that feels inferior or self conscious of who I am towards others, which has caused quite a hell of a ride in this life. I have walked allot within these points, and now I am able to stop and step beyond those points of self judgment that are irrelevant to living life. Using my understanding and realizations thus far to better direct myself for the best outcomes for all as well as myself is what I am fostering, and stopping all unnecessary patterns that cause no solution for anything. There really is no point in self judgment or being self conscious as these are points of fear I have found that I am holding onto due to definitions that I am placing myself as. I really have had enough of existing in this state of constant comparison and fear of others, so slowly but surely I see that I am walking this pattern to stop it completely. Many points are involved with this that I still have to walk thru, but I have come quite a way which is cool to say. I am thankful for the group at desteni for the support and all who are walking for a better world for all.

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