Monday, June 27, 2011

2011 Spelling Bee Suppression

An interesting situation has come up recently that has always happened to me throughout my life, but I paid no attention to it because I was to busy being distracted by other things, this being that I am quite capable of anything I set myself out to accomplish as I always find resources and avenues to get what needs to be done - done. I have always in the past when I realized this allowed fear and insecurities to suppress my expression where I would give in to the thoughts of 'yeah, but your not that smart and it's too hard', and not apply myself fully to what I was doing. This happened many times in school where I would compare myself to other students and say I am just not able to do that.

Specifically, this one event occurred in second grade, were we where having a spelling bee. I loved spelling bees because I was keen on spelling and it was a fun game that involved the whole class, and at the end we could see who is the best. So I would go against others, and I remember I was going against the 'smartest' kid in our class to win the game. But before I even got the word shown, I said to myself, 'no way I am going to get it out quicker, he is soooo smart.' And of course I did not get it out quick enough, and I lost the spelling bee. But I did know the word, and I did have the ability to say the word in the time needed, but I hesitated and suppressed myself by following my thoughts, so thus I did exactly what I set myself to do, didn't say it quick enough and lost the word game, thus the thoughts became real.

This being a short example of how I and everyone easily sabotages ourselves by following thoughts that in actual real time life in practical living application are simply not true and cause a delay. As I am applying myself in the Desteni I Process and using the tools suggested, I am realizing how capable and self sufficient I am. Showing that I am not my thoughts, I am not what is flying thru my mind telling me 'I suck', but by listening to these thoughts I am accepting them as me thus I have to stop them as well to stop being directed by them. This point of placing myself out there for something to direct me, guide me, and validate me has been a huge fuck up and not necessary. I do not need others to show, guide, or give me direction, but I can be the direction for myself. I am here to support mySELF.  So I realize that I am here as all life, but I must apply myself as a life being to show to myself who I am thus actually live what I am realizing of myself to prove that I am for real. All points always lead to us as physical beings, the physical being an indicator of what is real, and a cool indication to who I am as I walk this process. Am I in my mind or am I here in the physical?

So it's interesting, I am essentially giving myself a path to show myself that I am here, I am able, and I am sufficient...basically I am life free in expression in this physical reality.  Life is becoming highly enjoyable because I am expanding myself more in abilities and experiences, and my acceptance level of life here as one and equal with me creates a sense of freedom and calm that only can be realized thru application I have found. This only proved thru self application in self honesty and self forgiveness, otherwise one will follow the mind and be distracted by thoughts and pictures, which causes the process of self realization to be extended, which is neither good or bad it just takes longer. Obviously, we are looking for this process to be as short as possible due to the atrocities that are being lived by many causing massive suffering on the planet, fascinatingly enough, due to our participation in the mind as thoughts, feelings, and emotions. This process best to be done with support and perspective from those who have walked and are continuing to walk this as life as well as the support from the material at Desteni Site. Visit links on right hand side of blog feed for more perspective on what is know as the desteni process by those who are currently walking it. This being walked to live as a self perfected being to thus bring heaven to earth where life is lived for the only cause being what is best for all.

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