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2011 How I got to Desteni

HI All!

How I got to Desteni?

I found desteni just over two years ago while searching thru youtube on conspiracies type info and nwo material. While watching these videos, on the queue to the right a blonde headed kid kept popping up, and eventually i clicked on it. The first video I watched was on 2012 by Jack. Ever since then I have been watching and participating with desteni. At that time in my life back before desteni, I was looking for answers, very interested in spirits and afterlife communication, and I was trying to find ways to make myself more useful. I wanted to stop what was going on here with the abuse and suffering in this world, and I was aware that god was one and equal with all and I was one and equal with it, but couldn't find the answer that where easily applied and understood. A lot of the new age books where filled with indirect messages and convoluted answers, nothing direct and here. I was fascinated by all the different subjects within the videos and empowered by the message being shared thru desteni. Also, within the desteni community, it also is empowering because the people are very self motivated, creative, interesting, and inspiring, so it's a place where I knew I wanted to be and investigate further as I wanted to be in this way as well. Since applying the tools of self honesty, self forgiveness, and living one and equal to every being as myself I have become much more stable. I have stopped all drugs, alcohol, sex addictions, and in the process of stopping self hatred, emotional outburst, and have become a more capable being able to be clear and express with with directness instead of insecurity. I know who and where I stand always, so I am just applying myself to live this, and enjoying myself more within and as all the life around me here.

Why I stand with and for Equal Money and World Equality?

I stand with equal money and world equality because it makes sense and can be applied by and for all. In this system, every one will be supported. It being based on principles that includes everyone and done in the best case for everyone is the way to go. Equal money is based on the principles of life being one and equal to everything as yourself, and thus it will be generated and sustained within these principles always. Based on these principles, the system will guarantee the best life for all and this is what I would want for myself, so being equal and supporting all is the foundation for life within equal money and that is where I would like to be for me and all in this world.

What I understand to be heaven on earth?

Heaven on earth is freedom, real and true, this being able to be lived by all, where everyone gets to express themselves and experience themselves with no judgements nor limitations. Heaven being lived on earth is where all are looked at as equal as creators, and lived as this within and throughout the entirety of this world. All life existing in the best outcome possible using common sense and practicality to make a self sustaining environment healthy and pure for all to exist and enjoy. Heaven on earth would be living amongst nature, within and as nature, exploring and understanding the vast magnificence that is here as ourselves as our natural physical environment. Creating and being boundless within our expression in joy for living life here on the earth with all that exist, and realizing this here as me.

Videos that had an impact from Desteni:

War Kills Children as Well

-This showing the reality of what is going on in this world as war in Iraq, and how children as well as many others suffering based on the war that exist iin this world.

13 Adolf Hitler speaking from the AfterLife once released from the demon dimension

14 Adolf Hitler speaking from the AfterLife once released from the demon dimension

-Hitler's story, these particular videos was how he returned to innocence, shows the equality within us all no matter what one has done, all have a chance within self forgiveness and self honesty.

The Mouse Cursor on your screen--I am WATCHING YOU!!!!

-Awesome video about objects in this world and there perspective, extremely fascinating, all life is aware!


-Perspective of mother nature, and how we are going to reap what we shewed.

Water- cleansing the human

-Perspective from water, how she cleanses and supports us every breath we take, also vaccines actually hinder her effectiveness to clean us from the toxins we ingest.

1 . Alien Travels and experiences as an Alien Child

-A perspective of an alien's experience in the inter-dimensional existence named Yonker, fascinating series, never shared likes this before.

Ex Sports - Fan Reincarnated as a Fly - PART 1 - The WAY of the FLY

Ex Sports - Fan Reincarnated as a Fly - PART 2 - The WAY of the FLY

Ex Sports - Fan Reincarnated as a Fly - PART 3 - The WAY of the FLY

Ex Sports - Fan Reincarnated as a Fly - PART 4 - The WAY of the FLY

-Eye opening series on the direct up close and personal experience of the consequences of what we have allowed and accepted here, and what is to be faced to stop all suffering forever.

The Bees explaining WHY they DIE

-Animal kingdom as the bees share there stand and perspective on stopping humans as mind consciousness system and doing what it takes to stop the suffering here til it's done. Humans are destroying the world, we need to stop or we will be stopped, choice is up to each one and all as a whole.

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