Saturday, June 18, 2011

2011 Children found naked and hungry on street....mum no where to be found

Children where found on the street naked and hungry. this where the mother was no where to be found. Later to find out that she was out with her boyfriend leaving the children with a 14 year old autistic child. The kids where roaming the streets, they where taken in and brought to the police. This behavior is unacceptable for any being in this existence, and unfortunately this is happening much more then is reported.

Parents and those who are going to be in the care of others, need to be responsible beings, this only thru taking self responsibility, this story is an example to why this is the case. How otherwise are people in this world going to change, this world situation is going to change, the suffering going to end, no one is able to change another, we all know this is impossible. So a cool point with desteni is that we are challenging people, to stand up and take responsibility for themselves, stopping the desires and escapes that exist in this world even though at the moment 'it may feel goooooood', we need to stop, see what is here within this world within our own reality, and take responsibility for ourselves within it and change to stop the abuse period.

This being the change that will change the world, everyone changing ourselves, to stop our own abusive/dysfunctional behaviors and personalities to stand as all life equal here in what matters, this reality being lived here.

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  1. I see negligence of children happening in my own surroundings - so it's not that uncommon - shame on us all :(

    thanks Garbrielle for pointing this out