Sunday, June 5, 2011

2011 Barber Bites off Ear of Customer -- Check it out to find out Why

A dispute erupts in barbershop, and it end's with one losing half his ear. Yes, you read that right the barber bit the customer's ear nearly in half due to built up anger being released in a fit of rage. The customer was upset because the hair cut was taking to long, and got up and slammed the door to the shop shattering the glass. The barber went  after the customer outside, and that is where he bit the ear off.

This all due to the explosion of emotion and acting out the rage within to cause someone to do such a outrageous and hurtful thing, the actual act of biting into an ear and ripping it off takes effort and thought. This driven by the spike in emotion due to rage not directed and stopped properly equals an episode of disfunction and violence. 

Within the desteni-i-process one learn to identify self within the participation play-out of these emotions from the thought that triggered the event, to the trigger point, the emotions, picture, and memories that where concocted within oneself to follow thru with such a barbaric act. There was much impulse that was behind this action, and within the process, one learn how to harness this force, bring it back to self who created it, stop it with self will, and direct in a way that is best for all.  This process is to stop the abuse of this world within and as each one thru a process of self forgiveness and self corrective action in self honest investigation to be the director in ones life in responsibility of all who are here not just ones own self interest. 

Support yourself, support this world - check out Desteni-i-process.


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