Wednesday, June 8, 2011

2011 We call Him Kooky

We have a gold fish in the house, he was purchased because he was according to my mom very ugly and she felt bad, and didn't think anyone would buy him so she did. Now, he is a fella that enjoys himself extensively it seems, although he swims in a tank thats 2.5'x1' doesn't hinder him in the least. He swims to the bottom and floats to the topp, spins around the top of the water in circles, is constantly swimming upside down and twirling around, floats on the top upside down across the skim of the surface, swims backwards, he really just looks like he really is having fun! I don't define him by his looks nor mannerism, but allow him to live as he sees fit and I enjoy observing him, no pity or emotion need apply, but oneness and equality within our expressions. He has taught me the simplest point of just being here and enjoying life, enjoying myself as life in the physical, and playing as life. It's really important to play and laugh allot as this is life in joy. Unfortunately, this is not able to be for all beings here, so no real joy of life is here until all are free to express as self here as physical beings, join and support the change for life to be free and have fun for real. Animals/nature is aware just like us and experience the same, have respect and honor them as self as this is u/me.

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